Thursday, January 28, 2010


Do you know what Hashimoto's is ? I know it could sound like some Japanese restaurant or something-Huh? But, I'm talking about Hashimoto's Thyrioditis -or Hypothyriodism. We have found out my daughter has this.
Awhile ago she went to the Dr. and ending up having the H1N1-I talked about that here. As the Dr. was checking her out he noticed some swelling in her neck-A goiter. I never really noticed it too much before and after she was well enough to get a blood test we got that done at the Dr's request. Once we got the results back it was found that her TSH levels were high and she was referred to a pediatric endocrinologist. Which actually wasn't new for us -we've been there for my son. And if anyone has been referred to an endocrinologist or other type specialist you probably know that it can take months to get an appt. So,that's how it went we waited to hear back about an appt.-the endocrinologist actually called 1st for a follow-up appt. for my son-I tried to see about getting my daughter's appt. but, I guess they didn't have her paperwork yet. Once I finally heard back about my daughter I got it worked out for both of the kids to be seen the same day/time-Which was just this week! My son checked out fine and the Dr. said she doesn't have to see him anymore-But, now she'll have to see my daughter for an on-going basis. She did another blood test to be sure and I just heard back yesterday it's confirmed Hashimoto's Thyrioditis- She will have to take a pill everyday -probaably for the rest of her life. The Dr. says she should be fine as long as she takes her med's-Everyday. So,that's that-Luckily it seems we caught it pretty early-there hasn't been a lot of other symptoms so,I'm glad the Dr. noticed it. Now hoping the med's work out fine and everything. I of course did a lot of googling about it yesterday-If you want more info here's one of things I read about it.

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