Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK Blizzard of '09

Especially if you live in Oklahoma you know about the blizzard that came lastThurs.- Christmas Eve-and thus made us have a white Christmas. We went to visit the in-laws-across state but, luckily we went Wed. and although we planned to leave Sat. we left Sun. to make sure the roads were pretty clear-some of the side roads are still icy! Just wanted to share some video/pics of the blizzard...

The blizzard starting to roll in:

The power had even gone out at the in-laws Thurs. morning for a couple hours. We didn't even try to go out that day even though the kids wanted to play in it.

We did let them go out and play for a little while Christmas day -before we ate our Christmas dinner:

Sunday on our trek back home there was still snow to be seen all around:

You might ask about how much snow did you get? -About half past a turtle...

A Turtle Sandbox that is ;) -Or in other words here in Tulsa about 5-6inches- and about the same at the in-laws in Lawton. And in OKC got over 10 inches-a record breaking amount-I think it was for them. And that was our OK blizzard '09 experience!

Until next time-If I don't get a chance to say before -Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well, I probably won't be doing a lot of blogging since Christmas is literally 3 days away!! We'll be busy having different Christmases with different family members and all. And then right after Christmas is done it will be time to get ready for my cousin's wedding! And not too mention the bridal shower that is going to be here at my house -Jan. 1st- Eeek! I don't even know how I'm gonna have the house clean after all the Christmas mess?! And go figure that it seems like the kitchen cabinets are falling apart -1 of our drawers has been missing the front for awhile but, within the last week the hinge broke on the door we normally open for the trash, a knob fell off another door-etc. too-Oy! I told my husband that all he has to get me for Christmas is get all that fixed -He has looked for a replacement drawer;hinge but, so far no luck-Really hoping it can be fixed asap *crossing fingers*
Well, anyways so just a lot going on here-Whew!

But...I did want to say -Happy Holidays!! Whether it'd be a Happy Hanukkah,Kwanzaa,or a Merry Christmas your celebrating! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Friday Five...

I know I already did a Christmas song/video Friday Five -But, I really can't pick just 5! So, here once again in no particular order are 5 of my favorite Christmas songs with videos:

1. Because you know I gotta show a house with lights synchronized to music (maybe one of these days we'll actually get our house like that ;) And of course because I like this song -(I was actually trying to find a version by Lonestar that I really like) but, Bob Seger works too -the Little Drummer Boy:

2. Paul McCarney's -Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime:

3. John Lennon's So this is Christmas(War is Over):

4. And we can't have the Beatles from across the pond without having the King of America -The King of Rock N Roll that is - Elvis's Blue Christmas:

5. Although I ♥ Elvis(Hope to visit Graceland one of these days)-I hope there are no Blue Christmases out there- So,I want to wish you a Merry Christmas in Espanol that is - Feliz Navidad:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worst Christmas / Best Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has started and it's getting really close! It always makes me think back on years past -I'm sure we've all had a Worst Christmas and a Best Christmas here's mine:

Worst Christmas:
We decided to travel across the state to visit family a few years ago -2001 I think it was. We being- me,the hubs,my daughter (who was about 3 then), and we even picked up my sis from her college dorm room on the way. We were going to visit my in-laws and my dad who at the time lived in the same town(kinda how me and the hubby met ;)

We were ready to have a happy Christmas gathering. But, right when we got to my dad's and my husband called his family to let them know we made it- He got the news that his younger brother was in the hospital-He already had a lot of medical complications. Unfortunately,his problems were really bad this time he had to be life flighted to the Children's Hospital in OKC. I believe he was the same age as my daughter is now-11 when he passed away that Christmas morning...

My husband was with his family while I stayed with my daughter at my dad's. But, I also spent time at the In-laws house. Being newlyweds I was still a bit uncomfortable around "his" family and I really didn't know what to do or say. Christmas was still going on and I tried to help where I could while taking care of my daughter. We somehow managed to get Christmas dinner and all going and tried to have somewhat of a normal Christmas for the other kids and such.

Unfortunately there was also funeral and other arrangments to take care of. We of course stayed longer than planned for the funeral and everything. Even though it was snowing a little once we were ready to leave we really needed to head back home-So,we were on our way.

We were only on the road maybe an hour or so when there was a wreck ahead of us. We slowed down but, the guy behind us did not slow down enough in time -We were hit! Our vehicle spun around -it was kinda slow motion as the front of the car hit the emergency vehicle that was already working the other wreck. I don't remember everything- I know some people helped us out of the vehicle and someone mentioned that I had a seatbelt burn-And I was grateful that a few moments before my sister had reminded me to put my seatbelt on. I know it was still snowing and cold and some guy let us stay in his truck and stay warm. I remember being glad that there was no serious injuries but, worried that our 1 and only car was totalled. Eventually we got ahold of our family and the In-laws came and got us-I'm glad they did even though they had a lot of other stuff going on. I remember that we were all doing fairly well but, got checked out to be sure -I guess after the adrenaline started to wear off there was some pain due to bumps and bruises. We had alot of wreck details to take care of-Police reports,Insurance,Getting a lawyer,-etc. It was also kinda hard because some places were still closed because of the holidays/new year. And not too mention that we were stranded 300 miles away from our home with no car. We literally had to do some car shopping just so we could leave-Not that we had any money for that. Luckily we finally found a good used car that my dad pretty much bought for us. And we eventually made it back home. We were gone so long we had a lot of stuff to take care of -at our jobs and all. I remember I was pretty much "pointed out" at my job and had to get reinstated and everything. And we saw a chiropracter for awhile -etc. too.

So, that was my worst Christmas -Now for my...

Best Christmas:
Luckily there are plenty more good Christmases than bad- It's actually kind of hard to pick my BEST Christmas. There's a few -Like the 1st year we were in this house-Our very own home finally -And I was pregnant with my son then too! And maybe it was part of the nesting but, I got a wild hair to host Christmas here. I might have mentioned that it's hard to fit in my dad's side,mom's side,and in-law's side too. So, it was nice to have everyone here-even though it was a bit stressful at times- it was really nice.
Another good Christmas was after my son was born and our little family being together in our home. There's plenty of good Christmases with different sides of the family -each one being a bit different in their own way-For instance I always enjoy doing White Elephants with my dad's side of the family.

And even though the past couple of years have been a bit bleak -I know what a really bad Christmas is like so, I try to be glad for what we do have. How about you- your worst/best Christmas?
And here's hoping to a good Christmas -for all of us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -Almost

I have seen several bloggers do wordless wednesday and I don't plan to fully join the meme...But, I do have something to share at least this once:

I can't stay totally wordless about this-We're finally done potty training! There for awhile I was beginning to wonder if he'd be fully potty trained before he was 4- We made it though! After putting off going without night time pull-ups we finally tried it over the long Thanksgiving weekend and he's done so well-I'm so proud! Oh and as far as this picture...What can I say -Boys and their Toys ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Five..

As I've probably mentioned that I love Christmas and decking the halls for it too! :) So, today's Friday Five is some of our Christmas decorations here at my house...

1. Some of the outside decorations:This is in our front yard - We have to have a penguin according to my husband (If you understood his love for Linux and their mascot it makes sense ;)

2. The Wreath on our front door:
Sorry it's kind of dark -It was last night when I actually thought about taking a picture of it =D

3. Our Christmas Tree:
This picture was actually taken a couple of years ago-it's the same tree we still have-I just love this picture though :)

4. Our mantel:

If you put the 2 together- Voila! There's the mantel! As you can see the left side has Mr. and Mrs. Claus a Pinecone Christmas tree my daughter made a few years ago,a little jar of berries-etc. from outside, and some other things like a clock and my husband's navy picture(from before I met him). The right side has a Waterglobe,Nativity scene,and our Stocking holders-I haven't put our stockings up yet. Oh and I just love the mantel covering (whatever the offiicial name for that is?) It has little lights too-But, I didn't have it on.

5. On top of our entertainment center:

As you might be able to tell a lot of nick-nacks or is it knick-knacks?! -There's the Christmas Carousel-I didn't turn it on but it lights up,moves,and plays music! I did turn on the Snowman that lights up and changes color. There's also santa and lots of angels!

So there's alot of our Christmas decor-Hope you've got your halls all decked out for Christmas!

Until next time -Have a happy weekend!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Friday Five -Christmas Song Edition

I love this time of year! As you might be able to tell -Like the Christmas blog makeover? I like it (of course) just that I couldn't figure out how to get the comment part not white-Ah well it's ok.
Anyways so I love Christmas!-The lights,the magic of Christmas, and of course Christmas songs! It's really hard to pick just 5 favorite Christmas songs! -But, here goes -In no particular order today's friday five- 5 Christmas songs I love with videos! :

1. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree:

2. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas:

3. Band-Aid -Do they know it's Christmas:

4.Gloria in Excelsis Deo /Angels we have heard on High:

5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra -Wizards in Winter -and because I love light displays synchronized to music:

Well that's it for today -Enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas -And have a good weekend!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Surviving the Holidays

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! -Sorry been a little MIA a lot of stuff going on here...

First a couple days before Thanksgiving my grandma called and was concerned about her health issues and wanted to know if as a back up plan we could do Thanksgiving over here?! - *Panic!* As I had mentioned to my husband I always see and thought about buying 1 of those fold-up banquet tables on sale around the holidays but, haven't - it seems I might need to get 1! Later after talking with my mom and grandma again it was decided that we would go ahead as planned to meet at my Gma's house -We were already planning on helping her out -everyone brought a dish and everything. And my mom and her boyfriend took care of most everything else. Thanksgiving worked out ok then. Later...

When we got back home we started to clean and get ready to to put the Christmas tree up -(we have an agreement that we'll wait at least until Thanksgiving is over ;) In the midst of doing that I got a call that luckily I answered it was from "Life Alert" and my other grandma (who lives out of town) had fell and possibly broke her leg. I figured my dad and uncle were just over there for Thanksgiving I tried to call my dad but he didn't answer. Luckily I got ahold of my uncle who was with my dad -I let them know I got a call and sounds like they were taking her to the hospital -They went on their way to see her then. I got a couple more calls from the life alert people and my other uncle -etc. At least we got some clutter cleaned up-We didn't get the tree up yet. Oh! and also before I went to bed -late. I got an email that for my upcoming cousin's wedding they want to hold a bridal shower and looking for a venue. It's kind of hard to explain but my cousin lives in Seattle but, they are having the wedding in this part of the country (I think mostly because it's near the bride's and groom's grandma's) So, since not a lot of bridal party live near here they were looking for someone who lives close by -*Ahem-Me* as a possible venue or other suggestions -I did make some suggestions for places but, since it will be a small event and my family agreed to take care of the food-etc. It seems the bridal shower will be at my house -Jan 1st -Yikes!

I was hoping we could get the tree up but, we also needed to do our normal grocery shopping and some other shopping. So,after we got ready,ate lunch,got the shopping list done. We went out shopping. We 1st stopped by Kohl's because 1st I need a fancy-ish outfit for my husband's upcoming holiday party for his work ,2nd I also needed an outfit for the wedding, and 3rd my daughter needed a new dress for the wedding too. Luckily after what my husband would call "excruciating" shopping time I got an outfit that I'll wear for both the holiday party and the wedding and my daughter got a dress. Then we went on the great book hunt shopping -you see my daughter got a book awhile back for her birthday but, she didn't read it yet. But,when it came time for her to read a book for a book report at school she finally decided to read it.-Finally! after I said I wouldn't buy a new book when she has other books here we bought that she hasn't read yet. But, of course before she finished reading the book -she lost it! And she needed to finish it before today-Monday. So we 1st went to Barnes and Noble they didn't have it-but could order it-Hmmm. We decided to continue to look other places -Since we were nearby we stopped by Woodland Hills Mall -Wha? they don't have a bookstore anymore? -Weird! Since my husband in particular was getting tired of our shopping fiasco I had my sis call Waldenbooks in Promenade Mall to see if they had it -they did! We went and got it- My daughter had to pay for it since she lost it! Then we did our grocery shopping and finally got back home for the evening. We at least got the tree put up -but, didn't get it all decorated yet.

We finally got the Christmas tree decorated! We got the outside Christmas decorations/lights put up. And we decided to go to the Philbrook Musuem of Art's free Christmas lighting "Garden Glow" event.

Called to check on my grandma-didn't hear back until later that she was still in the hospital would've tried to make the trip out that way but,since it was kinda late didn't try to go out into the rainy cold day. Instead finished up the inside decorations,cleaned,and had a good Sunday spaghetti dinner.

Whew! So, that was my Thanksgiving weekend -How about you?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Lights in Tulsa

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are all the holiday light displays! What about You? And I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet but, the Christmas lights are coming on all over Tulsa -Starting Tonight!

Click HERE for a list through my latest Examiner article. And if you're too excited and can't wait to see the lights -Be sure to see my slideshow of Christmas light pics :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Friday Five - Twilight Saga Edition

Twilight Saga!- Ok so you are probably either doing an excited happy dance reading those words or rolling your eyes ;)
I know, I know I was reluctant to get in on the whole "Twilight Phenomenon" but finally got into it - So, in honor of New Moon - Here's the Friday Five...

1. So, as I mentioned it took me awhile to get into the Twilight Saga - I was at my in-law's and my sis/brother in law were so excited to get their copy of the Twilight movie so,we all watched it. I was curious about the whole thing anyways. I thought the movie was ok -But, then I wanted to read the books. So, my sis in law let me borrow theirs. -From there I was "bitten" as some might say ;)

2. It seems just about everybody says the book was better than the Twilight movie. And from what I understand the 1st movie was kinda thrown together and put out there -Without knowing how it would do. So, now that they know how successful the whole thing is they have gotten a different director and New Moon has more special effects-etc. The director of Twilight was Catherine Hardwicke and the director of New Moon is Chris Weitz.

3. As you probably know the author of the Twilight saga books is Stephenie Meyer. I just love how she was a stay at home mom and had this dream which inspired her to write the books. Similarly to the author of the Harry Potter books -J.K. Rowling. I think as all stay at home moms and especially those interested in writing -would all dream of having some kind of almost divine inspiration to write something like that! Some people have criticized Stephenie and may not even understand how so many people love the books -like "Twilight Moms" . Which yes she may not be "the best" writer I did notice a few mistakes myself - I know I'm interested in writing but, not always grammaticly correct. But, I guess that's why I'll never be too much of a "grammar snob" =D But, really isn't that the point of reading/movies -etc. is to find yourself immersed into a different world? And that's probably why so many people like the books-etc. Say for instance a mom like myself may like just being able to pick up a book and escape the housework-etc. for a little while :)

4. Another reason -I've been getting so excited lately is because I've been playing a game/puzzle online for New Moon prizes -1st you could win a ticket to the premiere -But, now of course that is passed. Now, you can play to win a new Volvo car!! Basically there's different puzzles you have to solve and the 1st one to complete all of them -Wins! Have you heard of this? Anyone been playing? You can go HERE and play! If anyone is playing maybe we can help each other out :)

5. Ok unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard...
New Moon is out -Today! Are you going? I am -later -Can't wait!

Feel free to leave a comment are you excited? Or rolling your eyes about it all? Why?why not?

Hope everyone has a good weekend! - until next time :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving is almost here!

Thanksgiving is a week away! Do you cook? Go eat at a certain family member's house? Are you ready?? I must admit I've only cooked a turkey once and it was for Christmas one year-and I had a lot of help from my MIL. We usually eat at a family members. It's kinda hard to fit everyone in around the holidays as it is -I've got my mom's side, dad's side, and in-law's side. So, we kinda switch around Thanksgiving/Christmas between them all. Like this Thanksgiving we'll be at my mom's side and we'll all bring a dish and help out.
I could understand how it can get stressful in the Thanksgiving kitchen! But don't fear! You should check out this Thanksgiving Guide! -Including my latest articles -Thanksgiving tips and tricks and Thanksgiving crafts
-Happy early Thanksgiving :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Friday the 13th -Friday Five...

Happy Friday the 13th! How many out there are superstitious? What superstitions have you heard of or believe in? There's plenty of superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th - So, I'd thought I'd share a few things on that subject -Today's Friday Five...

1. My birthday comes on a Friday the 13th -Ok so not every year and I wasn't born on a Friday the 13th -But, it does happen every few years. I can't say they were particularly unlucky except I remember being kinda sick once when my birthday was on a Friday the 13th.

2. People that have a morbid,irrational fear of Friday the 13th are called Paraskevidekatriaphobics

3. Why do people think Friday the 13th is so unlucky? There are a few reasons -it's mostly rooted in ancient, separate bad-luck associations with the number 13 and the day Friday. The two unlucky entities combine to make one super unlucky day.

4. Many places skip the "unlucky" number 13 -Such as: More than 80 percent of high-rises lack a 13th floor and many airports skip the 13th gate.

5. While typing this the program was not responsive and I had to restart my computer *que scary music* -Oooh -Friday the 13th!! =D

Well, until next time hope you have a not too unlucky day and weekend!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Friday Five

1st I hope everyone had a good Halloween and all. Did you dress up? Your kids ? -What did they dress up as? My kids were a Cowboy and Cowgirl. We had a fun Halloween it was nice weather so we actually went Halloween afternoon to Boo Haha (an annual Halloween tradition here) And in the evening went trick or treating of course :)
Well, onto the Friday Five -I love music! And similar to what I've done before I have just added some new songs to my Ipod so here's some tunes from Ipod for today's friday 5...

1. I just added Kings of Leon - "Use Somebody" I think it's also cool that part of the band is from Oklahoma! :)

2. I also just added Owl City "Firelies" My daughter also got this song -it seemed pretty clean -I'm hoping there's no hidden meaning that I don't know that would be inapproriate for her.

3. I also added -Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling" My daughter wanted that song too -But, didn't think some of the lyrics were good for her so I said no. We looked at some of the other "clean" version but, she didn't want those.

4. Continuing with the Black Eyed Pes -Gotta love em! "Boom Boom Pow" - It's so funny -My son loves to sing the "Gotta get that -Boom Boom" part -He's so cute when he does that.

5. And now for a completely random -shuffled song from my Ipod -Regina Spektor "On the Radio " I love that song-I'm glad it went to that I haven't heard it in awhile.

Well, that's it for today's Friday Five - Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How's this for some mom mayhem...

So, I guess there's some things that can happen with kids that seem pretty awful and yet kinda common like kids writing on walls,or them cutting their hair(both have happened here), or say kids locking themselves in somewhere -Yep that's what happened here yesterday! ...

So, let's set the stage it's been unusually warm for November here-which is great to have some outside play time. So I took my son out to the backyard and we played outside for awhile. I then noticed that he was taking in his outside bikes and other toys in the house. And since it was about time to come in and get ready to go get my daughter anyways I just said "No it's time to go in and bring the bikes-etc. back outside." I grabbed a couple of the toys and told him to grab the others and bring them back outside. As I walked outside and put the toys down I turned back around and he was being defiant and said no and closed the door and then proceeded to lock the door too!! I still can't believe he did that!!
I of course tried to find a way in but my paranoid self has the house really locked up! I then spent awhile trying to tell my son how to UN-lock the door which up until that point was glad he couldn't unlock it and go out without my permission. But, alas it is much easier to lock than unlock and he just couldn't do it. I tried another door even thinking -Ok I've seen people jimmy locks on tv -I'll try it -Yeah definitely not as easy as they make it seem like on TV! And of course 20/20 hindsight -I usually grab the portable house phone in case someone calls but, didn't yesterday. I thought about trying to climb the fence and use a neighbor's phone but, I was pretty much blanking out on my husband's new phone #-Dang technology and not remembering numbers anymore! So, I just kept trying to get my son to unlock the back door which is a sliding glass one. One thing I did notice was when I tried to open the door the top would open a little gap not that it was much help -Or was it ? ...

If I could get the phone through the gap maybe -Nah the home phone was too big! But, my cell phone might fit! -Aha! I coaxed my son to get my phone and push it through the gap -it worked!! I called my husband who luckily was not very far away and he got home and let me in then he rushed to get my daughter. All in all it worked out and although it seemed like forever luckily it was about 30 minutes that my son was locked in the house by himself -Oh the mom mayhem! And believe me he got a good talking to and time out -He promises to never do that again-He better!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Friday Five -Inspired by another blogger

So 1st I know I totally missed last friday's five! -My husband was sent home from work because he was coughing a lot (we've all been getting over colds here). So, I got a bit distracted and I admit to not have a lot of blogging motivation lately. Anyways -back to today's Friday Five! ...

I saw this on another blogger's site which she saw on another's site and so her post was named -Inspired by another blogger -So,I'm now taking the idea too :)
It's all about your favorite color -What's yours? Mine is purple with green coming in after that-So if you search google images what comes up with your favorite color? Here's 5 that come up for mine....

1. Some pretty purple roses

2. This is actually an optical illusion -It looks like it's moving -Huh?!

3. A cool digital effect making green grass purple 4. A cool purple and green staircase 5. And because I love flowers another purple flower with a green backgroud

So, that's it for today's Friday Five -If I don't get to say before - Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What do you see ?

Take a look at this pic what do you see ?

Maybe some leaves? Or more specifically ivy growing on a trellis -Yes there is that....

What about now? Anything else??

Did you see this ? A bug that looks a leaf!!

Here's a real close-up of it:

I saw it in my yard yesterday and thought it was pretty cool-Huh? Even though I really don't like bugs -It's pretty interesting -just wanted to share :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Halloween Guide:

Need some Halloween info?
Maybe about pumpkin carving tips/stencils? Cheap and easy Halloween crafts,treats,or costumes? Well, my latest Examiner articles have this info. and more!
Especially for those around Tulsa you can find out where the pumpkin patches are around here and Family Halloween events going on around Tulsa -even a lot of FREE ones- Starting today!
Not only can you see my latest Halloween articles but other peoples Halloween articles on

Check it out! Thanks!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Friday Five -The Fair edition

Around here the Fair has just came and went. And we went last weekend- I planned to take lots of pics. but, the batteries went out on the camera AND the extra batteries I had were also bad :(
But, I did get a few pics in at least. Anyways so here's 5 things we did/saw at the Fair...

1. Of course as soon as we got there we let the kids do some rides:

2. Then of course we ate and ate some more- I had to get a Turkey Leg,My husband had to get an Indian Taco,My son had to get a Corn Dog,My daughter had to get a Blue Rasperry Lemonade and of course we all shared with each other.-Mmmm!

3. We walked around a lot -Saw "Tiny Tina" a tiny woman that that you could pay a $1 to see in true carnie fashion-after standing in line by the "Tiny Tina" exhibit for awhile -Curiosity got the best of us ;) We walked thru some of the buildings-Mostly trying find the "Just for Kids" place. couldn't find it -saw nice views of the fair though:

4. We rode some of the bigger -adult type rides. At least me,my daughter, and sister did.

5. While we were on the Ferris Wheel and got a bird's eye view of the Fair we saw where the Kid's Place was so before we left we checked that out. There were some cool stuff like this huge Sand Sculpture -I couldn't get a pic. -My sister got this one with her phone and I just got it:

So, that was some of what all we did at the Fair. I'm glad we got to go mostly cause I got some tickets thru Ttownmoms-Yay! So ho w about you? Do have a fair near you-Did you go? What all did you do/see?
Well, Hope everyone has a good weekend! Until next time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Friday Five

Here the weather is getting cold- You can just feel the fall crispness in the air. Fall -it's a great time of the year! Which brings me to today's Friday Five... 5 things we've done to get ready for fall here:

1. Since the weather has been pretty cold into the 40's-50's- Brrr! I pulled out some of the winter clothes.

2. Of course cooler weather means some great fall food like -We've recently made Chili

3. And I've made some Chicken Tortilla Soup -twice now -Yumm!

4. Getting ready to go to some Fall attractions - Hopefully going to the Fair this weekend!

5. And although we haven't gotten out all our Halloween decorations yet -there's that too and of course going to get a pumpkin soon. Which by the way for anyone that reads this and is near Tulsa -I made a list of local pumpkin patches -etc. on 1 of my Examiner articles HERE and I plan to have more Halloween articles out soon :)

So, that's it for today's Friday Five -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

I'm a scaredy cat

So, this week my hubby has been gone on a business trip. He flew out on a plane Sunday and he should be back today -Yay! The thing is especially when he's gone I'm a scaredy cat- Every little noise or shadow freaks me out =D. I guess I'm kinda prone to being scared I don't like watching scary movies -Yep that means no Halloween thriller movies for me ;)

Anyone out there that can relate? Are you a scaredy cat too or do you love watching scary movies?

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Friday Five ; Weird News

You know one thing I like to read about ? Weird News! So, that's what today's Friday Five is about. 5 weird news things I have recently read...

1. Gotta love news about kitties so have you heard about GLAMOURPUSS -The enchanting world of kitty wigs ?? They just came out with a book! I think these pics are funny and help cheer a person up =D Here's an example of what you might see:See told you - Pretty funny =D

2. And speaking of cats there's a cat that was born around the same time I was! Which makes for a pretty old cat -30 yrs. old. Even though that is old -apparently the oldest cat on record was a 38 yr. old cat. This 30 yr. old cat has had some problems in her old age -Like with hearing and seeing -But, what can you expect for cat named Caterack ;) You can read more about this story HERE

3. From cats to fish -Did you hear about the couple that was fighting so the woman fried up the man's 7 pet goldfish?! Oh and she actually ate 3 of them!! -Yuck! Wow!-Here's more about that story.

4. Ok how about this one-Just reading about it today... A college (University of Florida ) removed a Zombie plan from website. Apparently some employee put it up as a joke amongst the other disaster preparedness plans -You can read more about that Here.

5. Ok and last but not least in weird celebrity news -I was also just reading about David Letterman was involved in an blackmail/extortion plot. David Letterman was going to be blackmailed. So, he announced on his show with jokes sprinkled in about some allegations are true -Like having sexual relations with female employees of his show! For some reason to me he's always given off that creepy uncle vibe -If you know what I mean. Not to make light of this but, the whole situation is weird/interesting that it's coming out because of blackmail supposedly from another CBS employee. Anyways you can read more about it HERE -There may even be more news coming out soon about it.

Well, that's the Friday Five for today -Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Swine Flu has hit!

Well, it appears the swine flu,the piggy flu, the H1N1,the Heiny flu- whatever you want to call it is going strong. There's been many people everywhere getting it-Including my daughter. But, before you try to click off -Don't worry I'm sure the germys won't get to you through the internet ;)

So, it started Sun. night when she said she felt kinda dizzy before bed, but I tucked her in and told her to get a good night's sleep. Then monday morning she came in to wake me up and also waking up my son who sometimes slips into our bed late at night. So, she woke us up before the alarm was set to go off to say she didn't feel good. I took her temp -no temp. She had developed a cough and headache though -I gave her some over the counter kid's medicine and told her to go back to bed. And I'd call her school later ( it still wasn't going to open for another 1-2 hrs) So, then I attempted to lay down again with my son but, he was too restless then. After about 30mins we got up and started the day. And since we were going to be home I used up the rest of the pancake batter in the fridge from the weekend. After I made pancakes I woke my daughter up and we all ate. Not that the kids really appreciated that I'd cooked -I begged my son to eat a little bit before I got him the cereal that apparently he really wanted to eat. I called her school then showered and we continued our day. Occasionally checking my daughter's temp. and giving her medicine. We just chillaxed,ate microwave popcorn,watched TV. Once my hubby was home we ate soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Tuesday she still wasn't feeling good and this time my husband was waking me up to tell me this before he left for work -again before the alarm was set to go off- Urgh! Luckily this time my son went back to sleep for a little while. Once we got up about 7:15am I checked her temp. -she did have a little fever. Once we got settled for breakfast I called her school again. I also called the Dr. -I know for me 1 day of not feeling well,no school is ok to chillax but second day -Your going to the Dr. The Dr. had an afternoon appt. we took. Once we were at the Dr's they did a flu test which came back positive -Yeah that was Um -Interesting - The nurse told my daughter -Make some snot! LOL Anyways the Dr. later explained that 98% of the "flu" they're seeing is the H1N1-So most likely what she has-Ugh. We knew she was to stay home Wednesday also so luckily no interruptions in my sleep-Yay! And once we were up (about 7:30am) did the normal breakfast-yada,yada. Called her school again and got their fax #, called the Dr's to fax over something to the school. Then again I gave her over the counter medicine,checked her temp-it was gone -yay!,kept her hydrated,and tried to quarantine her somewhat.

For us the swine flu was not all that much worse than the regular flu -etc. Today she's back to school. And I'm hoping that the rest of the household doesn't get it. Especially while my hubby will be out of town starting Sunday. So that's our swine flu story :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday Five

The fall season of TV is here ! There's so many shows I want to watch! I almost always record them and watch when I can -I can be behind a lot =P But, here's 5 shows I will be trying to catch up on that have started their new season or soon will:

1. You know I love the Reality shows! ;) So gotta have Survivor -I've actually been keeping up with these so far -Urgh! That Russell!
2. So Thursday is a big night! Not only is there Survivor there's also Grey's Anatomy(I haven't watched it yet):

3. Also on Thursday is of course- The Office! (I haven't watched these yet either though):

4. After The Office is a new show- Community. I watched the 1st episode and it was pretty funny (Gotta love Joel McHale) so, it's one of the only "new" shows I'll try to squeeze in:
5. Even though it hasn't started the new season yet, It soon will! -Desperate Housewives:

So there you have today's Friday Five! So many good TV shows on -So, little time. Hopefully I can catch up some this weekend. Hope you have a good weekend too- Until next time :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Warning!- A cranky rant: There's so many things-1st of all clothes-Urgh! I hate trying to find things that fit just right. And I don't know about you but, I don't have a lot of bras -I have a few but there's my favorite one that fits just right,an older one that's a little tight, a newer one but after awhile it just bugs. But, now my favorite one -the underwire starting poking out-ouch! I just recently bought that other one but I don't like it that well-And bras can be kinda expensive-Urgh! But, I guess I'm gonna have to go shopping again soon. Which sucks cause the finances have been low since having to get new tires on my hubby's car last week(see post here)- Urgh!

And another Urgh! -How do all you other moms -especially SAHMs get things done like going to the Dr? I usually have to ask my hubby to take off work. I tried to go last week when he took time off to get tires on his car-etc. But, my Dr. seems to hardly have open appts. So,I went today for my knee that's been hurting and other stuff that's TMI ;) My hubby was able to take a few hours off without using his paid time off. But, I knew it would be hard to squeeze it in within in that time. I got to the Dr.'s a little early in hopes they would see me sooner but, no they got to me about 20mins after my appt. time. I then waited in the room about another 30mins after the nurse came in -for the Dr. And then of course the Dr. takes about 15min or so to actually see me. So I was finally done about an hour and a half later! I called my hubby to see if we were going to pick up something for lunch and if I should go to the pharmacy now or later. I was kinda hoping we could all grab something for lunch (maybe while we were waiting on the prescriptions or something) But, alas it was already past time for him to go back to work. I rushed home -they already ate some sandwiches. It was kinda late-we usually eat lunch about 11-11:30 and it was almost 12:30. So, I had my hubby warm up some leftovers for me and then he was gone-Before I could even sit down to eat! I tried to get my son to sit in the kitchen and share my food-but, he didn't go for that. I just scarfed it down since he was running around-causing trouble. (which isn't too much different that any other day I suppose ;)
I guess I just feel kinda Urgh-Oh! the Mom Mayhem :) So that's my rant -Thanks for listening -Er,Um- reading.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Question...

Do your kid(s) act different with you and your spouse ? This past weekend I had a girls day out with my daughter and sister. The boys stayed home-(My hubby and son.) Because for some reason my hubby has not really been wanting to go out much on the weekends-But, I guess because I'm home most of the time-I'm ready to go do-Something.

Anyways so when we got back in the evening my son starting being his hyper self and my husband mentioned he wasn't like that when we were gone. And again when we were eating the next day my son was playing with his food,not being still, and generally being a pain. This for me is pretty normal -but, again my husband said he wasn't like that while we were gone. And it's not the 1st time my son has acted different. I often think if I could record how things go around here-From the time we get up -How my son is wiggly and not wanting to get his PJ's off to go potty to not behaving for meals and all the other stuff in between. Then maybe my husband would understand why I can be so drained when he gets home. I really don't know why there would be a difference. But, what about you- have you noticed a difference in the way your kids act with you or your spouse/significant other ?

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Friday Five

As I mentioned in my previous post we've been on a few family outings recently. One being the Tulsa Zoo member's night. Which brings me to today's friday five...5 pictures of animals I took at the zoo (I have many,many pictures from various trips to the zoo) but, these are ones I just took on our latest trip last week...
1. A Parrot that was out with 1 of the zookeepers:
2. This Tiger was actually walking around (a lot of times they're sleeping):

3. Penguins -The zookeeper was feeding and talking about them:

4. The Sea Lions -They had a cool demonstration -Did some tricks and everything:

5. Kangaroo -My daughter got to pet a different one:
And that's it for today's Friday Five -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family outings around Tulsa

The past week or so we've been out and about, here and there. And I was just thinking about sharing some of what we did. Labor Day weekend we kinda chillaxed some -trying not to succumb too much to the cold that seemed to be invading our house. But, Labor Day we went to Kaleidoscope Children's Museum. This actually makes our second trip there since we went in the summer with Ttownmoms. And we went again since I won a fall pass w/Ttownmoms-Yay! So to tell you a little bit about our experiences -The 1st time I was not too impressed. The little grocery store and some of that is pretty cool. And when we discovered the other side of the buliding we were like- Oh good there's more! Labor day the kids had fun playing on the stage. Both times we've been the kids liked the playhouse. And they also liked the room with the jungle gym-etc. But, you must wear socks! We had no idea the 1st time and it was summer and weren't wearing socks-(Shh!-They played a little bit before I actually noticed the sign about socks). The 2nd time we were prepared! The other rooms were ok again not too impressed. I had a hard time putting my finger on what all exactly I didn't like-Just for some reason it didn't meet my expectations. My husband made a good observation-He said he wouldn't necessarily call it a children's museum but, more an indoor play place. Also it's more for younger kids my daughter had some fun but, also mentioned it was kinda "cheap" -the grocery store stuff-etc. Which I can see the catch 22 letting kids play but, not letting everything get trashed in the process. I would also say that it is a bit overpriced considering the fall pass we got is worth $75 just for fall when we got a yearly zoo membership for about $50-$60. But, if you want to check it out for yourself they do have a special price of $5 admission for Parents and Kids until Sept. 30!

Which brings me to the next thing we did- last Thursday night was a special members night at the Tulsa Zoo. Like it has been lately around Tulsa it was kinda rainy but, luckily cleared off in time to head out that way. I was thinking maybe there wouldn't be a lot of people but I guess they were all thinking the same thing -Because it was packed!! It was fun though seeing the animals that were "out" with the handlers. Seeing special things like the penguins getting fed,the sea lion demonstration,petting a kangaroo! And that's just what we saw- there were other things but,we didn't make it to everything. We got their about 6pm and left about 7:30 (It ran 5:30-8pm) So overall as always the zoo was great! Just kinda muggy and looked like it was about to rain again-So we left.

The last thing we did is this past weekend we headed out to Chandler Park and see about the Kings of Champion Medieval Faire. (I do miss going to the Renaissance Faire-We haven't been in a few years) But, again it was a little rainy so maybe that's why it seemed a little- blah ? I guess I can't complain too much for a free event but, of course to get in is free and THEN everyone wants you to buy stuff-Ugh! That is mostly what was there people selling their wares. The only thing we did do is go on the pirate ship tour -Which of course cost a pretty penny. But, it was kinda cool,informative. After that it started sprinkling pretty good so we were done -We headed out. I like to think it was more of a mini-adventure to head to REALLY west Tulsa(across the river) Is it even considered Tulsa ?? Anyways so that in itself was kinda cool to take a little adventure.
And that's a few things we've done recently. If anyone has any other reviews-etc. Feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A case of the Mondays

Well as some of you may know -It is hard for me to get up early in the mornings. I hate when Monday rolls around and we have to back to the grind. I've been trying to go to bed earlier but it can be hard to tear away from the computer or not get sucked into whatever I find on late night TV (there sure is some strange stuff on). Or in the case of last night just waiting for football to go off and get in the nightly news-(I mean really what is up with sports time?! Their 10mins is more like 30!) And yeah I suppose I could've watched another station or something but,I didn't. So it was hard to get up this morning not that the cloudy,dark,rainy weather helped at all.

It wasn't just me though everyone was moving slow I actually had to wake my son up (Usually my little alarm clock) and my daughter took FOREVER to get dressed and all. So, we were running late-Missed the bus but, that's not too bad. Plan B was put into motion (I just take her to school )I admittly have had to do this a couple times already and she gets there in plenty of time. But, today of course the usual monday morning rush was horrific! The traffic was backed up cause everyone had to merge because some construction! Once we finally made it passed all that we were on our way - that is until we got stopped again because of a train! Luckily it wasn't too long. We finally made it to her school -with about a minute to spare- I'm hoping she made it to class on time- We'll have to see. - I just have to say -Ugh- Mondays!!
Update: My daughter did make it to school/class on time-Yay! But,my husband got a flat tire on the way home from work -Boo!! And we will have to wait until Friday (paycheck time) to get new ones -He's gonna be carpooling to work and then I'll pick him up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Friday Five...

I admit I can be a bit quirky but, it's not just me-It seems a lot of my family is quirky. In fact you might remember me mentioning that my son is kinda quirky -some due to his ADHD/Autistic tendencies. One of the things he does ALL the time is line things up -I kinda consider it his little calling card like when I walk into a room and see his little masterpieces and think DJ was here =D. Which brings me to today's Friday Five -I thought I'd share some pics of these little calling cards -So, here goes:

1. A colorful one with the Legos and colored pencil's:

2. A Lincoln Logs one:

3. The outside bikes-etc. 4. And what I started to notice when taking these pics is that he mostly lines up his cars:

Sorry -I don't know why that one is sideways and can't get it to change around -Hmmmm

5. But, see he REALLY likes to line up cars-etc.!

Well, That's it for now -Happy Friday and have a good weekend!