Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday back to the grind-I've been a bit out of it since I've been sick :( My son started to get a cold on his actual birthday luckily he got over it but, then I started feeling sick a few days later. I hate when you don't know for sure if it's a cold or something else. Since I had been feeling bad for over a week and all I finally went to the Dr. Friday. Turns out I had Bronchitis -again -Ugh! Apparently I must have the lungs of a smoker even though I don't smoke. I've had Bronchitis a few times over the past couple of years. It seems I've always had problems like that-I used to get pharyngitis or tonsilits all the time(still have my tonsils though) and sometimes I have asthma type problems-like excercise induced-So, I try to use an inhaler before I do things like Zumba I mentioned that I've been doing latley(didn't go last week since sick).
Anyways yeah my husband stayed home Friday so I could go to the Dr. and we could get other things done. My daughter went to a B-day party the past couple of weekends and I took her/picked her up even though I wasn't feeling that great-the 1 this past weekend was a sleep-over. Oh and she also needed to have a friend over here to finish a school project they were working on. Ugh- I tried to have them clean the house while I rested Sat. but, of course it was not that clean and organized so I had to help get that finished and then my daughter's friend came over yesterday. I know the house was cleaner but, just so much clutter -We really need to do a garage sale or something soon! Well,that's what's been going on here now it's monday again -Back to the grind...

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