Friday, January 22, 2010

The Friday Five- A confession...

So, I have a confession even though I'm a Stay at home mom I'm not a complete domestic goddess -I know shocked -Right?! One of my weaknesses is cooking-Sometimes I get too much into my head and analyze why I am not 1 of those people who lurve cooking. I think some might be growing up with my dad-even though he's a good cook he didn't exactly teach us a lot and we did eat fast food occassionally. And speaking of fast food being a young mom trying to find my way in the "real" world I did rely on fast food a lot even after I was married we got fast food quite a bit. And when the hubs and I had more $ we love to eat out at restaurants. But, don't think that I don't ever cook! I'm just a simple gal I don't want recipes that call for some fancy ingredient that I can only find on a full moon in Brazil- if you know what I mean. In fact I would venture to say that most of us moms kinda like cooking given the time and resources-It 's just most of the time we want something fast,easy,and good -Am I right-Or what?! So,that brings me to today's Friday Five - 5 easy recipes that I lurve. 1st I love Kraft Kitchens website especially their budget wise and their 1 bag 5 dinners -So, I'll start with that...

Polynesian Glazed Meatballs - It's yummy! Did I mention easy too!


Meatball Subs -I used to love getting meatball subs from Subway-Now,I can make my own! And see how easy that is -You basically get a 2lb.package of frozen cooked meatballs and you get 2 meals out of it-Love it! (I made both of these this week :) I also love that Kraft has serving suggestions like serving fruit to round out this meal -Usually I set out a big bowl of grapes that we all share.

3. Another easy way to cook is the crock-pot right? And soups this time of year are so yummy-So,

Zesty Minestrone -Again from Kraft Kitchen Foods.

4. Another good soup -Chicken Tortilla Soup - I kinda do a mix of a couple diff. recipes. One of the best/easiest things I do is get 1 of those pre-roasted chickens from the store and use that-Add the chicken towards the end -Since it's already cooked.-Mmmm!


Beef Broccoli Lo Mein - Again I kinda do my own mix of diff. recipes. but I do take another shortcut and use already package stir fry strips.

So,there you have it -Today's Friday 5 and now I think I'm ready for lunch =D Have a good weekend everybody!

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