Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy (early) 4th of July! Also be sure to check out my latest Examiner article -4th of July fun around Tulsa


I know I haven't been around the blogosphere much lately -I apologize. But,there are reasons that I've been a little preoccupied and feeling a little -Ugh ...

It all started last Thursday morning when I noticed the air-conditioner wasn't working well. I called my husband who called our warranty people while we went to the park-etc. When we got back home it was up into the 80's in the house -I got the fans out and talked to my husband again -he said the soonest they could get someone out is Monday -5days! Later when my husband got off work him and a coworker looked at a few things with the air-conditioner -they put in a new filter -etc. We even left the air-conditioner off overnight to see if the in-line pipe needed to defrost -Still no luck.
Friday I was planning to get things ready for a garage sale anyways so, that's primarily what we did. I guess the ironic part is we have a window unit in the garage so, it was cooler in there while we were getting things organized.
Saturday we had the garage sale -we did pretty well -I figured most of it would go to the deductible/co-pay for the air-conditioner repair now though.
Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to see Toy Story 3 since we did have a free ticket from buying Toy Story 2 and it would be somewhere cool to go. But,before we went my sister called with computer problems. We all went over there to be in her air-conditioning while my husband fixed her computer. It took longer than expected -a few hours. We had to rush to see the 3:45 showing of the movie -It was a pretty good movie though. Then we picked up some food to eat and made our way back home.
Monday -Finally the repairman came around 11:30am. He had to go get the part -etc. and would be back -It was also then that we argued with our warranty people. They were saying since we had the access panel -etc. off they weren't going to cover it- What?! The tech. said the problem was the motor and we assured him and our warranty people we did not touch the motor! They were trying to say we messed it up somehow- When we didn't! Obviously we wouldn't mess with a working air-conditioner in the middle of summer in Oklahoma! We only tried a few simple trouble-shooting things after we called them and after they said it would be 5 days before they could get someone out! So, instead of it costing less than $100 it costs over $350! I am so mad at American Home Shield right now! -I already talked to a supervisor,put in a complaint via consumer complaint website, and sent them a letter. I have also since learned they have a history of denying claims they should cover -there was even a class action suit against them because of that! If you have American Home Shield -Be Warned!!
So, I've been dealing with all that...
Today I was getting out of the funk -I got up - Checked a few things on the computer and was thinking I might do something different for breakfast -Maybe blend a smoothie or cook some eggs and ham - Until ... Everything flickered a couple times and then the power went out -The 1st thought I had was - Great -we do need to pay them. I had to search for flashlights -etc. Finally found them and found an electric bill -We do need to pay them but,it's due today -not late yet so, it shouldn't be turned off. (Since the air-conditioner repair took all our $ -We'll have to pay it Friday) so, I called the outage in. The kids had cereal -I thought well, I'll have my usual bagel -but, Ugh -I can't even toast it- So, I had an untoasted bagel. Then it's like Hmmm -Can't get on the computer/internet,don't have the cool air-conditioning we just got fixed,can't even have fans going -So many things you can't do when the electric isn't working -Urgh! Then a little bit later the power came on- I guess it was only out for about an hour -But, it was a horrible way to start the day - Just Ugh!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

One of these things is not like the other -Can you tell which one?Yeah we made some banana pops yesterday -One of our favorite summer snack/treats to make! And yes my family thinks I'm crazy -taking pictures of everything ;) Here's what they look like all done with chocolate on them- And get your mind out the gutter -I know it might look like other things =P

Oh and as far as what is not like the others -My kids added a fake banana -See:Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Mommy and Daddy switched places

On today's MckLinky Monday with the RHOK they want to know -What would it be like if mommy and daddy switched places?I've always found this a fascinating subject -delving into the differences between women and men -and more specifically Moms and Dads in this case.
I can tell you 1 thing that even though I'm a Stay at home mom -I certainly do not take on ALL the domestic duties ala 50's homemaker style. When my husband gets home he doesn't find me in an apron finishing up a gourmet meal for dinner with 1 hand and his slippers waiting for him in the other hand. Nope, not my style for sure! It's mostly the "team" approach to household duties around here. Anyways back to the question ...

Well, of course the summer and school schedules are different. But, if I had to switch places the summer schedule wouldn't mean much -still have to get up at 5:30am to get ready for work -except for the weekends. While if my husband was lucky he might get to sleep in till 6:30 or even luckier till about 7:30am. My husband has always been more the early riser -if I were like him I'd be getting to work early sometimes even a good 30 minutes or so early -Just about the time the spouse at home is getting up. If I was in his place I'd be starting my work day while he'd be inevitably be getting woke up by our son to start the day at home. My work day would be full of emails,meetings,and computer problems to fix. His day would be full of getting meals/snacks together,cleaning up messes, and providing entertainment for the kids -hopefully something educational along the way. My lunch break would include whatever catered meal they have at work that day -while chatting with my co-workers. His meal would probably be scarfing down leftovers or PB&J sandwiches with the kids. Unless they were out and about maybe for a Dr's appt or something then they might get treated to a meal out to eat. After lunch it's back to work for the both of us. Also hopefully some time to chat with people. At work I could actually talk to other people in the room I mean actual real grown-ups! While my husband might chat with someone via FB,email, or maybe do some blogging. Finally closing in on the end of the work day I come home. My husband is happy to see me after his day dealing with the kids. Hopefully we get a little down time-Before we figure out the dinner situation-etc. I might have to go mow the yard while he figures out dinner -he'd probably pick Taco Bueno again (He's such a Bueno head!) No matter how I wouldn't mind a hearty dinner salad. After dinner I'd do the dishes and again we'd hopefully have some more down time. Later -I'd probably give my husband a break and take over some of the "night time" duties like give our son a bath-etc. Then we'd tuck the kids into bed. Then Ahww- finally some time off from the kids! If I was like my husband I'd be playing WOW and if he was like me he'd watch some TV or write a rough draft of an Examiner article or play on Facebook (or do all 3) until it was time to go to bed. I'd probably go to bed a little earlier than my husband since I do have to get up at 5:30 and start the day all over again tomorrow!

A day in the life would go something like that -if we switched places around here :) BTW awhile back I did read some articles about a couple that did switch places called Freaky Fortnight -Interesting indeed!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Around the house

We've been in this house for awhile and I don't know about you but, I'm not 1 of those people that buys a house to completely remodel it -Who has money for that anyways?
But, especially after awhile there's a few things I'd like to do. Take for instance the kid's/guest bathroom I did recently change things -to a different "theme" it used to be all about the sea -a shower curtain w/fish, a sea/fish toothbrush holder, a sea/fish handtowel,-etc. Now it's polka dots!-with similiar colors blue,white and green to kinda go with some of the stuff we already have. Another thing is that it's a small bathroom -it's arranged a lot different than our other bathroom. In fact we don't have a regular TP roll holder -some because of the way it's arranged there isn't a place to put 1. I don't know if we should redo things and get a new vanity -maybe someday. For now we just have a cylinder type TP roll holder -which by the way brings up another thing-has anyone noticed that most of the TP you find in the stores now is all double roll or even triple roll?! Which do not fit into our cylinder TP holder-Urgh! The other day I felt like I was on some crazy Seinfeld episode on a quest to find regular TP rolls -LOL! Well, anyways -I'm sure there are other things I'd like to change but, I guess I went on a little bathroom rant and don't know what all else to say for now - Except hope everyone has a Good Weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Birthday Party

This past weekend was my daughter's birthday/party. She turned 12 -Oh my goodness so close to a teenager!
The past few years we've had her party here at home because you know it's fairly cheap and it's kinda fun coming up with different themes(Pirate/Treasure Hunt party,Hannah Montana/Rock Star party,Hawaiian Luau party,Garden Party) But,lately me and her both felt a little burnt out with all that and so finally this year I decided to do something different. I've had my eye on All-Star Sports Complex here in Tulsa for a party. It was a pretty good deal -$8 per person for pizza/drink,and mini golf or batting cages- we of course went with mini golf. They also had a little arcade area too. We started in the little party room to eat and open presents and then went out to play mini golf -I'm glad it all turned out pretty well. Even if my husband's company picnic was the same weekend so,we missed out on that -But, at least they have more company events now-so,hopefully next time. Well, that's it for now Happy WW!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Deals and more

As you know Father's Day is coming up Sunday...
And there's quite a few deals to be had-Be sure to check out my list for some around Tulsa on my latest Examiner article - Deals for Dads

Also if your dad/husband/partner likes ties you should check out this site/blog called Tiepedia. There's some really cool tie cake ideas for Father's Day too!

I only wish I was talented enough to make something like that - We'll probably just go out for lunch with my dad,husband/family. What all will you do for Father's Day?

Monday, June 14, 2010

MckLinky Monday -How did you meet your spouse?

On today's MckLinky Monday with the ladies of the RHOK -They ask "How did you meet your spouse?"

Well, kinda where I left off on my high school MckLinky - After high school I got my own place and soon got knocked up. I stayed in my place for awhile but,it wasn't working out. Eventually I knew that I couldn't do it all by myself. I moved back in with my dad -but, he had moved about 300 miles away-as I mentioned before. He came to help get all my stuff and we made the trek to Lawton. I pretty much just kinda hung out around the house with my dad and sister. And of course once I had my baby (my daughter) I was busy taking care of her. A few months later I was ready to head out into the world again. With state funding I was able to get daycare and also go to school. I went to the vo-tech there and was on the "path" to be a radiologist. I was in Medical Terminology class -I did enjoy it and did pretty well in the class. It seems me and the only guy in class had a bit of contest -since we were usually the top 2 in the class. As I got to know this guy he was of course smart,and funny,and pretty cute too. And soon enough he asked me out on a date. So, we went on our 1st date -dinner and a movie. We ate at Garfield's and saw the movie What Dreams May Come:

I must have a pretty bad memory because I don't remember a lot about the movie or anything -I do know at the end of our date we kissed. And from there as they say the rest is history -we started hanging out a lot -he met my baby daughter and wasn't scared off by the whole situation. And soon enough we were married. I may not have completed all the classes to become a radiologist -but instead met my husband :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Pet Rocks

The other day when my kids were playing outside they decided to get "pet rocks." My daughter's are on the left name Max and Ruby. And my son's are on the right -I don't remember all their "names" -I know there's a Diego and a Sylvester in there -And I wouldn't know which is which. But, there you have it -their Pet Rocks. I'm thinking they might've gotten the idea from this guy: We recently saw this guy at the Renaissance Festival dragging his "pet rock" along on a string =D

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Who were you in high school ?

For today's MckLinky Monday the ladies at RHOK ask -Who were you in high school? Well, that is a very hard question to answer!
Nostalgic of the movie Clueless you could almost see the different groups around high school. I found that I never did fit into 1 particular group - I was never the athletic/cheerleader type, never "cool" or rich enough to be a prep, I sure wasn't the wild/par-tay type,didn't exactly fit in with the goths,and not a SK8R type either - I was just me.
Jr. High was a horrible awkward phase I guess I was kinda nerdy-I didn't have a lot of friends. But, by highschool I was growing out of my awkward phase I even made some friends that had went to the other Jr. High in town- so I didn't know them before. I met a certain girl in which we became fast friends -We both lived with our dads and we're both petite (I remember how we could at 1 time swap our size 1-2 clothes- she could probably still fit them now even after 2 kids -me,not so much ;) Anyways so, I met my new friend and even though I was a newcomer to her group- I eventually became part of their clique. Like Miss Priss I mostly remember about my group of friends -unlike Miss Priss I was and still am 1 of the shortest gals around ;)
So, yep high school I remember my friends,boys,school, and entering the working world. And it was mostly good times. And going back to the original question -Who was I in high school? Well, like I say I didn't fit into any particular group -Although I did have acquaintances in all different kinds. I mostly hung out with my little group though. Sometimes we'd go to the skating rink or cruising around or just hang out. I was pretty much a "good girl" going to church with my friends. Though being in a group there were the more "wild" ones and I did go to the occasional party too. So many different stories -so many changes in those years. 1 of the main things that changed was that in the summer after my junior year my dad had to move for a job -over 300 miles away! I moved that summer too -my boyfriend at the time did come to visit. But, I couldn't bear going to a different school for my Senior year! After I finally had friends, a boyfriend and I would be graduating and everything! After much arguing about how I could live with my friend -my dad finally agreed not that I could live with my friend but, with my grandma. So, I lived with her my senior year as I probably mentioned before -it was quite the transition. I was glad to be back with my friends and my boyfriend even if we did eventually break up. That year I started working too -My 1st job I got thanks to my friends at least 2 or 3 of them had previously worked at that little Tastee Foods place and 1 of them still worked there when I did. I got rides with her some-but,also took a cab a lot too -which took most of my $- I eventually decided it wasn't worth it. After I got a car and everything I got my 2nd job at Sirloin Stockade. Like I say a lot of changes -especially after I graduated. I can't find a lot of pictures but here's one of some of my friends:
3 out these 5 people got pregnant soon after high school -Including me. I know quite the shock for a lot of people that the "good girl" got pregnant. Another story for another time I suppose. But, I'm glad I had my friends to bond over having babies and "baby daddy" issues. And I'm glad that over 10 years later most of us are still friends. Even if we don't talk much now -when we do we bond over kids,and marriages,and just life in general. Yep highschool was ok for me -How about you?

Summer Fun

Even though it's kinda rainy today -I just wanted to put out a quick note to say that I have my Examiner article up for Summer Fun on the Cheap! And of course as always keep an eye out for more upcoming articles. But, if you could check it out and even share if you want -Thanks : )

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A roller-coaster

It's been a bit of a roller-coaster around here lately. Ups and downs -some tense moments- even prompting a family talk-Too much to go into here. One thing I'll say I know I'm not a Supermom -I'd be the 1st to admit that if there was a contest for being a Supermom with a high-paying career and a super clean/organized home and gourmet meals 3 times a day -I'd lose -But, just because I'd lose -doesn't mean I fail -Right?! I know that I do contribute and I am not worthless! I like most people do what I can. Like a quote something like -"Trying to keep a clean house with little ones running around is like shoveling snow in a snowstorm." That is what it feels like a lot of times. Especially with my son and his issues -I pick my battles -I don't constantly make him pick up his toys -they're his toys -I'd rather him mess up his toys than other things. Even if it might look like this, or this, or this most of the time. That's not to say there can't be improvement on mine and other family members parts -Which is what we discussed.

Luckily, we had some time to calm down before going to take my daughter to her Dr's appt. for her Hashimoto's . After the endocrinologist checked her out ; she got lab work done -to see if the medicine is working(I got a call yesterday -her levels are still abnormal and we'll try increasing her dosage and get checked out again in a few weeks)
After the appt. I planned to have an outing anyways-We went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner-I love that place! I let my son play -he's not the most social person -But, there was 1 boy that he actually started to play with! They introduced themselves and my son actually asked if he wanted to be best friends-It was so cute! Then the other boy burped and they thought that was hysterical- leave it to boys to bond over burping ;) Unfortunately that little boy did say a few "bad" words -Not directed at my son-But, he said things like -"Stupid poopy head" and I think I heard him say -"Damn" I tried to discourage it by saying that's not nice and luckily my son followed my lead on that. Then after a few minutes his mom came in and he had to leave - I guess It was nice while it lasted . Reminded me of this video I saw -Except for in my son's case it might go like -Chick-Fil-A -Where I met my best friend today. We only got to play for a few minutes -before he had to go away -Oh Chick-Fil-A-Aaaa.

I guess I'll end this roller-coaster rambling with the video I'm referring to -It's hilarious!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -The Sculpture

The other day my son decided to make this -"Sculpture" as he called it. I guess that's what happens if you watch too much ICarly ;) And yeah that's our cat checking out the sculpture too :)