Friday, November 19, 2010

The Friday Five

You know there always seem to be some kind of late night war or another- and I personally like all the late night shows and their hosts just fine -although I rarely stay up to watch them. Do you watch any of them-have a favorite? Well, 1 of the people I love is Jimmy Fallon -he's been around awhile-of course since back in his SNL days -etc. So, here's 5 videos of Jimmy Fallon and why I love him:

1. 1 of the things from kinda back in the day that I love -His song Idiot Boyfriend:

2. Other people appreciate his awesomeness too- which is why he hosted the Emmy's this year and had fun sketches like this:

3. And of course some great skits from his late night show:

4. This is awesome!- History of rap with Justin Timberlake:

5. He also does some great impressions like Neil Young -there was 1 going around this week with Bruce Springsteen -Here's another 1 though -"Neil Young" does Pants on the ground:

Well, that's it for today -Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

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MommaAmma said...

I love Jimmy Fallon and feel like a sinner because I like Jimmy Kimmel too. I don't stay up to watch any shows but I watch the Soup from time to time so I get the gist of them.

Have a great weekend!