Thursday, October 3, 2013

Steps and Changes

Step forward, Step back, Watch your step, What is the next step?
Change your mind, Change of heart, Change for a Change, Change directions?
Been doing a lot of reflecting lately -lots on my mind- and I've thought about writing about things a million times -some possible titles would be -Twists and Turns of life, A mid-life crisis?, Just going crazy ? -Lol -Anyways the thing is we all probably have times where it seems we don't know if we're taking steps forward or backward. And change -something that will always happen -For me I've always been the type of person who doesn't really like change -probably part of being more introverted I can accept change more if I'm prepared ahead of time-but, life doesn't always work that way. I think most people like to be prepared though- especially for big life changes -take for instance if you're expecting a baby -there's a difference if you were planning on that or not -but, no matter what at least you have a few months to prepare and it helps when you have people you can rely on -I've had different experiences on that when I was a single mom and when my husband and I had baby -and before people start thinking I'm having another baby -I'm not! In fact there's not really a big life change going on here -I guess all this rambling is just that I've experienced when people you thought were there for you -aren't- and it's a painful almost grieving type of experience. And it's not anything to do with my husband either -Although I am glad my husband is here to help me.
There's that and just the question that's always in the background -Where am I going- In a professional/career type of way? -Should I go back to work? If so what kind of work? I've been keeping any eye out on possible "internet writing gigs" for years but, have noticed a change in that scene -not, sure if it's as wide spread as it seems -I just know where it started for me -ParentsConnect is closing down, not that I've been on there recently but, it's gone the way of other sites -Some local people may remember Ttownmoms and 918 Moms (that was taken over by Money Saving Queen-which is no longer ran by the person that started it) so, there's a lot of changes with those. Anyways not to get too rambly the same Mom Mayhem stuff had been going on -taking care of the kids, pets, home, Getting the kids to school -PTA stuff, writing on Examiner, -etc. things are the same and yet different - What is the next step?..