Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last week -our Spring Break

I know I've been kinda absent the past week -it was a busy Spring Break for us!
Generally we don't have any big vacation plans just do things around here like go to the zoo-etc. But, this spring break we took a trip to Texas! It all started a few mo's ago when I won a trip to Arlington -but, at the time we had no extra $ for gas and food-etc. Most of the tickets we had -expired by now (Texas Rangers game-etc.) But, the free hotel night was still good until May -So, we planned a Spring Break trip. We planned to leave Sun. use the free hotel night then and pay for an extra night and come back Tues. But, my son was sick on Sat. -my husband took him to minor care -got him some medicine and even though we was feeling better -we pushed the trip back a day. We left Mon. -on the road to TX - and made it -woohoo- See:It seems around the Dallas area there are quite a few suburbs that all kind of run together -Ft. Worth,Grand Prairie, and where we stayed -Arlington. Here's some pics of the hotel:

It was ok -It had it's pros and cons. Like no free breakfast or even room service you could pay for -breakfast anyway. The pool area was pretty cool-it had both an outside and inside pool area-it was too cold for the outside though. The staff was nice. Also a plus it was very close to the attractions we were going to see. 1st we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not -even though it was down the street it was in Grand Prairie: We saw the Palace of Wax -Seeing wax figures of celebs,presidents, and other famous people. And then we saw Ripley's "odditorium" -With all kinds of cool/interesting items. I also thought it was cool how outside there were these huge dinosaur statues. After that we ate at the hotel restaurant for dinner -which wasn't that great. And then got settled in for bed.
The next day -Tuesday we spent most of the day at Six Flags which was also near the hotel -They even offered a Trolley that we took there:We spent all day riding rides, taking a couple of breaks to eat -1 of the places we ate was Johnny Rockets -it was ok -of course somewhat overpriced being in an amusement park though. My daughter and I rode the big red,black, and yellow ride -it was fun but, we waited over an hour in the line to ride it. While we did that my husband took our son to see some of the "Justice League" -He thought that was pretty cool. It was a fun time -we actually ate dinner there at a Panda Express (better priced) before heading back to the trolley and back to the hotel. Then we tried the inside pool -it was ok -kinda crowded so we didn't stay long. Then we again settled in and once we all woke up in the morning we got ready and headed home -Wednesday.
Thursday -St. Patrick's day! I'd like to think wearing my "lucky" irish jewelry helped us find a car for the hubby -So, now he has a car to drive to work and back-Yay! Also while we were out and about Thursday -I cooked Corn Beef n Cabbage with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot -So, we had a nice St. Pat's dinner including some cookies I picked up for dessert:I also went to friend's for a potato party. Friday- my dad came over to help cut a tree down at the side of our house -it was rubbing against the house so much -the paint has come off there! We also did our grocery shopping and other things too. Saturday we had another fun day -we saw Gnomeo and Juliet and ate dinner at Incredible Pizza. And then Sunday we cleaned and got geared up for school and our normal schedule. And that was our spring break!


Brandy@YDK said...

sounds like a great time! i would love a little weeked trip somewhere.

Dawn said...

Wow! You filled your week with fun things.

We didn't do anything. Both girls had ear infections and I wanted to keep them out of the wind and allergens. How sad.

A potato party sounds like fun. What is it about? (Of course, potatoes, but I need more. LOL)

I love corned beef and cabbage. I had a nice plate of it at Cracker Barrel. It was so good.

How did you win the trip? That's awesome. I'm glad you got to get away for a couple of days.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

The potato party is just a little get together where my friend makes a bunch of baked potatoes -and the guests bring fixings for them. Later in the evening they usually go out for more festivities but, I usually head home before that ;) The trip I won from 92.9 -Carly Rush even called to tell me I won!