Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sicky- Poo

Last week I was ready (kinda) to get back into the grind after spring break. All started well my daughter went back to school and everything Monday. Then Tuesday when I went to wake her up for school she said she wasn't feeling well. I let her stay home- she did have a little fever and said her head;throat hurt. Also later in the day my son started getting sick too. Wednesday again they were sick -I made a Dr's appt to get them checked out since they still both had fevers and all. They got all checked out for strep and everything -but they didn't have that. Since my daughter's school was out Friday I was glad she was doing better to go back to school Thursday- and get a couple of days in for the week. At least I thought she was doing better- she was fine until Thursday night when she woke me up complaining about how her ear hurt. Friday my son also said how his ear hurt-They went back to the Dr. and yep sure enough -ear infections!

My son had it worse even though initially he complained less about his ear. My daughter is doing fine now. My son is still getting better-a lot of drainage and general yuckiness (snot,diarrhea,-etc.)-Yuck -I know -sorry!

Well, at least we finally got it all figured out and everything -after 2 Dr's visits and 4 expensive co-pays later-Ugh- Such as the life in the Mom Mayhem! Just hope everyone will fully recover soon!

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