Monday, January 31, 2011

MckLinky Monday -Everything you ever wanted to know

Lot's of questions to answer so here we go ...

Ten Facts:

  • Name -Angela
  • Nicknames -Mom Mayhem , Mom, Mommy -Hey you ;)
  • Any Birth Marks -Not that I'm aware of
  • Hair Color -Red
  • Natural Hair Color -Red -It's truly my real hair color and yep the carpet matches the drapes -What? Oops -TMI? ;)
  • Eye Color -Brown
  • Height -Short (about 5ft)
  • Mood -Anxious
  • Favorite Color -Purple!
  • One Place You Want to Visit -Hawaii

Ten This or That

  • Love or Lust- Love
  • Cats or Dogs -Cats
  • A few best friends or many regular friends -A few best friends
  • Television or Internet - Hmm -That's a hard 1! Have to say internet though since I can watch shows on there and blog -etc :)
  • Chinese or Indian Food -Chinese
  • Wild Night out or Romantic Night In -Romantic Night in
  • Money or Happiness -Happiness (Both would be grea though ;)
  • Night or Day -Hmmm -Night?
  • MSN or phone -Phone

Ten Have You's

  • Ever performed in front of a large crowd -Yes -school functions mostly
  • Ever done drugs -No
  • Ever consumed alcohol -Yes
  • Ever been on a dance team -No
  • Ever been on a sports team -No
  • Ever been in a drama play/production? -Yes 1 of the times I performed in front of a large crowd -Highschool drama class was fun! -(A little trivia my drama teacher was in 1 of the David Garret law commercials-those that are local should know what I'm talking about ;)
  • Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer, or Bentley? No
  • Ever been in a rap video? No

Ten Lasts

  • Last Phone call you made -To my sister
  • Last person you hung out with -Other than my family here at home -The RHOK'n ladies
  • Last person you tackled -Well, I think it's more like my son tackles me ;)
  • Last person you IM'd -Hmmm not sure don't really IM
  • Last person (s) you went to the movies with -My husband
  • Last thing you missed - Hmmm -Not sure
  • Last thing you ate -Chocolate Chip Muffin
Would You Rather
  • Pierce your nose or tongue? Hmm -Nose?
  • Be serious or funny -I would say funny -But, I appreciate a good serious conversation more a lot of times :)
  • Drink whole or skim milk -Whole
  • Spend time with you parents or enemies? Parents

Are You

Simple or Complicated? Simply Complicated ;)

Do you Prefer

  • Flowers or Candy? Both are great -But, I do have a big sweet tooth ;)
  • Gray or Black? Either is fine
  • Color or Black and White photos? Color
  • Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset
  • Staying up late or waking up early? -Definitely Staying up late!
  • Sun or Moon? Sun
  • Left or Right? Left
  • Sun or Rain? Sun
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream? Either is fine really
  • Vodka or Jack Daniels? Hmmm -Vodka?


  • Nervous Habits? Biting my nails ;pacing
  • Are you double jointed? No
  • Can you twist your tongue around/ roll it? I can roll it like a taco!
  • Can you raise one eyebrow? Yep!
  • Can you cross your eyes? Not really
  • Do you make your bed daily? No my husband is more concerned about that than me
  • Which shoe goes on 1st? Hmmm-Not sure -just depends?
  • Ever thrown something at someone? Yes
  • On average how much money do you carry with you? Maybe $10 -usually just use debit card
  • What jewelry do you wear? My wedding ring, a necklace my husband bought me, my watch?
  • Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl it -but, I'm still hopelessly messy
  • Have you ever eaten Spam? Yep -It's kind of an inside joke with my dad -I gave him some as a gift before =P
  • Favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • How many kinds of cereal are in your kitchen? Usually about 2 sometimes 3
  • What's your favorite beverage? Sweet tea
  • Do you cook? Yeah, sometimes


  • Last alcoholic drink -Hmmm -not sure been awhile
  • Last Car ride - Taking my daughter to the bus stop this morning
  • Last Movie watched -In the theater -Red ; At home- The Social Network

Now how about you? -Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday with the RHOK!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordy Wednesday -This old house

This is the childhood home I mostly remember -it was the place we lived after "the dust settled" and my dad got custody of me and my sister -We lived there since I was in elementary school until high school. I don't have/can't find a lot of pictures of it -these are some my sister found recently. I remember being sad when we had to move -(I've probably mentioned my dad moved to another town -I then lived with my Gma to stay in the town/school and finish my senior year). As part of senior year English curriculum everyone had to write a paper choosing out of certain topics -The 1 I picked was using the 5 senses to describe something -I wrote about this house -I don't remember the exact words -But, something like- Lounging in the backyard you might hear birds chirping, dogs faintly barking, or a lawnmower roaring in the distance. You might see lights flicker in the house illuminating the family inside. But, all that is gone now as now all I feel is the coldness of the front door closing shut as I say goodbye- (At least that's a short somewhat remembered version)
Anyways -although it held some fond memories -it certainly wasn't anything too special -it was a very small stucco house. The backyard seemed huge as a kid and I played there a lot -with my sister, neighborhood kids, and cats -You might be able to tell we always had a lot of cats around -mostly strays. The top left picture is the back steps going to the backyard -we had laundry on the line a lot -I can't remember how long we didn't have a dryer -but, yeah we didn't have a dryer very much. The bottom pictures show some of the inside. There were some things that needed to be fixed -There were a few spots where the roof/ceiling started to leak -etc. -But, we made the best of what we had -And that's my old childhood home.
Happy Wordless er Wordy Wednesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

MckLinky Monday - 10 things you can't live without

For today's MckLinky Monday Mrs. Edwards is talking about things she can't live without -Besides her family -etc. of course and asks - "What's 10 things you can't live without? " So, here goes...

1. Sleep -I know everyone needs sleep but, seriously I'm the type of person who could sleep 10 hours a day if I had the chance- which is hard because I can be a night owl -it's really hard to get up in the mornings!

2. Shower - I get grumpy if I can't get in the shower soon after I get up -it helps rejuvenate me and there's nothing quite like a nice warm shower -Ahhh

3. Contacts - I've worn glasses before and if you've seen the pictures of me wearing glasses you'd understand that -1st those pictures should be burned! and 2nd I look better in contacts -besides glasses start to bug me after awhile.

4. Secret Weapon -No, I'm not some kind of super spy -I'm talking about this:My hair can get quite frizzy and this helps tame the frizz -I'm open to other options but this is 1 of the cheapest/easiest options I've found that works for me.

5. Lint Roller - I can be a freak about lint -Maybe because I live with a dog and cat and kinda paranoid that it shows -I love them just not their fur all over everything -especially clothes I'm wearing out :)

6. Internet -I wouldn't be here without it -And I love being here "chatting" with you all - There's an immense amount of things you can do with the internet -even if I do use it for Facebook, Blogging, YouTube -etc. most of the time.

7. TV - I love TV! - Reality Shows -and not necessarily all the "bad" ones ;) - But, I also love other shows too -Ooh I've been really enjoying the new show- Off the Map (It's by the same lady who writes Grey's Anatomy and is similar -people are saying it's like a Grey's Anatomy of the jungle)

8. DVR -Of course who has time to watch all the shows when they're on - Can't live without the DVR! - And a little bit of trivia knowledge: Ours is actually a homemade PVR system -that my husband built :)

9. Camera -I also love to carry my camera around -You never know when a good shot might come up -But, it's a little sad that my camera has been a hit or miss lately -Probably should get a new 1 soon.

10. Chocolate -Mmm - Yummy but, probably don't need it -Ok -Yes I do! I'm sure there's some study out there that proves we need it -Right? ;)

So, how about you? -Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday and let us know!

Friday, January 21, 2011

This week

Doing something different this Friday -Just a little update -So, this week...
Monday started with MLK day -The kids were out of school I didn't have a lot planned except a scheduled Dr's appt./checkup for my son (He's been having a lot of ear infections lately and may need to see an ENT). I got to sleep in some -I was just getting out of the shower when I got an unexpected call- my cousin's wife was in labor -early! So, all day we were on baby watch- she'd been in labor since early in the morning -about 15 hrs. later she gave birth -luckily we were there - I visited for a little while after -since the baby is a preemie he is still in special care (positive thoughts and prayers appreciated! ). I didn't get to see the baby then. Tues. I visited again while the kids were in school and luckily I also got to see the baby for a little bit!
Mostly did our usual routine -except in the evening I attended a planning meeting at my son's school -for bingo night. Wednesday was a pretty normal day -Oh I did find out that my son is 1 of the kids picked for Student of the month! And then of course Wed. night/ Thursday the snow came in -Turned out no school Thursday and today too! Which is ok but, now we'll just have to see when they reschedule the assembly for student of the month -etc.
Some unexpectedness this week -the kids only went to school 2 days and we have a new addition to the family! That's the week so far -How about you?!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Spy games

While doing some chores over the weekend I shooed the kids away saying "go find something to do!" which usually has 2 results - either after awhile they start fighting or they actually play nice together -Luckily they actually played nicely together - and this is the game they came up with they were "spies" and had to find various "bad guys" (Like Mr. Bad Horse that is pictured ;) Us adults even got more involved after the chores were done by hiding the bad guys. We'd hide the bad guy and come up with a clue if they needed a hint- I didn't get a lot of great pics because the spies didn't want to get caught by the paparazzi too much -But, It was pretty fun! Happy WW!

Monday, January 17, 2011

MckLinky Monday - 5 things I can't do anymore

For today's Mcklinky Monday on the RHOK - Mrs. A is talking about some things she can't do anymore and asks "What are 5 things you can't do anymore?"
Well, here goes ....

1. Play an instrument/ read music - There was a brief time in elementary school I was in the band and I'm not talking a cool rock band ;) Nowadays I might be able to bang out something kinda recognizable on an instrument but, I'm afraid my reading music skillz are gone.

2. Running -eh who am I kidding I've never been much of a runner -but, after having a couple of kids - those kind of activities could lead to wet undergarments/pants - and I'm not talking about sweat - Ewww -I know ;)

3. There's other activities that can cause some LBL -like this:
not too mention "the girls"might put an eye out if I tried something like that ;)

4. Also as Mrs. A mentioned -Skating -(roller or otherwise ) I've never been the best at that kind of thing but, I'm out of practice and old and stuff I'm sure to break an ankle or at the least fall and embarrass myself .

5. Act like spontaneous teenager - Seems I'm reminded often that life after kids just isn't quite the same in many respects like when I was watching a movie the other day (Nick and Norah's infinite playlist -good movie BTW) In teenaged years you never know where'd an evening out on the town would take you - Now if I do get out - I of course gotta make sure someone is watching the kids (and still have guilt) and sure there might be some spontaneity but, not quite the same like "back in the day" .
So how about you ? Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday and let us know :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Friday Five

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday Five - This will be the 1st 1 of 2011 actually! I don't have any specific topic for today but, did have a few things I wanted to share - So, here's today's RANDOM Friday 5 ...

1st -Around here we have the TV on kid shows a lot -and there's a fairly new show called Shake it Up:

Anyone seen it? So, I'm thinking the red head reminds me of someone and then it hit me...

So, I know on Shake it Up they just dance not sing but, still -Whaddayathink?

2nd -Speaking of kid shows we've been watching House of Anubis on Nick -Well, mostly me and my daughter - Anyone else been watching it? It's full of mystery and is about an American who goes to school in the UK -so, most of them have lovely accents :)

3rd I try to watch Regis and Kelly everyday -Yesterday Kelly had her husband fill in as her co-host and I pretty much love this whole segment:
Ahh the joys of married life and sharing about it on national TV ;)

4th -I know it's soo 2010 but, I love this video - a collaboration of cat videos from 2010 -Sorry Couldn't embed -have to click the link.

5th -Last but, certainly not least is a video of my son doing some "comedy" -Enjoy =D

And that's today's Friday 5 - Have a good day and weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -1st snow of 2011

So, starting Sunday we got some snow around here -the snow stopped and restarted Monday. I guess it didn't amount to much -Some schools were closed but, not in my immediate area -Boo! I was hoping to sleep in get a snow day at least once this week. But, here's some pics I got -If you can't tell -The 2nd pic on the top was when it starting snowing really big/pretty flakes and I tried to get a pic, the bottom I tried to show the sparkles in the snow, and also got a couple pics of birds with snow in the background. It's still pretty cold but, the snow is melting off some. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor -Brad Womack part Deux

So, I just got done watching the latest episode of the Bachelor (have to watch it online the next day). For those of you following (and maybe for some that aren't) know that the Bachelor is Brad Womack -again! As he has explained several times the 1st time he had some issues and wasn't ready to commit -This time he is a changed man and is ready -I think he genuinely means it. Of course they keep alluding to in the end will the woman be ready this time? As always it's such a roller coaster!
The last episode had some great dates- the private carnival and the pampering/getting a private concert by Train -awesome dates! And the not so awesome group date -15 women all vying for Brad's attention-Yikes! This among other things is causing drama among the ladies - and the 2 ladies that were fighting at the rose ceremony -got the boot -I guess Brad didn't want any of that! The 3rd lady that got the boot Keltie -I felt so bad for her- she said she's gone through so many dating attempts and can't seem to find the right guy-(a side note you never know when the right time and person will come along -usually when you least expect it ;)
Definitely some interesting characters left -Madison AKA the woman with the fangs, Michelle -who is of course very attractive and I think the women nailed it -is probably used to getting what she wants -she also has a little girl, Emily who also has a little girl and a heartbreaking story -she had a couple of opportunities to tell Brad about her daughter and past -hopefully next episode?, There's also the 2 Ashleys -1 who got the very 1st impression rose and the other got the very 1st 1 on 1 date (the private carnival), And so many other great and interesting women! Of course the claws are coming out though - Can't wait to see what all else happens! Are you watching? What do you think?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday with pics -Our old apartment

I was saddened to read that our old apartment complex we used to live in has pretty much been condemned -Read more about that here. It definitely wasn't like that when we lived there -sure it wasn't the best place to live -But, it was alright especially when we had a good apt. manager who tried to keep the riff raff out and it was being kept up with. Since I partially grew up in Tulsa I've lived a few places around town -But, this was the 1st place we lived on our own as a family in Tulsa -so, it held a lot of memories. At the time we thought it was pretty good -for those that live around here you might remember Eastland Mall that was next to it -We also had a Target and Toys R US around there -Of course it isn't a mall now and I think only Toys R Us is left over there. We had a pretty good place -it was a townhouse with the living room, half bath, and kitchen downstairs -and then upstairs there was another full bathroom and the 2 bedrooms. We were also on the corner so, only 1 neighbor on the other side -which we had good neighbors -a couple who eventually had a couple kids-twins actually. Sure there were a few bad times like getting robbed once and the car broken into a couple of times -It started to go downhill before we left -I remember once looking out the window to see police officers poking around or going after someone? It took awhile for us to get out and be able to buy our own home -glad we did -But, it's still sad to know what it once was like to what it is now. Sorry, for the reminiscing -I'm sure I'll do that on here more. A lot of the pictures I found were around Christmas time -Which seems pretty fitting since Christmas just passed - So, there you have it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

MckLinky Monday - Celebrating the New Year

For today's MckLinky Monday on the RHOK Miss Priss wants to know - How do you celebrate/ring in the New Year? ... Well, I also say leave it to the crazies to go out and par-tay -I also pretty much hang out at home and try to stay awake until midnight -Sometimes I actually make it ;) I can't say that we have a mini party -the kids are usually asleep -So, me and the hubby try to stay awake -This time I did! I flipped channels and watched a little of the different celebrations going on -I got Jiggy or rather Giggy with it and watched Bravo's wig drop, NBC's /Tulsa's Ball Drop, Fox's celebration, and a little bit of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years eve celebration on ABC (my ABC comes in fuzzy -but, I did see NKOTB!) I also passed some time by reflecting back on 2010 and watching different things - like this:

We don't have anything too specfic we do New Years day - This year my mom wanted all of us gals (me, my daughter, sister, grandma, and my mom of course) -to go see the Bodies exhibit -No photography allowed so, no pics to share (Which might be good if you'd rather not see that kind of thing -like my husband he didn't so, he stayed home with my son) -It was pretty interesting though. One thing we do for sure on New Years is eat some "luck foods" like Black eyed peas - I was looking for a good/easy recipe when I found 1 for Black Eyed Pea Casserole -so, I made that for dinner:
It was yummy -And easy to make! Just cooked the rice and hamburger meat- then put them in a casserole dish with canned black eyed peas and Rotel; after it cooked for awhile I topped it with cheese and put it back in the oven for a few minutes (about 30 minutes total cook time) And Voila! And that's how I rang in the New Year - 1-1-11 ! Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday and tell us what all you did -And a Happy New Year to you !!