Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flexible Work Arrangement Week

Starting today until the end of this week (May 3-9) it's Flexible Work Arrangement Week!
This is so important for families finding a work/life balance. Especially for the working mom's out there it can be a difficult battle and having a Flexible Work Arrangement is something we all hope to achieve one day. And I applaud women like Gloria Steinem who have helped champion for such things. In fact in a recent interview Ms. Steinem said this on the subject "More women probably protest unequal pay than protest unequal parenthood --or even the lack of flexible work patterns and childcare that are routine in many other countries."

So, as we look to the up-coming Mother's Day let us all remember the importance of us Moms and Flexible Work Arrangements. You might ask -What can I do to help support this important issue? 1 thing I can recommend if you're not already involved with MomsRising please check them out and join them in campaigning for such things as Flexible Work options and many more important issues for us parents.

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