Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthdays, Weddings, and more!

Sorry it's been awhile again -Not that there's a lot of people reading this or anything -But, here's an update anyways... So, my new kitty did get better and I took him in to get neutered-shots and everything last week -He's doing fine -currently on my lap right now ;)
Made it through the company at our house and celebrating my son's birthday last month. We had his birthday party at an indoor soccer place. Never know how the weather will be in Feb. in Oklahoma so it worked out well. I learned last yr. a boy in my son's class that's in his class this year too also has a bday around that time -it's nice to get the "reciprocals"-(you come to our party and we'll go to yours ;) So, the next weekend we went to their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese that was a Sat. and then that Sun. we went out to eat with family to celebrate my mom's birthday. So, yeah a few birthday celebrations around that time. Next up- is weddings! If everything goes as planned we'll attend a wedding in March,April, and May! Starting this weekend -We've gone shopping for "fancy wedding clothes" and such and hoping everything goes well. Other than that... everything is a bit up in the air -ever get that feeling like things are gonna change but, just not sure how - Been feeling like that lately. Things that used to be are not anyymore -not anything big or necessarily in a bad way-but, different nonetheless. For instance some things that usually keep me busy -PTA;Book Club -Seem a little different -On PTA our "core" group is not as tight as it once was -there have been statements even by the principal that "they want to move in another direction" maybe do a booster club or something but, no other information that I know as of yet. And on book club hopefully will get more info. soon but, did get a formal message that the host is thinking about cutting down on hosting-So? Just seems things are in a bit of state of flux -Not quite sure what to make of it all yet... Until next time -hope everyone has a good week/ St. Patrick's day weekend!