Monday, January 24, 2011

MckLinky Monday - 10 things you can't live without

For today's MckLinky Monday Mrs. Edwards is talking about things she can't live without -Besides her family -etc. of course and asks - "What's 10 things you can't live without? " So, here goes...

1. Sleep -I know everyone needs sleep but, seriously I'm the type of person who could sleep 10 hours a day if I had the chance- which is hard because I can be a night owl -it's really hard to get up in the mornings!

2. Shower - I get grumpy if I can't get in the shower soon after I get up -it helps rejuvenate me and there's nothing quite like a nice warm shower -Ahhh

3. Contacts - I've worn glasses before and if you've seen the pictures of me wearing glasses you'd understand that -1st those pictures should be burned! and 2nd I look better in contacts -besides glasses start to bug me after awhile.

4. Secret Weapon -No, I'm not some kind of super spy -I'm talking about this:My hair can get quite frizzy and this helps tame the frizz -I'm open to other options but this is 1 of the cheapest/easiest options I've found that works for me.

5. Lint Roller - I can be a freak about lint -Maybe because I live with a dog and cat and kinda paranoid that it shows -I love them just not their fur all over everything -especially clothes I'm wearing out :)

6. Internet -I wouldn't be here without it -And I love being here "chatting" with you all - There's an immense amount of things you can do with the internet -even if I do use it for Facebook, Blogging, YouTube -etc. most of the time.

7. TV - I love TV! - Reality Shows -and not necessarily all the "bad" ones ;) - But, I also love other shows too -Ooh I've been really enjoying the new show- Off the Map (It's by the same lady who writes Grey's Anatomy and is similar -people are saying it's like a Grey's Anatomy of the jungle)

8. DVR -Of course who has time to watch all the shows when they're on - Can't live without the DVR! - And a little bit of trivia knowledge: Ours is actually a homemade PVR system -that my husband built :)

9. Camera -I also love to carry my camera around -You never know when a good shot might come up -But, it's a little sad that my camera has been a hit or miss lately -Probably should get a new 1 soon.

10. Chocolate -Mmm - Yummy but, probably don't need it -Ok -Yes I do! I'm sure there's some study out there that proves we need it -Right? ;)

So, how about you? -Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday and let us know!


jennykate77 said...

I should have added TV and my DVR to my list...they are essential!! I'm a TV/DVR junkie!

Love your list!! Thanks for linking up and playing along!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!♥

~Mrs. Edwards

Brandy@YDK said...

great list!!! i couldn't live without the internet. for sure!

momof3girls said...

You are so right! A dvr is a must!!! I have jokingly told my hubby I would give him up before I gave up my dvr!

Dawn said...

Oh, contacts!! I so should have put contacts. I wear mine ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I rarely take them out. LOL! Drives my eye dr. crazy.

Great list!

JessieMomma said...

OOH! I love the Frizz Ease products! I'm visiting via the link-up!

Life with the Lebedas said...

I agree with everything you listed. I need to try the frizz-ease. Greta list!

Baloney said...

I think there are studies proving that chocolate is addictive! Contacts are great, but LASIK is better. ;)

Impulsive Addict said...

DANG IT! After looking at your list, I could have totally added some to mine! Great list! Thanks for linking up! =)

Flea said...

My iPhone! Can't do without it. Books!! Feather pillows!!!