Friday, May 29, 2009


Vacation Time! Vacation Time! -Woohoo!!! Oh! wait! I'm not going to some nice tropical beach?!

Oh yeah-That's right we're packing up our van and heading out for a road trip!

Oh and it's not just going to be our family of 4 but us + 3 more. My brother and sister in law and little nephew also from the in law's side are cramming into our van too. Hmmm-Well hopefully we'll have a nice time. We're going to be staying at my other brother in-law's and his family's house. It will be nice to see all of them- my kids get along with their kids ok. I just hope their not too much of a shower nazi-I've heard that before when people were staying with them they asked them to help pay the water bill. And I understand being health conscience but, I think they may run too much of tight ship for me-No junkfood,no pop,must go out and excercise everyday,Must take FAST showers-Ugh! I'm debating if I should just give them a $10 or $20 even and say here you go I'd like to take at least 15min-30min showers =P -What do you think?!

But,It will be nice to get out of state-This will be our 1st ever family trip out of state! I just hope there's not too much mayhem ;) I don't want it to be like the National Lampoons Vacation or anything =D I'll let you know -I'll be back in about a week or so -Stay Tuned!! ....


Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip! Yes it might not be a bad idea to just offer some money towards the water bill, that way you won't be worried about being in the shower longer than 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!