Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordy Wednesday -This old house

This is the childhood home I mostly remember -it was the place we lived after "the dust settled" and my dad got custody of me and my sister -We lived there since I was in elementary school until high school. I don't have/can't find a lot of pictures of it -these are some my sister found recently. I remember being sad when we had to move -(I've probably mentioned my dad moved to another town -I then lived with my Gma to stay in the town/school and finish my senior year). As part of senior year English curriculum everyone had to write a paper choosing out of certain topics -The 1 I picked was using the 5 senses to describe something -I wrote about this house -I don't remember the exact words -But, something like- Lounging in the backyard you might hear birds chirping, dogs faintly barking, or a lawnmower roaring in the distance. You might see lights flicker in the house illuminating the family inside. But, all that is gone now as now all I feel is the coldness of the front door closing shut as I say goodbye- (At least that's a short somewhat remembered version)
Anyways -although it held some fond memories -it certainly wasn't anything too special -it was a very small stucco house. The backyard seemed huge as a kid and I played there a lot -with my sister, neighborhood kids, and cats -You might be able to tell we always had a lot of cats around -mostly strays. The top left picture is the back steps going to the backyard -we had laundry on the line a lot -I can't remember how long we didn't have a dryer -but, yeah we didn't have a dryer very much. The bottom pictures show some of the inside. There were some things that needed to be fixed -There were a few spots where the roof/ceiling started to leak -etc. -But, we made the best of what we had -And that's my old childhood home.
Happy Wordless er Wordy Wednesday!


Brandy@YDK said...

i love this post. It's great how the good memories overshadow anything the house may have been lacking (space) lol

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment Brandy!

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