Thursday, May 14, 2009

But,I want breakfast too

I'm not sure why but, I've never been an early riser now matter how much "training" I've had. Of course as a kid I'd have to get up pretty early to go to school -I was even the 1st stop for the bus @ 6:45am in high school. When I was working I've had different schedules -1 of the earliest was having to be to work @ 7:30am. And now of course even though I'm a SAHM -I must be up and ready to take my daughter to school. And my son is quite the alarm clock -sometimes getting up around 6-6:30am. But for some reason I think I'm on Tokyo time! I've even caught myself saying-"a few more minutes" to my son =D

I try to stay in bed till about 7am -but, depending on how cooperative my son is-it may not happen. So,eventually I drag myself out of bed and the morning rush commences! I start waking my daughter up;make sure to take my son potty-etc. As my daughter is getting up and ready my son and I go to the kitchen and I get him breakfast. Usually once he's settled my daughter is about ready *ahem* after a few reminders to hurry-up! Once she's getting her breakfast-off I go to get my shower in-etc. It's usually a mad dash to her school after that. Sometimes I have to rush so much to get her to school on time that I don't fully brush my hair-and just put it up into a clip-etc. Once she's at school hopefully-on time-I come home and finish getting ready if needed.

Ideally I would love to sit down as Regis and Kelly is just starting and eat a nice breakfast after the morning rush and have a nice cup of tea or on a nice cool day some hot chocolate. But as we know it doesn't go exactly like that-I do pause Regis and Kelly(gotta love the PVR!) and get my son a snack and myself breakfast. Since it's not exactly easy to be leisurely-I grab some easy breakfast type thing-Like a breakfast cookie -Yes! I can have a cookie for breakfast if I want-Right?! But, really Quaker and other brands do make breakfast cookies that have oatmeal-etc. Or sometimes I'll have a muffin from a box of muffins. Yes,Yes I know that it may not be the healthiest for those who are all pro-organic;anti-processed foods. But I want breakfast too-Darn it! Oh! and let me tell you what happened the other day so,there were 2 muffins left and I was starving! My son wanted 1 so I let him have 1 and I was going to have the other. As he was settling into eating his muffin sloppily-I went to take the 1st bite of my muffin when I fumbled and I watched my muffin tumble to the ground-it was too dirty to eat then-I seriously wanted to cry!!
I mean really can't a mom just have some breakfast?!


One Cluttered Brain said...

I totally get you! UGH!
I need somebody to cook me breakfast....:)

tracy said...

I was always a late sleeper too... somewhere along the line it all changed. Now I'm an early riser who drags here son out of bed! My father says its poetic justice

I have no explaination :)