Monday, March 28, 2011

MckLinky Monday -Spring Fashion

Today on the RHOK Mrs. Sinclair is talking about spring fashion -And wants us to share some of our spring fashion finds...

Well, I admit I've never been a big fashionista -I do know that spring = flip flops and giving your feet a good pedicure to be flip flop ready -So, here's my new flip flops and pedi:

For me even flip flops must have a little bit of heighth ;) And I had been on a bit of a search to find some new ones -since my cat chewed my old ones -no really he did see:Ugh -It's kinda embarassing that I still wear them -just around the house now though- That way my crazy cat won't mess with my new ones too much.

About the only other spring clothes I've gotten recently is a couple of shirts that I surprisingly found at Burlington Coat Factory -originally my husband was looking for clothes there but, my daughter and I found some clothes too -Here's my finds:

My shirts are on the left (ignore my husband's clothes on the right ;) I think the black shirt is a good business casual look. And the blue one is so cute with the little ruffle -Haven't found an ocassion to wear it yet and probably won't this week -since it's turned up cold again-Brrr! Oh also 1 more somewhat clothes related item:Since it seems everyone was talking about this wrinkle spray I got some -and yep it does work pretty good! (Just ignore the toilet in the background -I generally hang my clothes on the shower curtain rod to spray my shirt -etc ;)

And that's it for my spring fashion finds so far -Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday with the RHOK and share yours!

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday! -a week in review

So, again I feel like I've been a bit neglectful on the blogging front -although I loved taking a little vacation last week -it seems to take awhile to get caught up on everything! Like my TV showz -which really it's hard to keep up on that stuff anyway ;) I've also been a little preoccupied with reading the Hunger Games trilogy: I know I might be a little late to that party -But, at least I read them before the mass hysteria hits when the movie(s) come out -sometime next year -Can't wait to see that!

I've also been trying to keep up with going to work out -but, haven't done that much either.
At my son's school they're gearing up for a fun Bingo night -next Fri. -Been helping with that some too.
So, yeah just getting back on schedule of the daily grind -And glad today is Friday!

Have you seen this video yet? Seems everyone is talking about it -It's true not the best song or singer but, hey she's just a kid and I know it's better than I could sing and it's kind of a catchy tune - especially since it's Friday ;) -Happy Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last week -our Spring Break

I know I've been kinda absent the past week -it was a busy Spring Break for us!
Generally we don't have any big vacation plans just do things around here like go to the zoo-etc. But, this spring break we took a trip to Texas! It all started a few mo's ago when I won a trip to Arlington -but, at the time we had no extra $ for gas and food-etc. Most of the tickets we had -expired by now (Texas Rangers game-etc.) But, the free hotel night was still good until May -So, we planned a Spring Break trip. We planned to leave Sun. use the free hotel night then and pay for an extra night and come back Tues. But, my son was sick on Sat. -my husband took him to minor care -got him some medicine and even though we was feeling better -we pushed the trip back a day. We left Mon. -on the road to TX - and made it -woohoo- See:It seems around the Dallas area there are quite a few suburbs that all kind of run together -Ft. Worth,Grand Prairie, and where we stayed -Arlington. Here's some pics of the hotel:

It was ok -It had it's pros and cons. Like no free breakfast or even room service you could pay for -breakfast anyway. The pool area was pretty cool-it had both an outside and inside pool area-it was too cold for the outside though. The staff was nice. Also a plus it was very close to the attractions we were going to see. 1st we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not -even though it was down the street it was in Grand Prairie: We saw the Palace of Wax -Seeing wax figures of celebs,presidents, and other famous people. And then we saw Ripley's "odditorium" -With all kinds of cool/interesting items. I also thought it was cool how outside there were these huge dinosaur statues. After that we ate at the hotel restaurant for dinner -which wasn't that great. And then got settled in for bed.
The next day -Tuesday we spent most of the day at Six Flags which was also near the hotel -They even offered a Trolley that we took there:We spent all day riding rides, taking a couple of breaks to eat -1 of the places we ate was Johnny Rockets -it was ok -of course somewhat overpriced being in an amusement park though. My daughter and I rode the big red,black, and yellow ride -it was fun but, we waited over an hour in the line to ride it. While we did that my husband took our son to see some of the "Justice League" -He thought that was pretty cool. It was a fun time -we actually ate dinner there at a Panda Express (better priced) before heading back to the trolley and back to the hotel. Then we tried the inside pool -it was ok -kinda crowded so we didn't stay long. Then we again settled in and once we all woke up in the morning we got ready and headed home -Wednesday.
Thursday -St. Patrick's day! I'd like to think wearing my "lucky" irish jewelry helped us find a car for the hubby -So, now he has a car to drive to work and back-Yay! Also while we were out and about Thursday -I cooked Corn Beef n Cabbage with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot -So, we had a nice St. Pat's dinner including some cookies I picked up for dessert:I also went to friend's for a potato party. Friday- my dad came over to help cut a tree down at the side of our house -it was rubbing against the house so much -the paint has come off there! We also did our grocery shopping and other things too. Saturday we had another fun day -we saw Gnomeo and Juliet and ate dinner at Incredible Pizza. And then Sunday we cleaned and got geared up for school and our normal schedule. And that was our spring break!

Monday, March 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday -Who am I?

Today on The RHOK -Mrs. Edwards is talking about who we are -in the blogging sense and asks -Who are you?" "What's your top searched/viewed posts"?

Well, for me as mentioned on the sidebar and other places on this blog -I am mostly a "mommy blogger" giving a voice for all "The Mom Mayhem" that happens in this parent's life -past and present. So, of course I talk write about my kids and things going on in our lives a lot -But, of course that's not all. Sometimes I might have little tidbits of advice or cool pictures to share.
Another subject I love to talk about are things going on in pop culture -maybe viral videos or the latest tv show.

For instance my most viewed post as of now is The Talk vs. The View and I love how sometimes I feel I've really gotten into the "pulse" of things when say there's a recent SNL parody on the same subject:

My 2nd most searched/viewed post is about the latest Bachelor show with Brad Womack -I'm sure that will taper off now that the show is over. But, yeah that's pretty much most of my top 10 -People searching variations on those 2 shows. Also it seems some people think Brad is narcissistic because there's some variations of people searching that and somehow come to my post -Not sure how that happens but -Oh well.

It's always interesting what people search and end up on here -I'm not sure if it's accidental but, some do search variations of -The Mom Mayhem -For instance- not sure it's me or something a little more sinister when they search "Mom of Mayhem" and come here -But, you never know -Maybe I am making a name for myself - a girl can dream can't she ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

MckLinky Monday - Treasures

Today on the RHOK Mrs. Albright is sharing some of her treasures and asks "What's something you own that has great value to you? And why is it important?"

There are so many things -of course there are some things that are priceless -Pictures of my kids;family -mementos from my hubby,kids, family -etc.

And speaking of family mementos/ heirlooms -it was about this time last year that my paternal Gma passed away- I have a few things from her house -Like this:This 1 picture I would look at often in her house -it's now hanging in my bedroom -I believe it's a Harrison Fisher print -which I also got a Harrison Fisher book -as shown in the picture- here's a little information about Harrison Fisher. I know it's an antique book -not sure if it's really worth much in "real life' money as most of the pages are not connected into the book now. I do love the book -I also love how my gma had other papers/pictures in the book -She was always 1 to be crafty and make things look expensive for not much money -I can only imagine the "projects" she had in mind with all the papers.

Also since it is almost St. Patrick's day -I must add some other items -my

St. Patrick's day jewelry:

I have 2 -4 leaf clover necklaces -1 that's a real 4 leaf clover, the other I now know-needs a stone put back on. I have a bracelet with 4 leaf clovers and a real Irish pence -(each side shown in the different pics-I kinda collect coins BTW) And then I have 2 rings -1 that's an Irish Claddagh/ wedding ring - BTW-it was only now that I looked up info. about it that I realized the meaning of how you wear it -guess I better make sure I wear it right next time ;) And another ring with my birthstone -Peridot -I think the green color works great for St. Pat's! I bought most of these for myself out of catalogs -my other gma did give me the birthstone ring though. I just love 4 leaf clovers, celebrating St. Patrick's day (must be the irish coming out in me), and of course my birthstone :)

These are just a few of my "treasures" -How about you? Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday and share some of yours!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Friday Five

I haven't done a Friday Five in awhile - I've probably told you that I love watching YouTube videos - But, maybe I haven't told you that just like there's blogs I follow -there's certain people I follow on YouTube that do vlogs n stuff -So, here's 5 Youtube channels I watch often:

1. Italktosnakes

She recently celebrated her 4th vlogiversary as she talked about in the video I posted -even though I haven't been following her that long -she's pretty awesome! Also she's like everywhere! She's on a couple other channels-like this one, 1 for the band she's in -(they even toured in OK and other places -but, I didn't get to see them). She's also on a couple of websites and just everywhere it seems.

2. Meekakitty

Another semi -geeky but, fabulous lady -who's just beautiful -She does actually work as a model sometimes -IRL! Also at about minute 2:45 -you might recognize another YouTuber. This video of course is a music video -but, she does do more vlog type stuff sometimes -like at the end of this video.

3. WheezyWaiter

Love his intro music -and yes I might be a beard lover ;) He posts almost everyday. He's also in a band and can be found different place around the 'net. He's funny and quite entertaining.

4. The annoying orange

I watched them -now my kids are obsessed with these videos too. Always entertaining -and did you see who played the pistachios? ;)

5. Take 180

There are so many spoof videos and channels -this is just 1 I check out a lot.

There really are a few other channels I watch a quite a bit - But, that's it for today's Friday 5 -Have a good Friday and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How I became a statistic

So after high school I got a car, my 2nd job, and eventually my own place. I was enjoying my freedom. 1 day I took a little trek to a local hamburger place where I met a guy -I knew he was kinda putting the moves on me and although he was the type of guy your parents warned against -older, with a van- and only 1 thing on his mind -Surprisingly I didn't really care. We were together for a little while and we had a good time. I knew we wouldn't be together forever -not the guy I wanted to marry -So, I was ok when he wanted to break it off. Besides I had other guys interested in me anyway...

Although I was enjoying my freedom I was still fairly tame -I did still go to church occasionally. There was a guy at church - we kinda dated. At my job as a waitress -there were guys all the time that would flirt and I would flirt back sometimes -it seems a lot of them were a bit skeevy though. There was 1 guy that was really nice though-we kinda dated. And there was another guy who I'd known through school -we kinda dated. I remember thinking it was pretty awesome coming home to my own apartment and there would be literally messages from these 3 different guys. So, yeah I kinda juggled them for a bit -but, I knew once it started getting serious I'd have to make some tough decisions... 1st the church guy -we ended up making a pretty mutual decision to break it off . The guy who I met through work -he was seriously so sweet -he was ready to take things to the next level -but, I just couldn't -I had to tell him there was someone else -breaking hearts can be really hard!

So, yep for some reason I decided to take things to the next level with this other guy. And yes -he is my "baby daddy". Unlike other teen mom stories I didn't give birth in a Walmart and it didn't exactly all start in Spanish class -although we did have Spanish class together. No, we originally met years ago-yep- on the school bus. *flashback* We were friends -I knew he liked me -and I did flirt with him sometimes-(I've been called a tease more than once in my life ;). But, I didn't want to cross that line besides I didn't think he was my type -he was kind of the brooding ; smoke behind the building at school kind of guy. We would talk on the phone a lot though. Over the years we lost touch after we both moved a couple of times. But, it seemed we always got back in touch -He called me after he was in a bad wreck and in the hospital -We even went on kind of a date soon after that -as he hobbled around with a rod in his leg. I was surprised by how much he changed since the last time I saw him -less scrawny more buff and more handsome in general. I thought maybe he would be my date to senior prom -but, he lived in a different town and by then had started to see another girl. I actually didn't even go to my senior prom even though I had a dress and everything. Anyway *fast forward* -He was 1 of the 1st people I called to come see my new apartment -we started hanging out- we were together in every sense of the word. Soon I found out I was pregnant- in the beginning things were great. There was even talk of marriage -But, at times it also felt like more of an obligation. I knew he was the type to smoke,drink,and party in general -even though I did go to a few wild parties it was never my scene. I began to wonder what was more important to him -us and our baby -or partying. He lived with me for awhile -that was a disaster. Soon it all just seemed like a disaster. I eventually realized -I was pregnant and I really wasn't ready and he wasn't either -he was actually younger than me (by 6mo's) and still needed to finish school. I called my dad -he helped me get all my stuff and I moved back in with my dad -but, then that was about 300 miles away from where I was. I was still with my "boyfriend" but, most of the time I would call him -he wouldn't call me -he didn't make plans to visit me - I knew his vehicle was not that reliable though. I don't remember now why -but, my dad and sister were taking a trip that way -so, I took my very pregnant butt on this trip -several hours away. I finally reached my "boyfriend" on the phone and told him he better come make the 15min -30min trip to see me at this hotel we were staying at -But, he wouldn't! So, that was it -We officially broke up. I later learned from some of his family that he was pretty bad into drugs and supposedly didn't want me to see him like that or whatever. I've only talked/seen him a couple of times since. His mom and him did make the trip to see his daughter soon after she was born and they did bring gifts and money to help me out. And I took a trip that way once while she was still a baby -But, there was no talk of trying to reconcile. I did what I felt was best for me and my daughter -I know people that struggle with addiction -it's a life long struggle. I'm not really sure how his life is now -if he's "clean" or not or whatever. I know he's out there -and his mom even recently tried to contact me through facebook -I haven't heard back though -So, we're still in the same place. But, that's the story of how I became a statistic and my ex-factors. Some of my exes I know bits through the grapevine, some I have no clue, I think most still live in this state-some pretty dang close!, I even have a confirmed gay ex-boyfriend-we're still friends BTW, and then there's other connections-the flirtations,the crushes, maybe someone had 1 on me I didn't know about. Of course all that is in the past now -just part of my story -and then of course I met my husband -And in the present we'll soon be celebrating 12 yrs. of marriage :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The ex-factor

I've thought about doing this post like a billion times -maybe it's because I just watched the latest Bachelor show -And I guess just knowing that we all go through different relationships that's making me a little reminiscent -So, bear with me -Here goes about some of mine...

I guess my 1st real "boyfriend" all started with literally the boy next door -As I've mentioned before about the house I grew up in (the house next door we could see their kitchen window by stepping out onto our back steps). I was very curious about the new family that moved in -A single mom with 3 boys. The oldest boy -was a trouble maker, the youngest boy was just the annoying little brother type, the middle boy though -I thought was very cute and nice. It seemed all the neighborhood kids got together and played at our house a lot -and it seemed we tried to play together a lot -him and I -as a team. It was all very innocent puppy love- I was maybe 11 or 12 - We only stole a kiss once- not too long before they moved to another state. Even though we did talk a couple times on the phone alas that was the end.

In junior high- I had lots of crushes -NKOTB,other celebs, guys I thought were cute in school -honestly I was pretty boy crazy -but, the thing is boys were not crazy about me -I did go through a very awkward phase around that time though. It really wasn't until high school that I blossomed out of my awkward phase and boys started to notice me again. And wouldn't you know down the street a new family moved in -Parents with 3 boys -again the oldest boy (who also had the same name as the other oldest boy) was a bit of a trouble maker, the youngest -too young, the middle -just right ;) We walked home several blocks from the bus stop after school everyday and talked-we hung out a lot, he even asked me to the formal dance- the 1st dance I had a date too. But, eventually he just wanted to be friends -which we were- we even kept in touch for a little while after he moved to another town. But, before he moved- I was sad around Valentine's day that I didn't have a Valentine -they were doing compatibility tests at school-I took one and found out my top match was in 1 of my classes. We started talking -even got caught kissing in school -even though he was great -honestly I think he was just a rebound -something just wasn't right for me -I never had to break up with anyone before -it was hard! I was single for awhile after that -I've found that a lot guys wouldn't automatically think I was "hot" but, once they got to know me -realized I was pretty awesome -if I say so myself ;) There was this 1 guy -timing- we had some classes together I had a crush on him but, he had an on and off girlfriend -he actually called me 1 time when they were off -I got the message-I called him back-but, didn't hear from him -The next time I saw him he was "on" again with his girlfriend. Well, anyway as I was saying the boys that got to know me and I got to know them best were those that I rode the bus with... When I was a junior I went with a guy from the bus -he was nice and again I had a date for the formal - We became very close -even after my dad moved the summer before my senior year -he coordinated a visit to see me that summer. I did move back for my senior year -but, had to live with my gma. So, we were together again -until I think I became a victim of "put- out or get out" -Yep he found someone else and broke up with me. Again I was single for awhile -until after I graduated from high school anyway - And then that's when IT happened -I became a stastic -a pregnant teen! Come back later for more -To be continued... Part 2 -How I became a statistic

Friday, March 4, 2011

Omg -It's March!

I can't believe it's March and I don't have a post for this month! (even if it is only March 4th ;)
Been kinda slackin' around here - not on purpose - Just been kinda busy...

Last week I joined Curves so, been trying to hit the gym -I've only been twice so far though. It's a circuit gym where they have different machines in a circle that you go around and do each machine -I've been to 1 other circuit gym before- soon after I had my daughter and I liked it -Hopefully I lose some inches and lbs like I did before-which of course is the ultimate goal. But, I haven't even been able to go to the gym that much -I went Tues. and was thinking about going Wed. but, Wed I woke up with a terrible headache and later felt nauseous -I had a breakfast of saltine crackers and water -but, they didn't hold too long -if you know what I mean -I did feel better after I -uh -upchucked- which was good because I still had to take the kids to school and everything -and for a brief moment I thought about calling my husband- but, then I remembered he still doesn't have a car (bumming rides to work) and he had a big important meeting with his new boss -so, I sucked it up and took the kids to school - then rested most of the day.

Yesterday -Thursday - Was a busy day full of Dr's appts -My son's check up in the morning and my daughter's checkup for her thyroid in the afternoon. I felt bad that I forgot my son would need to get shots -after I told him he wouldn't -ugh I hate when I make myself out to be a liar -I felt horrible! -so, I let him stay home the rest of the day- well, not exactly home- since we were running around still. Then we all got home -including my husband around the same time -just in time to take a break, eat dinner, and then head out again -they had an information meeting for those like my daughter -going into -8th grade next year - Eeesh -8th grade!!
So, yeah lately it's been a bit of a whirlwind -and I have a feeling it's not ending soon- such as The Mom Mayhem life ;)
Today I think I'll try to catch up on some of my shows and of course gotta get our grocery shopping list together and do that too.
Hope you all have a good Friday and Happy Weekend!!