Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mom Mayhem of Meltdowns

The other day -Monday actually - (I suppose this could be The Mom Mayhem of Monday's Meltdowns ;)
Anyways so, Monday it started with breakfast we had 3 muffins left from the weekend I figured -Hey, that just works out- 1 for my son and 2 for my daughter. Apparently this did NOT work for my daughter -She seriously threw a fit that she didn't get ALL the muffins -?!? Yeah I don't get it either. I tried to explain about sharing -as if by 11yrs. old she shouldn't know that already. And how in the end she would get more muffins because she usually eats more in a sitting than my son-yada,yada,yada. I still don't really get why she got SO upset -I think it's partly to do with some freaky tween hormones -Cause - Really?! CRYING over having to share muffins?!
Anyways after that got all settled down -I went to shower and I took her to school and everything.
Later in the day...
My son got a wild hair to watch Dora - I looked Dora was not on. Diego was though and hey, they are cousins -So, that should work -Right? Umm no not in his 4yr. old little brain! We don't have any Dora DVD's or anything -I tried to see about some DVD's we do have but, to no avail. I think I even mentioned maybe I could find something on the computer but, by that time he was in full fit mode! He proceeded to knock the DVD's off the shelf (It seems I can never keep those organized!) He went to a time out and he finally calmed down. And then of course when Dora was on later -He could care less -Go figure!
But, Geesh -Seriously with the Meltdowns! Oh, the Mom Mayhem.


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Meltdowns are the worst, and why are they always so irrational?

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

Dawn said...

We seriously could live in the same household!
I have a 3 yr. old and a 12 yr. old. You'd think with that much age btwn them there would be no fighting. Yeah, right!

I'm happy if we can keep meltdowns to only one a day. By everybody. Ha!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Hi Dawn-Yes our kids are close in age -Seems we do have similiar households!

Keeping meltdowns to a minimum is nice -and I think the irrationalism (if that's a word) is what really gets me!