Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK Blizzard of '09

Especially if you live in Oklahoma you know about the blizzard that came lastThurs.- Christmas Eve-and thus made us have a white Christmas. We went to visit the in-laws-across state but, luckily we went Wed. and although we planned to leave Sat. we left Sun. to make sure the roads were pretty clear-some of the side roads are still icy! Just wanted to share some video/pics of the blizzard...

The blizzard starting to roll in:

The power had even gone out at the in-laws Thurs. morning for a couple hours. We didn't even try to go out that day even though the kids wanted to play in it.

We did let them go out and play for a little while Christmas day -before we ate our Christmas dinner:

Sunday on our trek back home there was still snow to be seen all around:

You might ask about how much snow did you get? -About half past a turtle...

A Turtle Sandbox that is ;) -Or in other words here in Tulsa about 5-6inches- and about the same at the in-laws in Lawton. And in OKC got over 10 inches-a record breaking amount-I think it was for them. And that was our OK blizzard '09 experience!

Until next time-If I don't get a chance to say before -Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well, I probably won't be doing a lot of blogging since Christmas is literally 3 days away!! We'll be busy having different Christmases with different family members and all. And then right after Christmas is done it will be time to get ready for my cousin's wedding! And not too mention the bridal shower that is going to be here at my house -Jan. 1st- Eeek! I don't even know how I'm gonna have the house clean after all the Christmas mess?! And go figure that it seems like the kitchen cabinets are falling apart -1 of our drawers has been missing the front for awhile but, within the last week the hinge broke on the door we normally open for the trash, a knob fell off another door-etc. too-Oy! I told my husband that all he has to get me for Christmas is get all that fixed -He has looked for a replacement drawer;hinge but, so far no luck-Really hoping it can be fixed asap *crossing fingers*
Well, anyways so just a lot going on here-Whew!

But...I did want to say -Happy Holidays!! Whether it'd be a Happy Hanukkah,Kwanzaa,or a Merry Christmas your celebrating! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Friday Five...

I know I already did a Christmas song/video Friday Five -But, I really can't pick just 5! So, here once again in no particular order are 5 of my favorite Christmas songs with videos:

1. Because you know I gotta show a house with lights synchronized to music (maybe one of these days we'll actually get our house like that ;) And of course because I like this song -(I was actually trying to find a version by Lonestar that I really like) but, Bob Seger works too -the Little Drummer Boy:

2. Paul McCarney's -Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime:

3. John Lennon's So this is Christmas(War is Over):

4. And we can't have the Beatles from across the pond without having the King of America -The King of Rock N Roll that is - Elvis's Blue Christmas:

5. Although I ♥ Elvis(Hope to visit Graceland one of these days)-I hope there are no Blue Christmases out there- So,I want to wish you a Merry Christmas in Espanol that is - Feliz Navidad:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worst Christmas / Best Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has started and it's getting really close! It always makes me think back on years past -I'm sure we've all had a Worst Christmas and a Best Christmas here's mine:

Worst Christmas:
We decided to travel across the state to visit family a few years ago -2001 I think it was. We being- me,the hubs,my daughter (who was about 3 then), and we even picked up my sis from her college dorm room on the way. We were going to visit my in-laws and my dad who at the time lived in the same town(kinda how me and the hubby met ;)

We were ready to have a happy Christmas gathering. But, right when we got to my dad's and my husband called his family to let them know we made it- He got the news that his younger brother was in the hospital-He already had a lot of medical complications. Unfortunately,his problems were really bad this time he had to be life flighted to the Children's Hospital in OKC. I believe he was the same age as my daughter is now-11 when he passed away that Christmas morning...

My husband was with his family while I stayed with my daughter at my dad's. But, I also spent time at the In-laws house. Being newlyweds I was still a bit uncomfortable around "his" family and I really didn't know what to do or say. Christmas was still going on and I tried to help where I could while taking care of my daughter. We somehow managed to get Christmas dinner and all going and tried to have somewhat of a normal Christmas for the other kids and such.

Unfortunately there was also funeral and other arrangments to take care of. We of course stayed longer than planned for the funeral and everything. Even though it was snowing a little once we were ready to leave we really needed to head back home-So,we were on our way.

We were only on the road maybe an hour or so when there was a wreck ahead of us. We slowed down but, the guy behind us did not slow down enough in time -We were hit! Our vehicle spun around -it was kinda slow motion as the front of the car hit the emergency vehicle that was already working the other wreck. I don't remember everything- I know some people helped us out of the vehicle and someone mentioned that I had a seatbelt burn-And I was grateful that a few moments before my sister had reminded me to put my seatbelt on. I know it was still snowing and cold and some guy let us stay in his truck and stay warm. I remember being glad that there was no serious injuries but, worried that our 1 and only car was totalled. Eventually we got ahold of our family and the In-laws came and got us-I'm glad they did even though they had a lot of other stuff going on. I remember that we were all doing fairly well but, got checked out to be sure -I guess after the adrenaline started to wear off there was some pain due to bumps and bruises. We had alot of wreck details to take care of-Police reports,Insurance,Getting a lawyer,-etc. It was also kinda hard because some places were still closed because of the holidays/new year. And not too mention that we were stranded 300 miles away from our home with no car. We literally had to do some car shopping just so we could leave-Not that we had any money for that. Luckily we finally found a good used car that my dad pretty much bought for us. And we eventually made it back home. We were gone so long we had a lot of stuff to take care of -at our jobs and all. I remember I was pretty much "pointed out" at my job and had to get reinstated and everything. And we saw a chiropracter for awhile -etc. too.

So, that was my worst Christmas -Now for my...

Best Christmas:
Luckily there are plenty more good Christmases than bad- It's actually kind of hard to pick my BEST Christmas. There's a few -Like the 1st year we were in this house-Our very own home finally -And I was pregnant with my son then too! And maybe it was part of the nesting but, I got a wild hair to host Christmas here. I might have mentioned that it's hard to fit in my dad's side,mom's side,and in-law's side too. So, it was nice to have everyone here-even though it was a bit stressful at times- it was really nice.
Another good Christmas was after my son was born and our little family being together in our home. There's plenty of good Christmases with different sides of the family -each one being a bit different in their own way-For instance I always enjoy doing White Elephants with my dad's side of the family.

And even though the past couple of years have been a bit bleak -I know what a really bad Christmas is like so, I try to be glad for what we do have. How about you- your worst/best Christmas?
And here's hoping to a good Christmas -for all of us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -Almost

I have seen several bloggers do wordless wednesday and I don't plan to fully join the meme...But, I do have something to share at least this once:

I can't stay totally wordless about this-We're finally done potty training! There for awhile I was beginning to wonder if he'd be fully potty trained before he was 4- We made it though! After putting off going without night time pull-ups we finally tried it over the long Thanksgiving weekend and he's done so well-I'm so proud! Oh and as far as this picture...What can I say -Boys and their Toys ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Five..

As I've probably mentioned that I love Christmas and decking the halls for it too! :) So, today's Friday Five is some of our Christmas decorations here at my house...

1. Some of the outside decorations:This is in our front yard - We have to have a penguin according to my husband (If you understood his love for Linux and their mascot it makes sense ;)

2. The Wreath on our front door:
Sorry it's kind of dark -It was last night when I actually thought about taking a picture of it =D

3. Our Christmas Tree:
This picture was actually taken a couple of years ago-it's the same tree we still have-I just love this picture though :)

4. Our mantel:

If you put the 2 together- Voila! There's the mantel! As you can see the left side has Mr. and Mrs. Claus a Pinecone Christmas tree my daughter made a few years ago,a little jar of berries-etc. from outside, and some other things like a clock and my husband's navy picture(from before I met him). The right side has a Waterglobe,Nativity scene,and our Stocking holders-I haven't put our stockings up yet. Oh and I just love the mantel covering (whatever the offiicial name for that is?) It has little lights too-But, I didn't have it on.

5. On top of our entertainment center:

As you might be able to tell a lot of nick-nacks or is it knick-knacks?! -There's the Christmas Carousel-I didn't turn it on but it lights up,moves,and plays music! I did turn on the Snowman that lights up and changes color. There's also santa and lots of angels!

So there's alot of our Christmas decor-Hope you've got your halls all decked out for Christmas!

Until next time -Have a happy weekend!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Friday Five -Christmas Song Edition

I love this time of year! As you might be able to tell -Like the Christmas blog makeover? I like it (of course) just that I couldn't figure out how to get the comment part not white-Ah well it's ok.
Anyways so I love Christmas!-The lights,the magic of Christmas, and of course Christmas songs! It's really hard to pick just 5 favorite Christmas songs! -But, here goes -In no particular order today's friday five- 5 Christmas songs I love with videos! :

1. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree:

2. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas:

3. Band-Aid -Do they know it's Christmas:

4.Gloria in Excelsis Deo /Angels we have heard on High:

5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra -Wizards in Winter -and because I love light displays synchronized to music:

Well that's it for today -Enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas -And have a good weekend!