Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sicky- Poo

Last week I was ready (kinda) to get back into the grind after spring break. All started well my daughter went back to school and everything Monday. Then Tuesday when I went to wake her up for school she said she wasn't feeling well. I let her stay home- she did have a little fever and said her head;throat hurt. Also later in the day my son started getting sick too. Wednesday again they were sick -I made a Dr's appt to get them checked out since they still both had fevers and all. They got all checked out for strep and everything -but they didn't have that. Since my daughter's school was out Friday I was glad she was doing better to go back to school Thursday- and get a couple of days in for the week. At least I thought she was doing better- she was fine until Thursday night when she woke me up complaining about how her ear hurt. Friday my son also said how his ear hurt-They went back to the Dr. and yep sure enough -ear infections!

My son had it worse even though initially he complained less about his ear. My daughter is doing fine now. My son is still getting better-a lot of drainage and general yuckiness (snot,diarrhea,-etc.)-Yuck -I know -sorry!

Well, at least we finally got it all figured out and everything -after 2 Dr's visits and 4 expensive co-pays later-Ugh- Such as the life in the Mom Mayhem! Just hope everyone will fully recover soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who loves to color ?

When I was a little kid I loved to color. Now I love to color with my kids and put our art work up on the fridge :) And even though I'm all grown up (well-kinda;) -Guess What ?!...

That's right -I still love to color! How about you? Well, if you're like me and love to color but wish there were more advanced coloring pages other than all those little kid coloring books -Well, you're in luck ! -Now there's ... Yep -Color pages for mom! With over 250 advanced coloring pages for Free! I love the intricateness of the geometric and other patterns and of course the flowers and butterflies :) I'm sure you'll find some you like too. Not only are these great for moms but also older kids too! So be sure to check it out!

*In full disclosure these are my honest opinions -But, by me posting about this I can *possibly* win a prize pack.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Spring Break 2010

As mentioned before last week was Spring Break for us- We started out the week kinda lounging around and such. But, also did a little bit of running around we had to show off our St. Patrick's Day outfits of course :) Later on St. Pat's evening I went to a friend's potato party-Great Idea-Huh?
Thursday we went to the zoo -See:
Cute little chimpanzee-Eh?!

Friday we headed to visit my in laws. On the way we took a little detour down Rt. 66 in Arcadia and saw the round barn:

We also went to Pops -Friday being a nice warm day -It was packed! We had to wait about an hour to be seated and eat. While waiting I took some pics and the kids played outside:

Once we made it to the in-laws in Lawton we just kinda hung out. For those that are in Oklahoma you know that it went from a nice 70 degree Friday to a cold 30 degree Saturday-With snow! -Brrr! We watched a couple of movies -Planet 51 and my sis in law got New Moon so watched that as well. The kids of course played with their aunt and uncles and cousin for a bit. Sunday we got ready and headed back home-Luckily the roads were fairly clear by then. So, that was about it for our spring break -How about you?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving On...

So, I went to my Gma's funeral this past friday. Of course saw a lot of family-I had seen some for my cousin's wedding not too long ago. But, I did see my other cousin that I haven't seen in literally over 10 yrs. We spent some time together when she got into town Thurs. evening. My family,sis,and cousin all went out to dinner then. Friday morning we all went to the funeral -The service was nice the preacher threw in some nice personal touches. Then- at the end...they opened the casket... We all walked by -But,I guess it hit me pretty hard cause I could barely look at her without going into the ugly cry. We went to the cemetary-The 1st time I can remember being in a funeral procession-once we got there it was surprisingly short. Then there was a luncheon back at the church. And then a gathering at my Gma's house. -Lots of stuff there to go through. Lots of antiques -we all got to pick out a few small things. My dad and uncles will go through everything else-sell most things -and go from there...

Well, moving on -I'm glad this week is spring break. So, far we've kinda hung out,did a few errands,some spring cleaning-etc. We plan to take a trip to the zoo and other things-So, the kids don't get too "bored" -Until next time -Have a good Spring Break!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sad News...

So, Friday 1st of all I was still feeling kinda sick after I finished my Z-pack mostly my ear feels stopped up-etc. I once again went to the Dr. while my husband stayed home-I'm on my second round of diff. antibiotics now. I got home we (Hubby,Son,and I) ate lunch and soon after I got a call from my dad -My grandma died...
You might remember me mention about how on Thanksgiving evening I got a call about her falling and breaking her leg here. Since then she's been 1st in the hospital then in a nursing home. This was the 2nd time she was in a nursing home -I know she was hoping it would be temporary again. But,honestly I don't know if she would've made it back home this time I guess in a way it's better that it ended this way instead of having to make that decision. She was 92 so she lived a pretty long life-I guess it was kind of expected but, then kind of not-She seemed to be getting better-But...
At least we all got to see her for my cousin's wedding-I talked about that here. And in some way it seemed she was maybe holding out for the wedding since my grandma's friend's grandson is the one who married my cousin- Our families have been close friends for a long time and now we're related by marriage! My grandma's friend called me Friday after everyone got the news-Made me cry some more. The funeral is expected to be at the end of this week.
Even though it was somewhat expected it's still sad of course. There's many memories I have of her- I even lived with her my Senior year of High school(Since my dad had to move for a job and I wanted to finish my last year in the same town I lived in since 3rd grade) Needless to say it was interesting a teenaged girl living with her grandma-We butted heads a lot but, I think some was because we were a lot alike. I'll mention this kinda funny memory here since it would be kinda provocative for a memorial service- So, those that grew up in the 90's probably remember the phrase "Mean people suck" became popular then -I got a little poster to put up in my room with that phrase. My grandma -Had a fit about that-Saying she wouldn't allow it in her house! When I asked why ? She was taking it literally and saying some words I never expected to hear from my grandmother's mouth -Ill just say! It is kinda funny now.- That's just her though caring-(helping to take care of me) and also stubborn -say what's on her mind kind of person.
So, that's what all will be going on this week -It's kind of weird going through the week somewhat normal until the funeral and everything.
And sorry it seems I've been kinda a Debbie Downer lately maybe that's why not a lot of people read/comment my blog?

Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday back to the grind-I've been a bit out of it since I've been sick :( My son started to get a cold on his actual birthday luckily he got over it but, then I started feeling sick a few days later. I hate when you don't know for sure if it's a cold or something else. Since I had been feeling bad for over a week and all I finally went to the Dr. Friday. Turns out I had Bronchitis -again -Ugh! Apparently I must have the lungs of a smoker even though I don't smoke. I've had Bronchitis a few times over the past couple of years. It seems I've always had problems like that-I used to get pharyngitis or tonsilits all the time(still have my tonsils though) and sometimes I have asthma type problems-like excercise induced-So, I try to use an inhaler before I do things like Zumba I mentioned that I've been doing latley(didn't go last week since sick).
Anyways yeah my husband stayed home Friday so I could go to the Dr. and we could get other things done. My daughter went to a B-day party the past couple of weekends and I took her/picked her up even though I wasn't feeling that great-the 1 this past weekend was a sleep-over. Oh and she also needed to have a friend over here to finish a school project they were working on. Ugh- I tried to have them clean the house while I rested Sat. but, of course it was not that clean and organized so I had to help get that finished and then my daughter's friend came over yesterday. I know the house was cleaner but, just so much clutter -We really need to do a garage sale or something soon! Well,that's what's been going on here now it's monday again -Back to the grind...