Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My worst parenting week(s)....

I've thought about writing about this before-I often think about the time when my son was a newborn 4 years ago now- And what all that happened then. Recently I was thinking about it because well I usually think about it around my son's birthday but, also because the women at LTDchix wanted people to share their stories about breastfeeding problems. I shared some about that and I don't know if they'll retell my story on their radio show tomorrow hopefully I'll catch it and see. But, that is just part of what happened-What all did happen? There's a few bad things and I'm not even sure I remember the order in how it happened. But, here goes...

1st of all before my son was due to be born we found out that 1 of our cats -Sunny was ill. They did a blood test and everything and concluded that his kidney was failing. A few days after my son was born our cat Sunny was getting really bad he would just fumble when he tried to get up and walk and he started coughing up blood. Since I was home with the new baby my husband took Sunny in to be put down I also mentioned that here. Although it was sad it did remind me of the whole circle of life -When 1 passes away another is born...
In the meantime I was having difficulties breastfeeding. Once we took my son in for his 1st pediatrician's visit the Dr. was concerned about how much weight he lost. We went to using a bottle -(pumping wasn't very easy)so we started using formula. Only a few days later I noticed some blood in his stool. I called the Dr. and they said it could be from him pushing-etc. But, it continued and got worse so we went in -The Dr. couldn't figure out anything wrong. They even had me collect his stool and bring it back in (keeping it in our fridge in the meantime!) as I mentioned before here. It was only a passing statement by a nurse that maybe my son was allergic to the formula that we thought to try different formulas. We eventually settled on a hypo-allergenic formula. -In the meantime...
My husband was sick he went to the Dr. they said it was just a cold -But, it was misdiagnosed...
He got worse -He eventually went to the minor care place and was diagnosed with Pneumonia! So, here I was taking care of the new baby,daughter, and sick husband. My husband of course had to be kinda quarantined as much as possible. Well, I know I was running on empty and I guess my daughter felt neglected because she decided to cut her hair! That was my breaking point -I finally called in for reinforcements! My grandma had come over the next day to fix my daughter's hair. And that is what all happened literally the first couple weeks after my son was born. And even though it seems like it could be a sad country song it felt like 1 of the worst parenting week(s) ever! Luckily my husband got better and we all survived! Whew- The Mom Mayhem!

So,what's one of your worst parenting days,weeks,months?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bursting the baby bubble

Well, now that my son is officially 4 years old. I suppose I can't consider him a baby anymore.
But, as parents they will always be our babies though right?! I know 4 might seem a bit old to be thinking this- When do you consider them "not babies" anymore? I suppose it might be a case by case basis. I know I had some preconceived notions even about being a SAHM. I thought everyone gets a few weeks to live in that baby bubble full of late night feedings and subsequent tired;mommy brain. But,surely if I stay home for about a year or so then I can see about going back to work-etc. But, as some might know my son has dairy allergies not too severe but, at about 1 yr. old I was literally freaking out about the possibility of his 1st "real milk" experience or lack there of. And as time went by there were other anxieties not too mention potty training that we just got done with a few short months ago. And now I can't believe my son will be going to school soon! Now I can burst out of the baby bubble more and more -It's a little bit exciting and nerve racking at the same time. The past couple weeks I've been going to an exercise class -actually Zumba -it's really fun! I've gone out here and there with different things like mom's night out-etc. I might've lost a bit of myself and I know it's important not to fully lose ourselves in the baby bubble. So, here's to bursting the baby bubble -Who knows what all is in store...

Monday, February 15, 2010

How was your Valentine's Weekend ?

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's weekend! Here's what we did Valentine's Day:Yep- We saw Mickey Mouse and the gang at Disney Live. Since my son's B-day is tomorrow we pretty much celebrated his birthday. We had his birthday party Saturday and everything. So, yeah didn't do the traditional V-day stuff this year. Normally I try to plan his B-day party for the weekend after V-day but, my SIL could only get off work this past weekend. As usual we plan for the in-laws to come from out of town. So,got the house clean and ready before their arrival -Fri. evening and they stayed until Sun. morning. So, we were busy with company too. I don't know for some reason everything seemed a bit off -Maybe because after all the planning my MIL actually didn't come -Just my SIL ,BIL , and Nephew. For now we just have a small family party for my son -So it's nice that his cousin could come to have another kid around. We were also planning to eat at maybe Shogun's but being V-day weekend they were all booked up. Then we kinda decided last minute to see the movie -Percy Jackson /Lightning Thief -So we rushed to make it after the B-day party-But, they were sold out -So,we got tickets for the next showing. In the meantime we found something close and fast to eat for dinner. And even though Fri. we (Hubby,Son,and I) ate lunch at P.F. Chang's and I picked up some chocolate covered strawberries I won from 918moms for an early V-day celebration- See:

But,my Valentine weekend just seemed kinda...Off. Not that I'm complaining it was nice and glad my son had a good birthday celebration.

So, how about you ? Oh and here's a pic of the Birthday spread:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday edition of Friday Five -TV Shows

There's so many things going on with my "showz" lately I have to talk er-uh write about it!

1. Lost -Final season! -Need I say more?! So far it seems more questions have come up than answers -But, I'm along for the ride- Exciting!!

2. Ugly Betty - As much as Lost's final season was expected -Unfortunately this will also be Ugly Betty's last season. It seems to me that's what happens a lot when they move shows around -Such as with Ugly Betty -Thurs. night to Fri. night, then to Wednesday night. Makes me wonder if networks sometimes do that on purpose to get rid of shows? Unfortunately I'm not all the way caught up myself partly because sometimes our ABC works fine and sometimes it doesn't and then I have to catch up online sometimes -Once I discover that my recording didn't work right. And not too mention all the moving around of the show-Urgh!

3. American Idol - The year of the celebrity guest judges on the road. And of course Paula is out and Ellen is in as Hollywood week starts. And now this appears to be Simon's last season too. It remains to be seen how it will go with all of those changes. So far so good for now...

4. The Bachelor -On the wings of Love: As nice guy Jake is back after not winning Bachelorette's Jillian's hand. He's dealing with the normal drama when a bunch of women fighting over 1 guy get together-But, who knew there'd be so much drama?! First time ever someone had to be kicked off because of an "inappropriate relationship" with a staff member!(they were fired too). And he finally kicked off "crazy eyes"-Before a rose ceremony. And now Ali had to choose between staying and losing her job. Or go back to work and miss out on Jake -Or does she?? Seems we'll see her again -Who knows what all is going to happen...

5. And in other Reality show news -Anyone catch the new one -Undercover Boss?

I love this show! Ok so I know I'm kinda a reality show junkie -But,I'm sure the network people also knew this would be perfect timing for this kind of show. Like most of your average hard-working middle class americans-This hits home. Like our economy in general you've got the "fat cat" CEO's and such living it up with their golden parachutes not understanding how it really is on "the front lines." Granted I am a SAHM now but, I did live in the corporate world once and disliked it -1 of the reasons I am a SAHM ;) Again I love the concept of the boss working undercover and seeing how their policies are implented. And finding out there's people like the woman who was doing the job of 3or4? Had family depending on her and her house up for sale because they couldn't afford it anymore- Overworked and Underpaid is the name of the game unfortunately for so many. Once the boss realizes things like that -They vow to make changes -I hope it does continue like that -Would be a good domino affect to have ;)

Oh and I can't wait for Survivor -Heroes Vs. Villians! Well,that's it for now -Until next time-Have a good day! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogging News

Last week I went to a blogger meetup at Joe Mommas:

It was pretty fun and busy. Glad I took my sis with me so we could sit together and share a pizza ;) I'm also glad I brought my biz. cards too since the mingling I did was pretty much a card exchange. I met some pretty cool people though! And as always it was nice to be in company with people like Tasha from Tasha does Tulsa who hosted it-Be sure to check out her blog. She says there's gonna be another blogger meetup sometime soon-I'll be on the lookout for more info. and I hope you will be too :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow...

It seems like lately around these parts of Oklahoma there's been a lot of snow -In fact there has been a lot of snow! I know I heard on the news there 's a higher amount than normal but, now I can't remember specifics. You might remember me mention the Christmas Eve Blizzard of '09 -Here. And just a couple weeks ago we got some ice and snow -Some people were calling it the iceapalooza of 2010 -Saying it might be as bad as the ice storm of '07. Luckily it wasn't that bad and our powered stayed on this time. Here's some pics of the ice/snow about Jan. 29,2010:

1st the ice started then the snow came. The kids were out of school that Friday-And we all kinda hunkered down.
Then more snow came yesterday -Originally it was reported to start Sunday night-I was a little bit hoping for another snow day yesterday. But,it was just rain until after school started. Once it started snowing it came in huge fluffy flakes- A lot of people said it was like a giant feather pillow fight ;) It really started coming down and even started to stick but not for long-It all melted pretty fast- Darn-no snow day again! -I might've mention I'm not an early riser ;) But I did get a few pics before it all melted yesterday:
So, that's the snow we've gotten lately -And I wouldn't doubt if we had another round or so. -I say hurry up spring!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Friday Five

In today's edition of The Friday Five -I'm taking inspiration from Facebook. You might occasionally see people have their status's as some kind of little game -For instance this week people looked up their name in and posted what it said-I thought that was pretty fun- So, here's 5 things related to this blog according to

1. Being a mommy blogger and the word mom being in my blog here's- Mom: The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.

2. Mayhem: Norweigan metal band. Famed more for stabbings than music.

I can assure you that my blog is not meant to be named after that ;) Just the occasional mom mayhem for me.

3. Blogger: In simple terms: Derived from weblogger, s.o. who keeps a weblog, a diary on the internet.

But, I have to warn you apparently people who've written on urbandictionary have drank the haterade about bloggers -Saying a lot of things like:

"Term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives. Possibly the most annoying thing about bloggers is the sense of self-importance they get after even the most modest of publicity. Sometimes it takes as little as a referral on a more popular blogger's website to set the lesser blogger's ego into orbit."

Ouch! I say let's get some positive things on there-Bloggers unite!

4. Stay at Home Mom: At least there's some positive but, also some negative -Urgh! Here's some of what it says -

Simple version: A mother that stays at her home during the day. Unemployed, usually with the husband supporting the family. The main reason for being a stay-at-home mom is to raise children better.

I liked this 1-It was a bit lengthy so, I've cut some out: A woman who is capable of taking on children, home and husband. She is a strong woman who can handle anything that comes her way. Let me tell you, staying home with children 24/7, never being able to socialize with other adults without any children around is MUCH more exuasting. Most stay at home moms aren't rich. Sometimes it's cheaper to stay home than to pay for daycare.

And then some of the negatives: A stay at home mom is a white, upper middle class woman who: -thinks anything that is not white, upper middle class is inferior and/or evil
-thinks her children need her up their asses 24/7
-crucify working moms for not spending enough time with their children, but find it perfectly acceptable for a man to forgo time with their kids for their career (sexists hypocrites)
-max out their hubby's credit card at Talbot's, the hair salon, and buying a big ass SUV or mini van

Yikes! -That 1 was also lengthy so, I cut some out. Obviously there's some points I disagree with on that-again with the haterade.

5. And for the 1 that started it all -Looking up my name -Angela:

Small, short catlike person. Very easy to tease, but there's no reason to tease an Angela because they're very sweet. You can trust an Angela. Often, Angelas need a hug. Give your Angela a hug today.

I like that 1 -There's a few good ones -I also like this one:

a) Petite, hazel eyed young lady with a lovely smile and lovely body, who is nice to everyone she meets.

b) An amazing girlfriend

c) Pure sexiness in female form

So, that's it for today's Friday Five -Don't forget to Wear Red today and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not quite Wordless Wednesday

Do you know what this is ? If you do you're probably like us around here who've been helping out with my daughter's 6th grade homework projects. So, if you couldn't tell that is a model animal cell. Here's the pic from her science book: Just so happened that we mostly had silver and gold paint so we used that to paint the out/inside. We did have to make 1 trip to the store for red paint-The nucleus HAD to be red and the red paint we had was dried out. Here's what it looks like around here during our "creative process" :I think we did pretty good though and that was actually a couple weeks ago. This week my daughter's project has been about Greek Mythology- in class they drew which god they'd have to research and do a presentation on. Guess what she drew? Hades -Ugh- I know But, I guess it wasn't too bad and this time my hubby helped her a lot -Especially since they actually made a power point presentation-Wow -I know right?! That's 1 of the options they could do though. Well, that's some of what's been going on here amongst other things in the Mom Mayhem -Have a happy Wednesday!