Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday Five

The fall season of TV is here ! There's so many shows I want to watch! I almost always record them and watch when I can -I can be behind a lot =P But, here's 5 shows I will be trying to catch up on that have started their new season or soon will:

1. You know I love the Reality shows! ;) So gotta have Survivor -I've actually been keeping up with these so far -Urgh! That Russell!
2. So Thursday is a big night! Not only is there Survivor there's also Grey's Anatomy(I haven't watched it yet):

3. Also on Thursday is of course- The Office! (I haven't watched these yet either though):

4. After The Office is a new show- Community. I watched the 1st episode and it was pretty funny (Gotta love Joel McHale) so, it's one of the only "new" shows I'll try to squeeze in:
5. Even though it hasn't started the new season yet, It soon will! -Desperate Housewives:

So there you have today's Friday Five! So many good TV shows on -So, little time. Hopefully I can catch up some this weekend. Hope you have a good weekend too- Until next time :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Warning!- A cranky rant: There's so many things-1st of all clothes-Urgh! I hate trying to find things that fit just right. And I don't know about you but, I don't have a lot of bras -I have a few but there's my favorite one that fits just right,an older one that's a little tight, a newer one but after awhile it just bugs. But, now my favorite one -the underwire starting poking out-ouch! I just recently bought that other one but I don't like it that well-And bras can be kinda expensive-Urgh! But, I guess I'm gonna have to go shopping again soon. Which sucks cause the finances have been low since having to get new tires on my hubby's car last week(see post here)- Urgh!

And another Urgh! -How do all you other moms -especially SAHMs get things done like going to the Dr? I usually have to ask my hubby to take off work. I tried to go last week when he took time off to get tires on his car-etc. But, my Dr. seems to hardly have open appts. So,I went today for my knee that's been hurting and other stuff that's TMI ;) My hubby was able to take a few hours off without using his paid time off. But, I knew it would be hard to squeeze it in within in that time. I got to the Dr.'s a little early in hopes they would see me sooner but, no they got to me about 20mins after my appt. time. I then waited in the room about another 30mins after the nurse came in -for the Dr. And then of course the Dr. takes about 15min or so to actually see me. So I was finally done about an hour and a half later! I called my hubby to see if we were going to pick up something for lunch and if I should go to the pharmacy now or later. I was kinda hoping we could all grab something for lunch (maybe while we were waiting on the prescriptions or something) But, alas it was already past time for him to go back to work. I rushed home -they already ate some sandwiches. It was kinda late-we usually eat lunch about 11-11:30 and it was almost 12:30. So, I had my hubby warm up some leftovers for me and then he was gone-Before I could even sit down to eat! I tried to get my son to sit in the kitchen and share my food-but, he didn't go for that. I just scarfed it down since he was running around-causing trouble. (which isn't too much different that any other day I suppose ;)
I guess I just feel kinda Urgh-Oh! the Mom Mayhem :) So that's my rant -Thanks for listening -Er,Um- reading.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Question...

Do your kid(s) act different with you and your spouse ? This past weekend I had a girls day out with my daughter and sister. The boys stayed home-(My hubby and son.) Because for some reason my hubby has not really been wanting to go out much on the weekends-But, I guess because I'm home most of the time-I'm ready to go do-Something.

Anyways so when we got back in the evening my son starting being his hyper self and my husband mentioned he wasn't like that when we were gone. And again when we were eating the next day my son was playing with his food,not being still, and generally being a pain. This for me is pretty normal -but, again my husband said he wasn't like that while we were gone. And it's not the 1st time my son has acted different. I often think if I could record how things go around here-From the time we get up -How my son is wiggly and not wanting to get his PJ's off to go potty to not behaving for meals and all the other stuff in between. Then maybe my husband would understand why I can be so drained when he gets home. I really don't know why there would be a difference. But, what about you- have you noticed a difference in the way your kids act with you or your spouse/significant other ?

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Friday Five

As I mentioned in my previous post we've been on a few family outings recently. One being the Tulsa Zoo member's night. Which brings me to today's friday five...5 pictures of animals I took at the zoo (I have many,many pictures from various trips to the zoo) but, these are ones I just took on our latest trip last week...
1. A Parrot that was out with 1 of the zookeepers:
2. This Tiger was actually walking around (a lot of times they're sleeping):

3. Penguins -The zookeeper was feeding and talking about them:

4. The Sea Lions -They had a cool demonstration -Did some tricks and everything:

5. Kangaroo -My daughter got to pet a different one:
And that's it for today's Friday Five -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family outings around Tulsa

The past week or so we've been out and about, here and there. And I was just thinking about sharing some of what we did. Labor Day weekend we kinda chillaxed some -trying not to succumb too much to the cold that seemed to be invading our house. But, Labor Day we went to Kaleidoscope Children's Museum. This actually makes our second trip there since we went in the summer with Ttownmoms. And we went again since I won a fall pass w/Ttownmoms-Yay! So to tell you a little bit about our experiences -The 1st time I was not too impressed. The little grocery store and some of that is pretty cool. And when we discovered the other side of the buliding we were like- Oh good there's more! Labor day the kids had fun playing on the stage. Both times we've been the kids liked the playhouse. And they also liked the room with the jungle gym-etc. But, you must wear socks! We had no idea the 1st time and it was summer and weren't wearing socks-(Shh!-They played a little bit before I actually noticed the sign about socks). The 2nd time we were prepared! The other rooms were ok again not too impressed. I had a hard time putting my finger on what all exactly I didn't like-Just for some reason it didn't meet my expectations. My husband made a good observation-He said he wouldn't necessarily call it a children's museum but, more an indoor play place. Also it's more for younger kids my daughter had some fun but, also mentioned it was kinda "cheap" -the grocery store stuff-etc. Which I can see the catch 22 letting kids play but, not letting everything get trashed in the process. I would also say that it is a bit overpriced considering the fall pass we got is worth $75 just for fall when we got a yearly zoo membership for about $50-$60. But, if you want to check it out for yourself they do have a special price of $5 admission for Parents and Kids until Sept. 30!

Which brings me to the next thing we did- last Thursday night was a special members night at the Tulsa Zoo. Like it has been lately around Tulsa it was kinda rainy but, luckily cleared off in time to head out that way. I was thinking maybe there wouldn't be a lot of people but I guess they were all thinking the same thing -Because it was packed!! It was fun though seeing the animals that were "out" with the handlers. Seeing special things like the penguins getting fed,the sea lion demonstration,petting a kangaroo! And that's just what we saw- there were other things but,we didn't make it to everything. We got their about 6pm and left about 7:30 (It ran 5:30-8pm) So overall as always the zoo was great! Just kinda muggy and looked like it was about to rain again-So we left.

The last thing we did is this past weekend we headed out to Chandler Park and see about the Kings of Champion Medieval Faire. (I do miss going to the Renaissance Faire-We haven't been in a few years) But, again it was a little rainy so maybe that's why it seemed a little- blah ? I guess I can't complain too much for a free event but, of course to get in is free and THEN everyone wants you to buy stuff-Ugh! That is mostly what was there people selling their wares. The only thing we did do is go on the pirate ship tour -Which of course cost a pretty penny. But, it was kinda cool,informative. After that it started sprinkling pretty good so we were done -We headed out. I like to think it was more of a mini-adventure to head to REALLY west Tulsa(across the river) Is it even considered Tulsa ?? Anyways so that in itself was kinda cool to take a little adventure.
And that's a few things we've done recently. If anyone has any other reviews-etc. Feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A case of the Mondays

Well as some of you may know -It is hard for me to get up early in the mornings. I hate when Monday rolls around and we have to back to the grind. I've been trying to go to bed earlier but it can be hard to tear away from the computer or not get sucked into whatever I find on late night TV (there sure is some strange stuff on). Or in the case of last night just waiting for football to go off and get in the nightly news-(I mean really what is up with sports time?! Their 10mins is more like 30!) And yeah I suppose I could've watched another station or something but,I didn't. So it was hard to get up this morning not that the cloudy,dark,rainy weather helped at all.

It wasn't just me though everyone was moving slow I actually had to wake my son up (Usually my little alarm clock) and my daughter took FOREVER to get dressed and all. So, we were running late-Missed the bus but, that's not too bad. Plan B was put into motion (I just take her to school )I admittly have had to do this a couple times already and she gets there in plenty of time. But, today of course the usual monday morning rush was horrific! The traffic was backed up cause everyone had to merge because some construction! Once we finally made it passed all that we were on our way - that is until we got stopped again because of a train! Luckily it wasn't too long. We finally made it to her school -with about a minute to spare- I'm hoping she made it to class on time- We'll have to see. - I just have to say -Ugh- Mondays!!
Update: My daughter did make it to school/class on time-Yay! But,my husband got a flat tire on the way home from work -Boo!! And we will have to wait until Friday (paycheck time) to get new ones -He's gonna be carpooling to work and then I'll pick him up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Friday Five...

I admit I can be a bit quirky but, it's not just me-It seems a lot of my family is quirky. In fact you might remember me mentioning that my son is kinda quirky -some due to his ADHD/Autistic tendencies. One of the things he does ALL the time is line things up -I kinda consider it his little calling card like when I walk into a room and see his little masterpieces and think DJ was here =D. Which brings me to today's Friday Five -I thought I'd share some pics of these little calling cards -So, here goes:

1. A colorful one with the Legos and colored pencil's:

2. A Lincoln Logs one:

3. The outside bikes-etc. 4. And what I started to notice when taking these pics is that he mostly lines up his cars:

Sorry -I don't know why that one is sideways and can't get it to change around -Hmmmm

5. But, see he REALLY likes to line up cars-etc.!

Well, That's it for now -Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Did you know ?...

Did you know that September is National Coupon Month ? AND also Shameless Promotion Month ? Well guess what?!
I have just written an article on related to coupons and now I am shamelessly self -promoting it ;) But, really I think it's an article we could all use right now about saving money on groceries. And you can always click the button/link over that ---> way to read my other Examiner articles . Enjoy :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Friday Five

I love music! How about you? And I always liked making my own mix tapes and such -"back in the day" =D Which is why I love my Ipod! I love that you can buy A song and make your own music mix with different songs you like - So, that brings me to today's Friday Five -I'm going to hit shuffle on my Ipod and see what 5 songs comes up-I love doing things like this-How fun!

1. Catch my Disease by Ben Lee -Oh that's a good one!

2. Day-O (Banana boat song) by Harry Belafonte- =D I think I got that song after I was thinking about Bettlejuice (the movie)

3. Online by Brad Paisley -That's a funny song and video!

4. Who will save your soul by Jewel -Another good one -I love that line "There are addictions to feed and there are mouths to pay"

5. In my car (I'll be the driver) by Shania Twain -I like that 1 too!-Go figure since it's my Ipod huh? ;) I do hope she comes back into the music scene -I heard she's been getting back into the public eye here and there since her divorce and everything

Wow-That was fun I was surprised that not much "newer" songs came up-I do have some I promise! Well, that's it for today as you can tell I have a pretty eclectic taste in music maybe I'll have to do this again sometime -Bye for now :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm not sure if everyone likes to reminisce or if it's just fun remembering all those childhood things being a child from the 80's/90's. But, it's nice to remember Strawberry Shortcake,Care Bears,Cabage Patch Kids,Smurfs,My Little Pony,She-Ra/He-man. Some of those being great TV shows too and other shows like ThunderCats,Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,Full House,Blossom-(Yeah I even remebering doing a class poster about the TV show Blossom ;) Or even the songs/singers gotta love Debbie Gibson and the New Kids on the Block! =D I could seriously go on & on. But, really to me it is nice to think about those kinds of things- Recently my dad brought some stuff from storage he still had when we were kids- for me and my sis to go through. And we found some classic "vintage" stuff -Like this California Raisin stamp set,old video game player/video games like -Frogger!, and even our old keyboard-See pic:But this got me thinking if our kids will reminisce about things from their childhood what kind of things will they remember? I have to say I was glad that Care Bears-etc did come back some so I could share that with my daughter-Maybe we'll have that in common! But I'm sure there will be some stuff that's so "classic" to their childhood. Maybe Dora and Diego ? Maybe-Webkinz ? When I was younger I'd never imagine such a thing as Webkinz -I mean the internet just became popular when I was graduating highschool or somewhere around there ;)
And speaking of electronic gadgets maybe instead of the old frogger games they'll remember their Gameboys or Nintedo DS. And they'll probably remember how Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus was SO big with the TV show,CD's, and the many,many products she "they" are on.
What do you think- Do you love reminiscing? What things do you think your kids will remember?