Friday, April 30, 2010

CSN Giveaway!

I was really excited when I was contacted by CSN and they said I could do a review or a giveaway -I've never done either 1 actually but, I think my readers deserve a giveaway-Don't you?! -I thought you'd agree ;)

What's really cool is that CSN Stores have 250 sites with literally millions of different products! So, you could get something for your kid(s):

Or maybe something for your pet(s):

Or maybe something for your garden: Or whatever else your heart desires! - Mother's Day is coming up afterall -Right?! ;)

So, I know you want me to get on with the details - The winner will get a code for $40 to use at CSN Stores! And to be entered to win you'll need to:

1. Put in a comment on this post -Maybe what you might get if you win.
2. An extra entry if you follow my blog - Please add an additional comment for that :)
Also please include your email on your comment(s)-unless I can find it easily on your blog. This contest is open to U.S. or Canadian residents. You have until next Thursday -May 6,2010 11:59PM to enter - Good Luck!

(All pictures shown are from CSN Stores website -products $40 or under ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Upcoming CSN Giveaway

I'm excited not only will this be my first giveaway but, also this is just an exciting time of the year!
I don't know about you but, spring just seems like the perfect time to get things around the house in order -Cleaning,gardening,remodeling. What projects around the house would you like to get done? Maybe remodeling -like getting some new lighting, maybe organizing, or just cleaning in general ?

Well, I might be able to help you -No, I'm not offering to come clean your house ;) But, stay tuned for details about how you can win a code for $ from CSN Stores - Amount To Be Announced... Is the suspense killing you? ;)

Wordless Wednesday - The Zoo at home

Yep- my son decided to bring his stuffed animals out onto the loveseat the other day ;) Have a good wednesday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week- Planes,No Trains,and Automobiles

This week was a busy week! Besides our normal schedule here's a few things we did- As I mentioned in my last post I registered my baby boy for school in the fall. Luckily I made it for the "make-up day" since I missed the 1st chance -Bad mommy!-I know. But, luckily I was prepared since I got the packet before and got all the necessary paperwork ready to turn in-Thursday. Wednesday I took my little girl to a friend's house and they went and saw a movie with some other friends. I guess my kids are growing up-Still not sure how I feel about all of that- Kinda nervous/worried...
I'm not sure how my son will do at school-guess we'll find out soon enough.
And at first my daughter and her friends had this plan where they'd ride a different bus to the friend's house and go to the movies -I of course was like -I don't think so! I will take you over to your friend's house and make sure an adult there knows what all is going on- So I did -It all worked out fine -Whew!

Friday morning we were going through our normal morning routine/about to take my daughter to school-Until I noticed I had a flat tire-Ugh! (Here's where the automobile comes in ;) I called my hubby- he came and took my daughter to school then got the tire patched up. Good thing he got all that fixed cause Friday evening I went to a Mom's Night Out -Bowling -it was pretty fun!

Yesterday-Saturday -There was a lot of places/things I wanted to do. We went to the airshow -Thanks to some tickets I won from 918moms. (Here's where the planes come in :)
That took most of our day-man it was packed! We started our trek around 11:30am (A little later than planned) -We actually made it to the airshow about 1:30pm -Stayed awhile and left when we started feeling some sprinkles. Of course we had to make our way back to our vehicle which we parked about 2 miles away. We are still pretty pooped today since we walked a good 5+ miles. But,it was pretty cool to see all the planes and everything:

So, that was part of our week -How about you? Until next time-Have a good rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 posts, 1 yr. Blogoversary, and Earth Day!

Hello everyone! Guess what?!

This is my 100th blog post and my 1 yr blogoversary!! It all started 1 yr. ago today where of course I made a post about Earth day -see HERE.
For the longest time -I had heard about blogging but, I was like yeah right -Put my personal info -Just out there -On the internet?! But, I soon learned it's not just about that. Sure it can be a cathartic journal of sorts albeit on a very open forum. But, also for me I also wanted to share other information -to communicate and connect to other people...
Since becoming more active on the 'net during this new age of social networking -I got more and more into parenting websites and the like. Sure, I contributed to a few here and there trying to climb that ladder if you will. But, eventually I started this- my own -"Mommy Blog". As you can probably tell from that very first post I've always wanted to share information to help families-Whether it'd be a useful tip or just sharing something someone can relate to.
And I am glad that I did eventually get a "job" on -Now that is where I post most of my "professional" information; tips. For example my latest article about events to Celebrate Earth Day. I was also planning an article about recycled toys -similar to my very first blog post. But, alas busy-ness and procrastination has kind of taken over that for now -Oy.

I guess I'm kinda blabbing on- But, this blog is now more a place for my personal stories mostly of The Mom Mayhem variety ;)
And I appreciate all those that read it! And comments are of course great too ;)
I don't always know the direction things will take -Blog wise, or life in general. Today in fact I'll be out making sure my son gets enrolled for school and we'll have to see how that chapter goes... Anyways,
A BIG THANK YOU to all of you- for your support! And have a Happy Earth Day!!!

Wordless Wednesday

This is what I found under the sink in the kid's/guest bathroom. My daughter she takes a long time in the bathroom -to shower-etc. I had a hunch she might be playing with dolls since sometimes I find doll hair in the trash or around the sink that she's cut. But, yeah... ?!?
Oh and -Shh! Don't tell her I showed this to you -She's kinda at that age -where she's a closeted doll player -even if that closet is the cabinet under the bathroom sink ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 19, 1995 -Where I was;MckLinky Monday

Today on the Real Housewives of Oklahoma's MckLinky Monday they ask - April 19, 1995 -Where were you? I think to most Oklahomans that date will forever stand out in our minds. For those that might not know/remember April 19,1995 was the date of the Oklahoma City Bombing:

And where was I ?...
Well, I was still fairly young - I was in fact sitting in Driver's Ed class at my high school (In Muskogee if you remember from my previous post.) So, like a lot of my peers we were just in class going about our day as usual- until... For me I remember the teacher turned on the TV and we saw some of the first news coverage. I don't remember if we were about to watch some driving video or if the teacher heard about what was going on and turned it on. But, there we all were watching about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Of course like everyone else we heard more and more details as the days went by. And as the years went by- especially as Oklahomans it is always a day of remembrance for those lives and families affected by something so tragic. And even though it's so close to home fortunately I am not 1 of those personally affected. I have heard acquaintance's accounts of what happened that day and I'm sure there's many other people I know that have been personally affected and I might not even know it.
I visited the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial a few years ago and as the 15th anniversary of this tragedy passes today I hope everyone will think of not just those that lost their lives but, also the survivors -Just like the Survivor Tree:

And as the inscription around the Survivor Tree deck reads:
"The spirit of this city and this nation will not be defeated; our deeply rooted faith sustains us"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mom Mayhem of Meltdowns

The other day -Monday actually - (I suppose this could be The Mom Mayhem of Monday's Meltdowns ;)
Anyways so, Monday it started with breakfast we had 3 muffins left from the weekend I figured -Hey, that just works out- 1 for my son and 2 for my daughter. Apparently this did NOT work for my daughter -She seriously threw a fit that she didn't get ALL the muffins -?!? Yeah I don't get it either. I tried to explain about sharing -as if by 11yrs. old she shouldn't know that already. And how in the end she would get more muffins because she usually eats more in a sitting than my son-yada,yada,yada. I still don't really get why she got SO upset -I think it's partly to do with some freaky tween hormones -Cause - Really?! CRYING over having to share muffins?!
Anyways after that got all settled down -I went to shower and I took her to school and everything.
Later in the day...
My son got a wild hair to watch Dora - I looked Dora was not on. Diego was though and hey, they are cousins -So, that should work -Right? Umm no not in his 4yr. old little brain! We don't have any Dora DVD's or anything -I tried to see about some DVD's we do have but, to no avail. I think I even mentioned maybe I could find something on the computer but, by that time he was in full fit mode! He proceeded to knock the DVD's off the shelf (It seems I can never keep those organized!) He went to a time out and he finally calmed down. And then of course when Dora was on later -He could care less -Go figure!
But, Geesh -Seriously with the Meltdowns! Oh, the Mom Mayhem.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where I come from -MckLinky Monday

On The Real Housewives of Oklahoma blog today they ask -Where do you come from ?
Well, I'm an Okie for sure -Lived in Oklahoma all my life! I've lived a few different places in OK though...
To start I was born where I live now -In Tulsa. My parents,little sis, and I even lived in the famous Lortondale neighborhood. I don't remember much about that time -I know that I went to Miss Helen's private school for a little bit and Hoover elementary. Then when I was in 1st grade my parents got divorced -my sis and I moved between my mom and dad for awhile. Once everything was finalized my dad got primary custody of us though. Eventually we moved to his hometown -Muskogee. This is where I lived for most of my formative years and graduated high school and everything - So,definitely an Okie from Muskogee!
I was just there this past weekend helping to go through my grandma's stuff,taking pictures to catalog it and everything. Luckily I didn't try to go to the mall -So tragic and scary there was a shooting Saturday at Arrowhead Mall and during the Azalea festival! The mall I remember going to so many times growing up-I even won a shopping spree from there once!
So much family history in Muskogee -This weekend I also got a picture of a Mural that shows my Grandpa (He's supposed to be the guy in the middle -on the bike)

But, then again there's Tulsa too... We would go visit my mom -You know how it goes-switching holidays and weekends and everything. My other grandma lives here in Tulsa and we'd visit her too of course. We'd go around Tulsa and see the "big city" - And being that Tulsa isn't too far from Muskogee sometimes there'd even be a school field trip to Bell's or other places around Tulsa...
And, so it goes- the 2 parts of my formative years -Where I come from. And not too mention a few other places I've lived -Like Lawton where I met my husband and where my in-law's live -But, that's a whole other story :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Friday Five

For today's Friday Five -I'm going to show 5 pictures taken by my son. As I've mentioned before that he likes to grab the camera and shoot a bunch of pics -So these are all taken by my son -See:
1. I guess he already knows the trick about taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror ;)

2. Awhile back the kids put all kinds of blankets on the living room floor for some kind of imprumptu PJ party and here's what my son did:

4. 5
I like his pictures of his feet on the different blankets! And the last blanket even kinda matches his outfit :)
Well,that's it for today -Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting LOST

Who all out there is watching Lost ? -Only a few more episodes left!
Think you got it figured out yet? Got some theories? I'd love to hear what you think!

Although I'm no expert on Lost. I have some theories like how there are common themes:
Destiny vs. Coincidence;Six degrees of Separation;Good vs. Evil; Alternate worlds-etc.

On alternate worlds I know there's a few episodes referencing Alice in Wonderland -Like something about following the white rabbit and Through the looking glass-etc. Further on alternate worlds-Time traveling and not too mention the flashes "sideways" themselves (When they show their world on the island and the alternate world as if the plane landed as normal.)

I also find it fascinating the six degrees of separation -everyone is connected somehow even if they don't know it (I pretty much find 6 degrees of separation a fascinating subject in general)

Then of course Good vs. Evil - I suspect much speculation has been made over Jacob vs. "The man in black". It would seem that Jacob wearing white might possibly be "pure" or "good" and the man in black "evil". Also there was a scene with a scale -one side holding a black rock and one side with a white rock-making it balanced -The man in black came and threw the white rock into the ocean. Again seemingly symbolizing black or evil taking over?-Possibly. There's been talk about one of them possibly being the devil even.

This brings it to the overall theme of destiny as well -What is the island all about? Are they destined to be there and "act like a cork" as Jacob suggested? Are they in hell as Richard mentioned before? Are they even alive? Maybe they are in some kind of Purgatory? And what does the whole Dharma Initiative got to do with any of it anyways?

As you can see -I am still quite confused. And there's probably other things worth mentioning that I don't remember -Not too mention could probably dissect every little detail for days =D So,What do you think ?!

Ready to watch Lost now huh?! I know the episode coming up tonight is going to have Desmond coming back to the island...

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Five

I haven't done a Friday Five in awhile -You know when I post 5 things about any random subject. Well, here goes -so even though it's rainy and all today spring has sprung! The past few days have been really nice weather- things blossoming all over and of course it's Easter weekend -a sure sign of spring! So here's 5 pictures I've taken within the past few days:
1. A pretty flower from a tree in my backyard - I like the grey background from the fence:

2. The same tree just looking up into the sky:

3. Again the same tree but, with a bee going to gather pollen from it:

4. Moving on from the tree-I also have a nice Forsythia bush that's blooming:

5. And since it's almost Easter here's some of our decorations -these are on our back sliding glass door- I can see the Forsythia bush looking out there-See:Well, that's it for today's Friday Five. I have to make sure I get everything ready for Easter -we're having the big Easter feast over here. And of course we have to get our Easter eggs all dyed and everything. Until next time -Have a nice Easter weekend!