Friday, May 15, 2009


As I've mentioned in my previous post it can be quite the rush to get my daughter to school on time in the morning. Lately we've been on a pretty good roll -thanks to my son being a good alarm clock. But, today we broke our roll in a big way-And yep you guessed it-it has to do with keys!

It's no secret that my son has gotten in my purse before(usually to sneak gum) and that he's also been obsessed with keys lately. So, I'm thinking he's hid them somewhere-at this time I still haven't found them. I've asked him if he had them and he says he did-So, after looking for them and asking him where they are and getting Um-Kitchen? Um-Bathroom? Um,Um,Um!
I had to call my husband to bring his key and took my daughter to school-late. Ugh-The great key search is still on -Such as life in The Mom Mayhem!
**Update -I found my keys!! I feel kinda bad now cause I'm not sure if I put them in them in hidden inside pocket of my purse or if my son did?! Oh well I found them now-Yay!


One Cluttered Brain said...

I HATE it when I can't find my keys!!Good luck finding them!

Lady Mama said...

Hope you find them soon - that's SO frustrating!

tracy said...

Keys... man they are always someplace else in my house :)



Mama Notes said...

glad you found them! I lose mine all the time!!