Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK Blizzard of '09

Especially if you live in Oklahoma you know about the blizzard that came lastThurs.- Christmas Eve-and thus made us have a white Christmas. We went to visit the in-laws-across state but, luckily we went Wed. and although we planned to leave Sat. we left Sun. to make sure the roads were pretty clear-some of the side roads are still icy! Just wanted to share some video/pics of the blizzard...

The blizzard starting to roll in:

The power had even gone out at the in-laws Thurs. morning for a couple hours. We didn't even try to go out that day even though the kids wanted to play in it.

We did let them go out and play for a little while Christmas day -before we ate our Christmas dinner:

Sunday on our trek back home there was still snow to be seen all around:

You might ask about how much snow did you get? -About half past a turtle...

A Turtle Sandbox that is ;) -Or in other words here in Tulsa about 5-6inches- and about the same at the in-laws in Lawton. And in OKC got over 10 inches-a record breaking amount-I think it was for them. And that was our OK blizzard '09 experience!

Until next time-If I don't get a chance to say before -Happy New Year!

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