Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween fun 2012

Whew- It's been a busy few weeks around here! - (such as the Mom Mayhem life ;) some things have not been so fun like Dr's visits and calling the plumber out -but, there's also been fun times too- Like during fall break a couple of weeks ago we had some out of town guests to entertain and pretty good weather so, it was a perfect time to go out and about -We went to Oktoberfest, The zoo, and of course the pumpkin patch:
Then this past weekend it was time to carve/decorate the pumpkins -we were so busy we did a simple carving and the kids painted their little pumpkins:
And then of course last night it was Halloween! My son has been going through the Avenger costumes the past few years -he's been Iron Man, Thor, and this year he was the Hulk. My daughter went as a witch:
We had a fun time going out around the neighborhood trick or treating:
Oh and I should also mention that my son was in the assembly at school yesterday for being 1 of the students of the month!
(They had their costume day last friday at school)  So, we had a fun and busy Halloween - Hope you had a good one too!