Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cats part 2 and other craziness

In my last post I talked about how we had a stray cat that had kittens -that we were trying find homes for - you might recall how I took the mama cat to get spayed so, there wouldn't be more kitties. And then the next day a lady came and took the kitties we had left and the mama kitty -only to return the mama kitty later saying she had to go out of town because her mom was sick and she thought it best for us to watch the mama while she was still recovering from getting spayed.
We had decided to keep 1 kitty and so we let him and his mom keep each other company outside until the lady was supposed to come back and get the mama kitty -about a week later she didn't call. Her number was off my caller id -I did write her # down although messily I tried to call what looked like the # -But, it wasn't going through. I thought I might try again in a couple of days however a couple of days later the mama kitty disappeared- after not seeing her all that day I got worried -I thought maybe she was hit by a car or someone took her in -or ?? -I looked around the yard -didn't see or hear her meowing -even drove around the block -didn't see her dead on the road or anything -So? I brought the other kitty in -so, he could get used to the cat and dog we already have and get used to being inside -at night he'd climb onto our bed and being the kitten he is attack our feet -etc. A few days went by still no sign of the mama kitty and I also called to make an appointment for our new kitty to get shots/neutered-etc. The day before time to take the kitty to the vet -he threw up but, it didn't seem like normal hairball stuff -he continued to throw up on/off that night and the next morning -I took him into the vet -They looked at him and said he did have a fever and was dehydrated -they decided no surgery for him -they instead did a blood test-etc. and found he had parvo -Which is bad -they kept him overnight -the next day we brought him home force feeding him wet food and medicine. It has been a few days now- he is finally back to himself and has an appetite back-etc. I think he'll be fine but, it seems he probably got it from his mom and she probably didn't survive -now considering she was here for at least 6mos. -not sure where she got it-she was exposed to some other places -vet,lady that took her for a little while, -other stray cats -So ? Kinda sad of course.
But, we have a new addition to our home and he's adjusting. It will be a couple of weeks before we can schedule another appt. to get him neutered-etc. And it will be interesting to see how it all goes -Since my son's birthday is coming up and my sis in law and her boyfriend our coming to town and staying here. The in-laws -it seems most people who go across the state might stay for the weekend but, his family for some reason seems to think it's fine to stay for about a week -They will get here sometime tomorrow(Thurs.) and they might leave Mon. or Tues, -whatever they decide at the time -Ugh! I just can never get used to their timeline idea -also when we go to visit them -it's like their offended if we only stay a day or 2 -again -Ugh! I mean maybe if it was across the country or something I could see staying about a week- but it's about a 4 hr. drive at the most. So, yeah in the next few days we'll have company and celebrate my son's bday - We'll see how it all goes - To be continued...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cats! And I'm not talking the musical...

Although I did see that musical when I was younger and liked it and of course I like cats in general - But, as you may recall over the summer I had a stray cat hang around and then she had kittens!
I've been trying to get rid of them ever since -and let me tell you it's been a journey! I avoided the craigslist option because I really hate giving random people my info. -it's hard enough to share my info. with people from facebook and via posters placed in a few places especially when say I'd give someone my address and then they don't come to see the kitties - so many calls/interest but, so little people actually taking the kitties! Last Thursday I even spent some $ to get the mom cat spayed so, we didn't have more kitties running around and then I got a call 1st from a lady who said she'd give my info. to her friend that could probably help- her friend called later... she basically runs a cat rescue -I told her the mama cat was currently at the vet -she wanted to look at the kittens though -since they were out in the backyard I rounded them up and brought them in- trying to keep them in 1 area-which wasn't that easy. And finally the lady called back saying she couldn't make it afterall - She did agree to bring a big cage the next day- Friday and take the mom and 3 kittens (We kept 1). She did in fact come and take them -until... later that day she called saying she already found a home for 2 of them and her friend is watching the other kitten but, she got a call to go out of town because of her sick mom and asked if I could watch the mama cat for awhile longer since she's still healing and everything -I agreed -so, right now still have the mama cat and the kitty we're keeping and of course the cat and dog we've had for about 8 yrs. But, wait that's not all! Also Friday about 9 at night I got a call from my sister who's out of town for training with her job she's had a friend check on her cats -3 of them (she took 1 of the kittens I had), Another 1 of her cats she's had awhile, and then a really old 1 that was inherited from our grandma - The really old cat -died! And she wanted us to go get the dead cat and bury it our yard -she was a little upset and everything -so, finally agreed to get the cat -we opted to not try to bury it at 10 at night and kept it in a tote until burying it Sat. -So, yeah pretty crazy - Ever feel like your on some crazy sitcom?! So, that's how it's been going around here. It hasn't all been a crazy year -some good things, some not so good things -Surviving -How's it going with you?