Friday, May 1, 2009

Can I be cloned now?!

I'm sure as busy parents we've all felt like at times like we need to be at a few different places at once-Right?! Being the mom taxi and having to coordinate with our spouse with military precision -Ok you watch this kid while I take the other one over here and then I'll be back with just enough time to go do this other thing we need to do-Got it?! -Good! Break! As we hurriedly rush off. Or just somehow everything just seems to happen on the same day where you've really got to pick and choose what you can add to your schedule.

Well, tomorrow is no exception it is once again time for the bi-annual neighborhood garage sale along with an event for my husband's work and a couple of other events. I know I like to get in on the garage sales especially since being a stay at home mom it's good to participate as a way to contribute to the household finances and of course get rid of things that are cluttering the house. But, then again it is always nice to see some of my husbands co-workers that we consider friends and get free food and all. And the other things -Ah well not so much a priority. But, still these situations can just make you want to be able to split yourself and do everything or be cloned or something! I guess we'll see what we can do besides after all this fretting things may be rained out anyway-Ugh! Such as the life of The Mom Mayhem =P

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