Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five -Internet Memes

It's always amazing when things go -"Viral" on the internet and a lot of times become their own memes. Actually meme to me is meme -I never really heard of meme before recently -I don't know maybe it's just me? In fact I am pretty sure that I was misprouncing it -(if even in my own head) I thought you'd say it like- mey-mey but, apparently you say it like meem -Again who knew? Anyways I'm sure we all have our own fav. viral memes -Here's my top 5 for today's Friday Five:

1. Pants on the Ground -This is originally what got me thinking about all of this. I did actually watch the episode of American Idol of which it originated and liked the catchy tune -Then BOOM! The next day it went viral- diff. Facebook's groups,all kinds of people even celebs putting their own twist on it -YouTube videos ;Remixes-etc. So,just in case you missed it-Here's the original:

2. Kittens!-Inspired by Kittens. If you haven't seen this -OMG it is one of the cutest/funniest things-Ever! And like all memes there are various versions on YouTube-etc.-Like a kitten watching Kittens inspired by Kittens-Ha! But here's the original:

3. Ima Let You Finish - You probably remember that whole thing at the 2009 MTV awards when Taylor Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video and Kanye West interrupted her -Of course he did say those now infamous words -"Ima Let you Finish" Everyone seem to agree that whole fiasco was not cool! But, the subsequent meme is pretty funny -Check out all kinds of funny pics -At the website dedicated to -Ima Let you Finish.

4. The Dramatic Chipmunk -This is one of my 1st and fav. memes of all time! Even though I don't think it's a chipmunk -Maybe some kind of gopher or prairie dog?? And even though it's short- It's true it's got to be the best 5sec. clip on the 'net -It cracks me up! Here's the original:

5. Charlie the Unicorn -There's different videos but, I'd say for me the 2nd one is my fav. especially between minute 2-3- Choo Choo -Shoe -Cracks me up! So, here's Charlie the Unicorn #2:

So,there's today's Friday Five - Do you like these memes? Whats your favorite viral video;internet meme?
Happy Weekend-Everyone!


Tasha said...

Okay, that unicorn video is...strange.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yeah Tasha the unicorn 1 is a bit strange -It's kinda an acquired taste -I knew it grew on me though ;)

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Hi, popped in from Jill of all Trades to meet another Okie blogger. Your site is nice and love these clips. Pants on the Ground was so funny on the night, now I've seen it so much it's wearing off just a smidgeon!