Saturday, November 7, 2015

1st week at my new job...

So, yep it's official I got a job! Still after years of not "working outside the home" I feel I  need something that works with the school schedule so, I can pick up my son from school-etc. I looked into /applied for a few part-time jobs but, it turns out the best option that worked out is working within the school system. I guess it's good working with kids that they do a thorough screening- drug test (even if it took me 3 times to pee enough ;), got my fingerprints on file, and filled out about 10 pages worth of paperwork- etc. so, after all of that  -I got the job! Working as a lunch assistant at an Elementary school -it has been an adjustment working through my normal lunch time and just helping take care of a lot of kids at lunch and recess. Ups and downs -from a kid freaking out because he got ketchup on his plate to the playground shenanigans but, of course there's those moments when it's just the right temperature during recess and the sunshine and sound of kids playing makes you feel all nice and warm. Sometimes it feels like you really are helping -even if it is just to open a milk carton or tie someone's shoelaces. All of it just rewarding and exhausting -ready to enjoy the weekend/ rest up and start again Monday!   Thanks to anyone who still reads this  :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hello World!

So, it's been what 2 years exactly -Right?! Well, I have to say I'm still in the process of taking steps and accepting change. Still strange to me that I was fine where I was - my husband's job was going well, me being a stay at home mom-with a little freelance writing job/work at home mom -taking the kids to school and helping with PTA, and even had a weekly get together with friends -everything was great...or so I thought -A few years ago the friends turned out not to be so friendly towards me after all, last year my husband's job changed owners -still expecting more change (hopefully not too much!) , PTA problems, recently my little job became no more (currently looking for a part-time job), the kids are ok -But, have I mentioned my daughter is a Senior in high school?!! -Talk about change -thinking about your 1st born leaving the nest!! So, yeah that's what's been going on with me! And as my friend has said -seems I need to learn some lesson about change -and Let it go -Yep, start singing that  ;)

So, there's an update for ya  -To be continued...