Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An ode to Bethenny Frankel

So, as usual I watched the latest Bethenny ever after -I watched it last night but, missed the beginning so, just watched that part from the recording. I have to say I really like Bethenny and since I love reality tv -I even vaguely remember her from the Martha Stewart apprentice show (trying to remember was that only 1 season?) Anyway - There's some things I can relate to -family issues -I'm not estranged from my mom -but, it's a little complicated since my dad had custody of us growing up. And of course now Bethenny is trying to handle it all -career, marriage, & motherhood - Which by the way- sounds a little familiar -Handling the mayhem of marriage and motherhood *ahem* ;) Of course for Bethenny she had the career down and then the husband and kid -For me I have the kids and husband -still trying to figure out the career part... Anyways- I love how Bethenny is outgoing and will say anything -she cracks me up -1 of those things that I wish I could be more like-I am kinda shy myself. I am really glad that things in her life are going pretty well overall - of course there are going to be ups and downs- and it breaks my heart that bloggers and other media is giving out misinformation and maybe "attacking" her. Not that she'll ever read this but, if Bethenny perhaps does -just know there are bloggers that aren't like that -like this "mommy blog" and I'm a fan -and Good Luck on future endeavors!
So, anyone else been watching this show/ or a fan of Bethenny?