Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The ex-factor

I've thought about doing this post like a billion times -maybe it's because I just watched the latest Bachelor show -And I guess just knowing that we all go through different relationships that's making me a little reminiscent -So, bear with me -Here goes about some of mine...

I guess my 1st real "boyfriend" all started with literally the boy next door -As I've mentioned before about the house I grew up in (the house next door we could see their kitchen window by stepping out onto our back steps). I was very curious about the new family that moved in -A single mom with 3 boys. The oldest boy -was a trouble maker, the youngest boy was just the annoying little brother type, the middle boy though -I thought was very cute and nice. It seemed all the neighborhood kids got together and played at our house a lot -and it seemed we tried to play together a lot -him and I -as a team. It was all very innocent puppy love- I was maybe 11 or 12 - We only stole a kiss once- not too long before they moved to another state. Even though we did talk a couple times on the phone alas that was the end.

In junior high- I had lots of crushes -NKOTB,other celebs, guys I thought were cute in school -honestly I was pretty boy crazy -but, the thing is boys were not crazy about me -I did go through a very awkward phase around that time though. It really wasn't until high school that I blossomed out of my awkward phase and boys started to notice me again. And wouldn't you know down the street a new family moved in -Parents with 3 boys -again the oldest boy (who also had the same name as the other oldest boy) was a bit of a trouble maker, the youngest -too young, the middle -just right ;) We walked home several blocks from the bus stop after school everyday and talked-we hung out a lot, he even asked me to the formal dance- the 1st dance I had a date too. But, eventually he just wanted to be friends -which we were- we even kept in touch for a little while after he moved to another town. But, before he moved- I was sad around Valentine's day that I didn't have a Valentine -they were doing compatibility tests at school-I took one and found out my top match was in 1 of my classes. We started talking -even got caught kissing in school -even though he was great -honestly I think he was just a rebound -something just wasn't right for me -I never had to break up with anyone before -it was hard! I was single for awhile after that -I've found that a lot guys wouldn't automatically think I was "hot" but, once they got to know me -realized I was pretty awesome -if I say so myself ;) There was this 1 guy -timing- we had some classes together I had a crush on him but, he had an on and off girlfriend -he actually called me 1 time when they were off -I got the message-I called him back-but, didn't hear from him -The next time I saw him he was "on" again with his girlfriend. Well, anyway as I was saying the boys that got to know me and I got to know them best were those that I rode the bus with... When I was a junior I went with a guy from the bus -he was nice and again I had a date for the formal - We became very close -even after my dad moved the summer before my senior year -he coordinated a visit to see me that summer. I did move back for my senior year -but, had to live with my gma. So, we were together again -until I think I became a victim of "put- out or get out" -Yep he found someone else and broke up with me. Again I was single for awhile -until after I graduated from high school anyway - And then that's when IT happened -I became a stastic -a pregnant teen! Come back later for more -To be continued... Part 2 -How I became a statistic


Brandy@YDK said...

ooooh a cliffhanger! i enjoyed learning more about you.

MommaAmma said...

I love love history! And a few notes for you:

1. You grew out of awkwardness in hs?!? I was 19.
2. My compatibility test had my brother on it. Not cool.
3. I was boy crazy too but given said brother was a year older, no boys would admit they liked me. :o(

Can't wait to read more!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yep a cliffhanger ;) -I'm trying not to ramble too much -But, knew it would be a long post especially if I put EVERYTHING in this 1.
Yep I pretty much grew out of awkwardness in HS -it seemed to take forever! Just about to publish the rest of the story...