Monday, November 29, 2010

MckLinky Monday - Christmas Decor

The holiday season is upon us and Mrs. Edwards on the RHOK wants to know - "When do you drag out the Christmas decor?"

Well, I say as early as possible! But, my husband thinks it has to be after Thanksgiving so, normally I'm ready after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner or ok maybe the day after Thanksgiving or so ;) This year I thought we might get the Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving being that we were out of town for a few days for Thanksgiving -but, we didn't get around to it before. And then I thought we might get to it when we got back home Saturday but, after unpacking and other things we didn't -Finally we just got the Christmas stuff out and the Christmas tree up and decorated yesterday! Still have other decorations to put up though -So, still getting around to it all. I love Christmas and decorating for Christmas but, whew it can get kinda exhausting! -and is it me but, can it cause some tension? -It seems inevitably I'm telling my husband to move the tree topper this way and then no,no back that way a little and then he gets frustrated and then I get frustrated, then I grab my step ladder but, still can't reach and then I fall or get some other kind of boo-boo -Yeah that might've happened yesterday- Ugh the mom mayhem ;)

Well, anyways how about a picture of my tree:

I know it's dark and it's actually a picture from a few years ago -but, I still have the same tree and I ♥ that picture-the Christmas tree glowing in the dark :)

So, how about you-When do you get out the Christmas decorations? Be sure to join the MckLinky Monday with the RHOK!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it's a little early but, I'm sure most of us are going to be pretty busy the next few days- So, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving / Weekend!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The truth is Tuesday

Well, Thanksgiving will be in just a couple of days -and we're going to my in-law's. So we'll miss out on my side of the family's craziness fun. But,the truth is I never know how it will go at the in-law's either... After 10+ years of marriage I have adjusted somewhat - But, let me set the scene of how it has been -Used to be that my in-laws smoked -Oh and my MIL had 7 kids (mostly boys) So, at 1 point it was like walking into some kind of crazy smoked filled bar -with the inevitable boys wrestling around over there and someone else screaming expletives about something else over there. Not saying I came from a perfect; quiet family but, still it's a little shock to the system for me. Luckily things are a bit different now - sure there's still quite a few people and it can get LOUD -at least I can stand to stay there being a smoke free house now -The only person that still smokes (outside) is my 1 BIL - And that BIL is a whole other story...
I just hope it's not like the last Thanksgiving we were there (2 years ago) when that particular BIL and me got into it - well, actually him and a few people. He's the type who is negative about most things and people -including me. As I was saying before their family takes a little adjustment for me- I can be kind of quiet/reserved sometimes which is different for them- I guess. Anyways I guess there's been some tension there with that BIL -he often makes remarks about people being lazy -etc. me included because I'm a stay at home mom-yada,yada. I try not take things personally but, I guess he represents that type of people -so, we got into it. I was actually kind of proud to stand up for myself -And like I told him like he has a lot of room to talk -this coming from a guy who the 1st time I met him was when he was in prison -I mean seriously-Urgh! So, yeah that was an interesting Thanksgiving -he made the other sis-in law cry, me and other people mad, which in turn also made my Mother in law upset. Well, here's hoping things don't end up like that again -(hopefully) Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Black Friday

For today's MckLinky Monday on the RHOK the gals want to know -"What's your Black Friday routine" ?

Well -The short answer is -Sleep! =D
I know, I know I do love a good deal - But, I'm just not sure getting up early in the morning (like 3- 4AM!) and going out to fight the crowds and quite possibly literally get trampled on is worth it to me. I'm sure I could come up with some convincing evidence of why Black Friday is not the best idea- If your so inclined-( ahem and ahem ;)
You know I never even really knew about this Black Friday concept until I got married and my mother in law went out into the Black Fridayness -Needless to say I was a bit shocked at this tradition! ;) And my husband (the early riser of the house) has gone out on Black Friday and grabbed some deals a couple of times for us -But, nah not really for me -is all I have to say ;) -But, if it's for you - ahh- Have Fun!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Friday Five

You know there always seem to be some kind of late night war or another- and I personally like all the late night shows and their hosts just fine -although I rarely stay up to watch them. Do you watch any of them-have a favorite? Well, 1 of the people I love is Jimmy Fallon -he's been around awhile-of course since back in his SNL days -etc. So, here's 5 videos of Jimmy Fallon and why I love him:

1. 1 of the things from kinda back in the day that I love -His song Idiot Boyfriend:

2. Other people appreciate his awesomeness too- which is why he hosted the Emmy's this year and had fun sketches like this:

3. And of course some great skits from his late night show:

4. This is awesome!- History of rap with Justin Timberlake:

5. He also does some great impressions like Neil Young -there was 1 going around this week with Bruce Springsteen -Here's another 1 though -"Neil Young" does Pants on the ground:

Well, that's it for today -Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Not quite jack in the box

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The truth is Tuesday

So, I've been thinking about starting a confession thing maybe something like -The truth is Tuesday -Not sure if it will be a regular thing yet -But, trying it out -so,here goes....

As a lot of you know blogging is a lot of things to me -some admittedly cathartic even though I'm sure we all question how much we should put -out there. I've been a bit quiet lately- Some because I've been kinda busy and some because I've got a lot swirling around in my head. I've been thinking a lot about where things are going -The future of me -in many aspects of the word. I know we could use more money (especially around the holidays) -but, Ugh -such a catch 22 -I've been in the "working world" before -and not sure how I feel about going back to that goat rodeo. I've been trying to see about some kind of work -at- home job (why I do Examiner) and have pursued other jobs but, no such luck so far. My daughter of course is in school during the day and now my son is too (since the past few months) -Leaving me a stay-at -home mom with no kids during the day (With the exception of school breaks;taking care of sick kids -etc.) I do enjoy being able to help at school with the PTA-etc. And having a flexible schedule/ more me time -but, I know I should probably do something else -especially to bring in money -Just haven't figured out what yet - I guess for now I'll look into selling my body -fluid -(I'm talking plasma -people! ;)

And for anyone who's read this -Sorry for the rambling but, feel free to send me positive thoughts and prayers please -And I'll try to keep my head up:

Monday, November 15, 2010

MckLinky Monday - Thankful

For today's MckLinky with the RHOK - Mrs. Hart and others share what they're thankful for and ask - "What are you thankful for?"

Well, as the picture suggests I am thankful for my - Faith, Family, and Friends. I am thankful for my family and that for the most part we're pretty healthy -and I thank god for that! I also am glad for friends -family is family -but, friends are like family that you can pick out -Right?! ;)

I know there are other things -like Mrs. Hart mentioned there's many things we are grateful for and may not even think about. And even though my family and I may struggle at times I am thankful for all that we do have...

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Friday Five

As I've mentioned before my son likes to take over the camera sometimes-like this and this -He still does this at times but, I haven't shown any of his pictures in awhile -So,that's today's Friday 5 - Can you guess what he was taking pictures of ?...





5. -Have you guessed what it is? Yep -He was taking pictures of the Spongebob show that was on TV :)

Well, that's it for today's Friday 5 -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

~ Looking at the world through Rainbow colored glasses ~

Monday, November 8, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Thankful for food

Today on the RHOK they're talking about Thanksgiving and ask - "What is your favorite food on the Thanksgiving table?"
Well, I pretty much love all food -especially Thanksgiving food! It's hard to pick favorites!
I do love me some sweet potatoes -My dad usually made a sweet potato casserole with mashed sweet potatoes and marshmallows on top that was really yummy! I also like other variations of sweet potatoes -etc. just fine as well though.
I also like cranberry sauce -I'm ok with different variations of that too - even if it comes from a can ;)

1 of my favorite dishes to make and eat is green bean casserole -I just use the Campbell's recipe -with frozen/thawed green beans and use my mother in law's tip of using french cut style green beans -if I find them easily.

Of course there's all the other great food like-stuffing! Which I think not all stuffing is created equal -Shh! Don't tell but, I don't really like my MIL's -she makes it in the Turkey -Ugh. I like my grandma's the best -I think it's a cornbread dressing -I even like Stove Top stuffing ok. And of course don't forget the turkey -with a little gravy -yum! You see I pretty much like it all ;)

So, how about you? Join in the MckLinky fun with the RHOK!

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Friday Five

For today's Friday Five -I want to talk about something fun -like... Gummy bears! -or is Gummi bears?-(I've seen both spellings) Well, anywho -Here goes 5 videos related to Gummy bears:

1. Do you know how big the world's biggest gummy bear is? Well, if you watch this video you will:

2. There's this funny video that my son loves to watch about a Gummy bear -Here you go:

3. Speaking of gummy bears -Remember the cartoon? Here's something to jog the memory -and probably get the song stuck in your head;)

4. And speaking about that show -Here's a movie spoof about it: -The embedding has been disabled so you'll have to click here to watch it.

5. Also about movies with gummy bears -Anyone seen the movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? -This is what happens when gummy bears attack -Maybe they were the 5 pounders ;)

Well,that's it for my Gummy (Gummi?) Bear edition of the Friday 5 -I bet you feel so informed now-Huh? -I swear I love taking a random subject and coming with 5 things -Maybe 1 of these days -I'll do some from your suggestions -Got any?
Well,have a good day and weekend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Halloween fun

Well, the Halloween fun is over now - Been a busy past few weekends! ...
As seen in the top left picture we went to my husband's company fall festival a couple weekends ago. This past weekend of course was Halloween weekend. We spent a lot of the day Saturday at my sister's/ Boo HaHa. We parked at her place - Then we walked Brookside (Where my family got a picture with Julie Chin -dressed as Dorothy :) We stayed and watched the parade also -The 1st time we've done that.
And then of course Sunday evening we Trick-or Treated around the neighborhood -and that was our Halloween fun! -How about you?

Monday, November 1, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Family History

Today on the RHOK -We're talking family histories -And want know about yours...

For me -as my dad always says -I'm a Heinz 57 -I got a little bit of a lot of things ;) I believe I've got some Irish,French,German, and Indian (card carrying Cherokee -In fact :)

On my paternal side my Grandpa and his family were known pretty well in early Muskogee days. My Grandma -was an only child;her mother(my great-grandma) owned a big house in Muskogee in which she would rent out rooms sometimes. My Grandma was pretty interested in genealogy and I know she passed down a lot of research/papers to my dad and uncles. Unfortunately I'm drawing a blank on a lot of that -I know there were a few unsavory characters though ;)

On my maternal side -I'm a little fuzzy on my Grandpa and his family -(He died when my mom was pregnant with me-BTW) I do know that is where I get my Cherokee though. My Grandma however has told a lot of stories about growing up during the great depression and how her and her big family of brothers and sisters helped worked the family's farm in rural Oklahoma. I even remember going out that way to visit family -including my great grandmother before she passed away.

Beyond that -I'm not exactly sure where I get all of my "flavors".

How about you? be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday with the RHOK!