Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Hi there -Been a long time -Huh?! I guess I've kinda lost my blogging mojo + of course busy with the kids and everything = me not blogging lately.
One of the things taking up my spare time is that I joined a book club -We've read quite a variety of books some newer ones like- Janet Evanovich's Wicked Appetite and part of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. And we've read some older books/classics like The Secret Garden and we just got done with Little Women. We also watched the movies -Which is another part of our club watching the movie (if there is one) after we've read the book. I really enjoy making some new friends, spending more time reading- and so far have enjoyed most of the books. It's just a handful of us -a couple people have moved-etc. so, really looking for a few more people to join (if you're in the Tulsa area and interested-contact me for more info ;)

But, that's not really all I want to write about here - Of course been busy with PTA stuff, my Examiner articles, kids, holidays,-etc.-etc. We had a good Halloween -Trick or treating/Boo Haha-etc. and good Thanksgiving going to visit my in-laws. Which means Christmas is coming up and -It's at my house-Eeek!! I've got the presents and most things ready to go -we ordered a turkey from Reasor's ;) and people will bring sides and pitch in- so hoping it all goes ok!
And I wanted to wish anyone -still reading this -A Holly Jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Not sure if I'll blog more or less- But, thanks for your support! And I've still been reading blogs here and there too- So, hope to see you around :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My neck of the woods -A hodgepodge...

I know it's been a little while since I've said what's going on in my neck of the woods - In some ways it's the same 'ol ; same 'ol --Kids go to school , Hubby goes to work- yada,yada- except there always seems to be something that happens to disrupt our schedule here and there -like my husband going on a business trip last week and a couple of weeks ago when this happened:
That'd be some people working on the gas meter/area- we had a leak -the guy put in a new meter and fixed that but, also noticed a tree stump going into the gas line. So, these guys came out to work on that a few days later -which is fine but, then some other guy was supposed to come turn our gas back on a couple hours after that -when the 2 hrs. passed my husband called and they said it'll be anytime between now (it was about 6pm until midnight -midnight-Really?!) After about 9:30pm we were getting tired so he called again and finally they sent someone about 10:30pm! So yeah that was that.
But, it's not all bad things interrupting the schedule -of course there's lots of school things -Open house, Parent Teacher Conf., PTA stuff-etc. And there's other fun stuff -like going to the last RHOK out and meeting the author of Perfect on Paper -and tonight I get to go to a special movie event -Jane Goodall Live -pretty exciting I get to use a "press pass"! And of course 'Tis the season for all kinds of fall festivals and fun -This past weekend we went to BrushCreek Bazaar:
And there will probably be a trip to the fair and pumpkin patch-etc. in our near future -So, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods - Be sure to check out the last -Your Neck of the Woods with the RHOK and help them decide what their next meme should be!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Talk- part deux

I know it's been awhile since I posted anything but, there's some things I want to talk about -like:
So, The Talk has been in it's 2nd season for a couple of weeks now - And there has been a little shake up...
Sans Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. Even though they can be a little loud and crazy -(especially Leah ;) -But, I was surprised they're not on the show anymore. If it was just acting a little crazy at times -then what about Sharon Osbourne? -Oh maybe she's just got a little brown on her nose for finally getting Stevie Nicks to perform on the show(still love ya Sharon -just kidding -kinda ;) -So, that leaves Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, and Julie Chen as the originals still on -and now they've had on (temporarily at least) - Molly Shannon and Sheryl Underwood and also Kris Jenner.
Molly Shannon is of course great -loved her since SNL and Sheryl is great too -but, she kinda feels like the token black person and a mash up of other co-hosts of other morning talk shows *ahem-The View* -just saying she's also a black comedian like other people and all (just kidding-kinda -Ziiinnggg ;) No really they're both lovely and it's nice to know their backgrounds -I had no idea Molly Shannon and her family was in a bad car wreck when she was little -losing her mom,a sister,a cousin, and injuring her dad -leaving him to try to heal and take care of her and her other sister -(I can somewhat relate -since my dad raised me and my sis -but, not because of a tragic accident -and we still saw our mom -alternating weekends and holidays) And so proud of Sheryl's military service and sad to hear her husband killed himself -of course she does a great job of somehow cracking jokes and lightening the mood on tough subjects. And then there's Kris Jenner aka -Mama Kardashian -she's actually pretty good at the talk show gig -getting her points out there -that even makes sense sometimes -(again just kidding- kinda ;) -But, really it's all going ok -even though I still miss Holly and Leah at times - So far, so good -Of course this is all just in my humble opinion :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My neck of the woods

Well, in my neck of the woods -I'm wishing we had more of the Labor Day weekend to go! - We didn't do much in particular - Was a little lazy and watched some movies -like Rio -etc. But it was such nice weather we decided to go play some mini golf yesterday:
Now I think we're all still a little tuckered out -My son isn't feeling good today -so, he's home with me today and I can't seem to fully wakeup *yawn* -Gotta get in gear though- Because even if I wish it was still the weekend -it's not! And that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -How about you? -Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods and let us know!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Neck of the woods -2nd week of school and Boy'sToys

Joining in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods...
So, the 2nd week of school is under way and things are starting to go a little smoother -with the bus and all -and things in general are going smoother -Yay!
What else is going on? Well of course kids will be kids and boys will be boys and when I'm not stepping on toy cars on the kitchen floor -I find them on the kitchen counter like this:
Yep, when my son's not in school he's busy with things like that or this:
So, anyone up for a pitcher o' army men ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My neck of the woods -A rollercoaster

Joining in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods- In my neck of the woods -the kids just went back to school yesterday:
And their school schedules have changed so I take my son to school 1st -Which it's always hard for me to up and around early -but, we made it on time! After that I have about 15min to get my daughter to the bus stop -which I did on time -but, the bus was late - I tried calling different #'s when I got ahold of the main office they just wanted to transfer me back to transportation -which just goes to voicemail/can't talk to anyone -Urgh! I thought about taking her to school after calling around -but, then the bus finally came -really late -Like school was about to start late! I know it takes some adjustment for everyone -but, Geez! Today the bus was late again -but, not as late at least -Hoping it will get better!
Just seems everything lately has been a bit of a roller coaster like that - Not to get too depressing but, 1 of the kittens got sick and died the other day -the others seem healthy so, hope they will be ok. Oh and someone -somehow got my husband's card # and made charges to our acct. -they are still processing the dispute claims-hoping that gets cleared up soon -So, yeah had some bad days lately but, just trying to remember -life's- Just a ride:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My neck of the woods -Celebrate!

Joining in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods -I know it's been a little while -seems I've fallen off the blog wagon ;)
So, what's been going on in my neck of the woods? There has been some celebrating as my birthday was this past weekend. Also my sister's birthday was in July so, seems to be the past few years tradition is to have a family get together for a little combined birthday party:
My mom hosts a little family get together somewhere between mine and my sister's bday- we have some food and go swimming and all -Pretty fun. Also the hubby and I usually go out for a date night sometime around my birthday too -this year I decided to invite some friends along as a double date kind of thing. A few friends came out to dinner at Genghis Grill -Yum! -I also happen to have a coupon for a free bday meal there ;) After that a few of us went on to see the Drunkard play -Heard of it?
It's a pretty neat Tulsa tradition -in fact it's the longest running play in America! And it's interactive -where you cheer the hero and boo the villian -very fun and entertaining! -It's in a small,historical building so you have to get your reservations in. I recommend you see it at least once. I even got a free mug -saying I celebrated my bday there- along with some presents from family and friends -Gotta say -1 of the best birthdays I've had in awhile.
Anything else to celebrate? Well, the kids are almost ready to go back to school ;) We just got my daughter's schedule and we meet my son's teacher this week too -oh and I'm helping out with PTA stuff and everything -so, yeah -Busy week!
But, that's what all's going on here -Be sure to join in and let us know what's going on in -Your neck of the woods :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My neck of the woods

Still been HOT around here -trying to keep cool and everything. At least this past weekend was a little bit less hot -so, we decided it was a fairly good time to take a trip over the hill and through the woods -to grandma's -grandpa's (my dad's) house- and also take a float trip. If you're from around these parts you probably know that'd be the Illinois river around Tahlequah,OK
You see my dad lives out there in the family's cabin -it's pretty primitive but, he's been out there making a few changes -used to have an old outhouse now there's a new "fancy" bath house with real running water complete with toilet, shower, even a washer and a dryer but, the washer is somewhat outside -see:
And we all went on a float trip -we had a boys raft and a girls raft. Been awhile since I've went on a float trip -a fun but exhuasting time - luckily I survived with just a little sunburn and that's after wearing a hat, applying and reapplying sunscreen,and keeping a damp towel around my shoulders. We got home late Sat. night and Sun. morning I woke up to find that the stray kitty had her kittens -7 of them!
So, eventually will need to find them all homes -would like to find the mama kitty a home too -so, if you know anyone -let me know. Now we've been keeping an eye on the kitties and everything - And that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -How about you? Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods and let us know!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In my neck of the woods...

What all's been going on around here? - Mostly trying to find things here and there for the kids to do and trying to stay cool! Last week we went on a tour of the Nonni's factory -Pretty cool to see how the Biscotti is made: Earlier today we went to the movies -not for a new movie -we saw Megamind - I just love the free or discounted kids movies during the summer and that is 1 we hadn't seen before today -it was pretty good. The only thing is of course the concessions still cost a pretty penny -but, not too bad for a fun outing. Not much else going on other than doing some cleaning and organizing around here. How about you ? - make sure you join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods and let us know!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My neck of the woods

Sorry to miss last week -been pretty busy -busy with what you may ask - Well, in a few words -Family, Friends, and Food!
First I saw some family that was in town Friday before the 4th of July and went to a cookout. Then that weekend we headed out of town to visit my in -laws for the 4th of July -we hit the road and took a little Route 66 detour to Pops on the way too:
Once we got to Lawton we visited with more family -it's a pretty full house there so, we stayed one night at a hotel. Of course it's been mighty hot here and there- we all took a trip to Orange Leaf for a cool 4th of July treat. Later we had a cookout -etc. for dinner and of course some fireworks -not much since technically they had a burn ban.
Then we made our way back home the day after the 4th of July. Later last week we tried a new place here -Top that Pizza -It's kind of like a Subway but, for pizza -you go up and pick out your toppings -etc -and they cook your own personal pizza -pretty cool. Their drink /pop machine supposedly is pretty cool -but, it was out of order when we were there. I'll be excited when they get more (closer) locations -open soon.
(The bottom right pic is the last of the pizza and pop from Pops ;)

And then this past weekend we went to another cookout with my book club group -it was pretty cool to get together and meet most of everyone's spouses and everything and of course have more good food ;) And that's pretty much what's going on around here other than trying to stay cool and get over some kind of cold /sinus issues -blah! So, how's it going in your neck of the woods? Be sure to join in with the RHOK and let us know!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My neck of the woods...

Let's see over the past few days around here -we -went to Blue Bell's Taste of Summer:
It's was pretty cool- Blue Bell had a few bounce houses for the kids, some cool cars -etc. to look at, and of course lots of ice cream to eat! Even though we didn't stay long and I tried to stay in the shade I still managed to get a sun burn. We also went to see Cars 2 -it was ok -I think the 1st Cars is better and I was surprised that Cars 2 is rated G since it seems a little violent but, overall it was ok.
And what else has been going on? Well... Cats! There's been a stray hanging around -that I've been trying to get rid of -If you know anyone that wants it let me know:
And my sister would've probably taken the cat but, she just got a new kitten -she even brought it over for a visit:
We all had fun with it well, except my cat does not like all this new cat/kitten business -He's the princess king cat around here
So, that's pretty much what's going on around here and today felt like a summer miracle my son actually sleeping in until 8am -So, I got to sleep in too -And now it's rainy and gloomy -making me a little tired *yawn*
So, how about you? Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's going on in my neck of the woods

Around here of course we're still doing things to pass the summer by -Like this:
Outside water play -and might as well give the dog a bath too -Right?!

We've also been busy with other things -We celebrated my daughter's birthday!:
Officially a teenager now!

We also celebrated Father's day -by taking my dad out to eat after the Bday party -etc. too.

And it seems when we weren't busy with all of that stuff we had Dr's appts and more Dr's appts -My son actually had surgery yesterday to get ear tubes in and adenoids out:
This is after he got the goofy medicine and was a little loopy. Now he's recovering just fine -in fact we've been trying to remind him to take it easy.
So, yep been pretty busy around here - Be sure to join in with the RHOK's Your neck of the woods and let us know how it's going for you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My neck of the woods -Swimming

So, this past weekend was my husband's work -Summer Picnic - it was pretty fun -I'm always up for some free food and fun ;) There was a swimming pool -etc. But, the swimming didn't end there! One of his coworkers and his kids invited us to another swimming pool after that -so we went swimming some more:
The kids had a blast! -My daughter (and I even) went down the water slide-It was pretty fun! -but, It was our 1st time at that little water park and I didn't know floaties aren't allowed so 1 of the lifeguards came up to me about that (and offered a lifejacket)-Oh well now I know if we go back . I'm sure we'll be swimming again -but, not too soon - still sporting a pretty good sunburn -ouch! (And yes I did apply sunscreen -I guess just not enough) -The kids did not really get sunburned at least though. But, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods and lets us know about yours.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My neck of the woods -Getting summer started

So, the kids have been out of school for less than a week around here and we're getting our summer started! ...
We went to Cherry Berry for the 1st time the other day (it was pretty good) and saw Kung Fu Panda 2. I can't say everyday has been super fun filled -We've been relaxing at home some and out and about for Dr's appt's -etc. But, the summer has begun and that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. Be sure to join in with the RHOK and share-What's going on in your neck of the woods?!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My neck of the woods - End of school

The end of school for this year is almost here -which means a lot of end of year celebrations! -Well, mostly for the elementary crowd -my daughter was lamenting that all she gets is- to take state tests. She did get an award the other day for being a student of the month though...
The other day my son had a play day outside and a picnic lunch - Which they're supposed to have another picnic day and the talent show for the last day of school (His class is going to be in it -I bet it's gonna be so cute) -So, yep that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -How about you? Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods and let us know :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My neck of the woods -It's a baby!

No, no -not me, not mine -Whew! You see I pass by a field of horses -just about everyday -it's actually near my son's school -and I happen to think it's pretty neat. And what's also really neat is there's a baby horse now too! -see:
So-cute! Isn't it?! And I refuse to catch baby fever! -even if I did recently get a copy of my friend's book -about pregnancy-etc.

Just proud of her for her book and that she's about to have her 3rd baby anytime-Shout out to her! You can also check out her site/blog :)

What all else is going on ? -Well, I just celebrated my anniversary this past weekend -and glad it wasn't the end of the world aka -my last meal ;) And so far have survived the storms -got some pretty bad hail the other night -no real damage thankfully though -My thoughts and prayers go out to those families that did have damage and might have lost their homes, loved ones -sad/scary times! But, that's how it's going in my neck of the woods -Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods -and let us know how it's going for you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My neck of the woods -Busy, Busy

So how's it been going in my neck of the woods?! In a word - ... busy!
Not only has there been the recent past holiday/ celebrations of Easter and Mom's day -but also planning for upcoming celebrations like - My anniversary, End of school, Daughter's B-day, and Dad's day! And not too mention going to other social gatherings -Like the awesome -RHOK out -Thanks ladies :), I've just joined a book club, oh and it's official -I'm gonna be VP of PTA at my son's school for next year -so been busy just getting ready for that too -In fact I'm probably at a "training" thing for that when you're reading this -So, yep sorry if I've been a little neglectful on the blogging lately -just been busy, busy around here. How's it going in your neck of the woods?- Be sure to join in with the RHOK 's -Your neck of the woods and let us know :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My neck of the woods -Mom's day Weekend

I hope everyone had a pretty good mom's day weekend! I had a pretty good one -even if it did seem a bit frantic at times - Here's how it went in my neck of the woods...
Saturday my daughter and I took a mother/ daughter trip to Philbrook -it was a nice trip and a nice day to walk around -but, a bit hot outside -we also had to get back and get ready for our dinner outing. It seemed we just got home for a little bit when my mom and everyone came over and we went to eat at Shogun's- That was also a nice and tasty outing! For Mother's day I got some cards and chocolates- etc. Later Sunday -I went to my Gma's to give her mom's day gifts and saw family over there again. Then came home and relaxed a little bit -All in all a nice Mom's day weekend!
So, how's it going in your neck of the woods? Be sure join in with the RHOK's your neck of the woods and let us know.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy early Mother's Day

As mother's day is approaching I thought I'd do a Friday Five in honor of Moms / Mother's day -Here's five videos the moms out there can surely appreciate:

I've mentioned this lady before -She really gets how it is -In the Muthahood:

Also from the same lady:

Some other people who understand -The Mom Mayhem -also it's pretty cool this was from a local church:

This video shows how Mother's Day goes for so many:

And isn't always nice when us moms get a -Mom's Night Out:

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PW's BHtTW - Marriage and a honeymoon

Week 4 of joining in with the RHOK reads:
After the big beautiful wedding -Ree and her Marlboro man set off for an Australian honeymoon - it was an "adventure" all right! Of course they -ahem -did things that married people do ;) and explored Australia -but, unfortunately there was also quite a bit of uh -throwing up. Which unfortunately I could somewhat relate to on my honeymoon -we didn't go to Australia or some other far away land -no, being a somewhat worried mom-leaving my daughter to be taken care of by family members we didn't go too far -we went to Texas - San Antonio to be exact. We took a flight there and back and even though I had been ok on my only other plane ride a few years earlier -for some reason I got air sick! -nothing says romantic like holding a full barf bag going to your honeymoon -right?! ;) And there was a moment I thought maybe I could be pregnant but, I highly doubted it -it seemed just the plane rides got to me. Once we were in San Antonio we had a blast -going to Sea World, Going along the riverwalk, and ahem -doing other things that married people do ;) -So, it turned out pretty well. And when we got back and picked my daughter we all settled in for our new life -all of us together. Of course for PW and MM -there was more turmoil to come - To be continued ...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My neck of the woods -The Clubhouse

We had this table left up from our Easter lunch - and my son of course wanted to make it into a clubhouse. Which we do occassionally have a fort/clubhouse up in the living room -so we agreed- it was kinda cute when he asked if he could keep it forever -I said I wasn't sure about forever -but, we'll keep it up for awhile. We've all had our turn in there -even the cat and dog seem to enjoy it ;) That's what's going on in my neck of the woods -how about you? Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods!

Friday, April 29, 2011

PW -Part 2

Oh yes in part 2 we see more of the funny/embarrassing things that can/do happen to Ree - I agree wearing a wool suit to an Oklahoma summer wedding -not the best idea ;) That exact problem hasn't happened to me but, I do have my own sweating issues -my hands get clammy quite often (sorry if you've ever shaken my clammy hand)- And I can totally relate to the "Embarrassing, clumsy things happened to me with some degree of regularity"

Of course also in this part we see deeper into MM and PW's relationship as they spend time on the ranch, watching movies, driving around in his pickup truck - I love the part where she says "If Marlboro Man were moonshine during Prohibition, I'd smuggle crates of it across state lines and guzzle it on the journey; if he were a street drug I'd sell my hair to score a fix; if he were standing below a cliff; I'd jump off to be with him." -Anyone else get Ke$ha's -Your love is my drug stuck in their head after reading that? ;)

And yes I thought the marriage proposal might be some uber romantic happening at the ranch but it was more nonchalant when Marlboro Man came to Ree's house unexpectedly and he tossed her the ring asking if she wanted to marry him -After she got over the shock and thought it about it for a minute of course she said yes!

Then on to the wedding plans! ... sadly PW's parent's marriage was still falling apart -but, she tried to distract her mom with the many wedding plans /decisions. It sounded like a big,beautiful wedding - And so they were married! And as she alludes to in the last part -Part 3 - "The coming year, real life would come crashing in" - To be continued...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My neck of the woods - Our Easter

This past Sunday was Easter of course and we've had our decorations up beforehand for awhile. And Saturday we dyed our eggs and cleaned to get ready for everyone to be over here for Easter lunch
Then the big day came Easter Sunday - It was a stormy Easter -literally and figuratively as I was getting the ham and everything ready I asked my daughter to help but, she just gave me attitude -2 redheaded tempers do not go well together ;) -She did eventually help some and luckily we got most everything done before everyone arrived at our house. Once everyone was here and the food that people brought was situated we all ate and had a good time. We did have to do inside egg hunts -because of the rain. But, everything turned out pretty good -despite the stormy Easter :)
So, that's how Easter went in my neck of the woods - How's it going in your neck of the woods? -Be sure to join in with the RHOK's your neck of the woods and let us know!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My neck of the woods -Broken Bathroom

My husband likes to joke that I can break just about anything -So, I guess it isn't too surprising that when I went to shower the other day -the soap dish thingy -fell off! (And as you can see we went about fixing it -no the duct tape isn't a permanent solution -it was just to hold it on there- while the adhesive was drying) At least it seems to be fixed and I will try not to break it again -admittedly I did sometimes hoist my leg on there to get a good scrubbing -But, it wasn't all my fault! I think it goes to a bigger problem that -Our bathroom is breaking! Somehow /somewhere our tub? is leaking! We have towels down to soak up the water -but, I think it's getting worse :( I know it needs to be fixed -and as I've been checking things off the proverbial list (get my hubby a car -check, get our van new tires and things fixed on it -check, get the pets their shots- check) -It's about next on the list. But, I'm nervous! I'm nervous about how much it will cost, about if they'll say we can't use our bathroom for a month, or,or,or....
In my mind it was something I was hoping to take care of in May(middle to end) -When school is winding down -things are a little more lax -etc. Now looks like after Easter -We'll be calling a plumber out sooner rather than later! So, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -P.S. -Any advice appreciated. P.P.S. -Hope things are going better in your neck of the woods -Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods!

Monday, April 18, 2011

PW -BHtTW Ch. 6-9

Where we left off - with the RHOK Reads:
The Pioneer Woman's -Black Heels to Tractor Wheels:

So, will she or won't she - Move to Chicago as planned? As she goes back and forth -she ultimately decides...

To take a chance on love with the Marlboro Man and doesn't move to Chicago! And yes, again more swooning -I love the part where she tells him of her decision -which leads to a good makeout session "Before I knew it we were back where we'd been before, rolling around and kissing manically in the bed of his diesel pickup. Occasionally my arm would hit a crowbar and my head would slam against a spare tire or a cattle prod or a jack ; I didn't care, I'd said what I wanted to say that night. Everything else -even minor head injuries -was a piece of cake."

I love how no matter how cool she may seem there are things like bumping her head on a spare tire, or almost falling/ spilling her purse, and all the inner dialogue that goes on -that makes us less than cool - clumsy girls relate ;)

I also like that she mentions - that feeling of it's just them -in love -but, oh yeah -there are other people to consider here -gotta meet the family and all ! And what an impression she must've made not quite making a turn and her car getting stuck in a ditch -with Marlboro's mom in the car! And after all this meeting his family and being in love -she comes home - to be shaken to the core -finding out her parents are having marital problems -If her parents who had been together for thirty years were having problems -what does that make of love ? Even though Marlboro Man does make her feel less disheartened - What will happen next? -To be continued...

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Kids -Ages and Stages

Just a little update today on the kids...

My son recently turned 5 -it's 1 of my fav. ages because they're old enough to do a lot of things on their own -like going potty -But, still need their mama for a lot of things too. At this age they are also good helpers. And say the darndest things -as mentioned in my previous post we all took a trip to the vet recently - there was a cat in a cage for adoption -and my son asked "Why the cat had a hole" as he was pointing -I explained that's where it goes poop -maybe because it had lighter fur that he noticed it on that cat and not ours before? Me and the receptionist got a little giggle out of it anyway. Also the other day we were getting ready to walk into a store when my son stopped and sniffed -*sniff *sniff and said -"Hmm -smells like yellow" -Lol- Where does he come up with this stuff?!

And as far as my daughter she's almost officially a teenager -yikes! It's kind of a strange age -being a lot more independant in a lot of ways but, then not in some ways. She gets embarrassed by us "old folks" a lot. She's taller than me now (not that -that's too hard to do;) and blossoming into quite the beautiful young lady. As an early bday present we got her a cell phone recently -and we've already had to take it away once -Because of "the attitude" - she certainly has the eye rolling and teenage attitude down -Yeesh -Teenage daughters:

So, yep that's the ages n stages going on around here for now. What's your favorite age/stage? Hope everyone has a Happy friday and weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Neck of the woods -Cat in the Hat

My son brought home this cat in the hat -hat- home from school the other day -and I thought it would be appropriate to put it on our cat -We torture take care of our pets like that around here ;) Last week we also had to take our pets in for their annual shots - you know my cat especially loved that -achem *sarcasm*. The past few years I would stagger our cat's and dog's appts. and my husband would take them to the vet -while I stayed home with the kids. This year I decided to make it a *fun* family outing. We took our cat and dog at the same time and we all went-all 6 of us (counting the cat and dog). It might've been a little experiment to see how it would all go. Our cat was angry as usual -our dog scared as usual -and my son got upset -I took him back out into the waiting area and we hung out there while my husband and daughter were in the exam room. Guess I'll know for next time -Wish me luck when I take our dog in next week for a teeth cleaning! And, that's some of what's been going on here -How about you? Be sure to join in the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods linky!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels -Ch. 1-5

I'm joining in with the RHOK reads:This first book being Oklahoma's own -Pioneer Woman and her love story -Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

First let me start off by saying although the Pioneer Woman is a fellow Oklahoma Blogger -and I have visited her site -I'm not a devout follower -I know, I know -now you can pick your chin up off the floor ;) For some reason I can sometimes be cynical /not wanting to "buy into the hype". So, although she may have told some of this story on her blog -it is all new to me. And I wasn't really sure if I could relate -even after reading the 1st page of the book where she said - "I was mired in a papery swamp of study guides, marked -up drafts of my resume', listings of Chicago apartments, and a J. Crew catalog, from which I just ordered a $495 wool coat in olive, not chocolate, because I'm a redhead, and because Chicago, I reminded myself is a tad more nippy than Los Angeles, which I just left weeks earlier"
About the only thing I could relate to in that was being a redhead and maybe the drafts of resume's. I don't think I've spent almost $500 on any article of clothing or even $400 in my life! I was a bit surprised to learn that Ree did in fact come from an "affluent" background. But, that aside I have to admit she does write well and as it got juicier -the more interested in the book I got.

I can't say that I've had any ex boyfriends/ dates exactly like hers -even though I might not have minded a "British guy that worked at the country club" -who doesn't love an accent -right? ;) But, what I could relate to is the dating world in general -guys who are into you more than them and vise versa. As I've mentioned some of my ex -experiences before. (I wonder if she was as nervous as I was about writing about ex's -if she changed their names or anything). And as I got more into the heart of the story -it is a love story about how she met her husband and the beginning of their relationship afterall -and it does make you Swoon indeed -Ahh the feelings of new love! But, what about her plans to move to Chicago ? That would probably put a kink in things with her new Marlboro Man -What's a girl to do? -To be continued...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First -Your neck of the woods

The RHOK is starting a new Tuesday link up called

Well, spring has sprung around here and I was wondering if the plants I got for Mother's Day last year would come up again or if I would need to buy new ones ( I do not have the best green thumb ;) -But, low and behold -at least 2 out of the 3 are sprouting again -Yay! :
We've been doing some yardwork around here lately -This past weekend sure was nice weather to be out and about -My dad even brought some plants -tomatoes-etc. and the kids helped plant them:
So, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -How about you? Be sure to join in with the RHOK on this linky!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Friday Five -He's in the band

I haven't done a fun Friday Five in awhile - And today I want to talk about guys -hot/ sexy guys! For me and probably a lot of you out there I could totally dig the artistic/musician type of guy and that's why I'd like to call today's Friday Five- He's in the band -Here's 5 guys that are hot and sexy and in a band:


Adam Levine of Maroon 5 -Am I right ladies? ! I can't wait to see him on the new upcoming show -The Voice - Oh also a little sexy tidbit -He recently posed nude on a magazine to help raise awareness for cancer!


Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend -He may not be the traditional smoldering hunk of meat but, he's sure does work that sexy boy next door vibe!


Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees -He's got that good guy but, yet punk rocker sexy vibe going -Mmm-hmm!


Tyson Jay Ritter of All- American Rejects -I mean just look at him-Super sexy rocker -and he's even from Oklahoma!


Jared Leto of 30 seconds to Mars -I've thought Jordan er- I mean Jared was hot since he was on My so called Life. And even when he's sporting a pink mohawk he looks good! Shh! his band even has a very kinky video -most of them around the 'net are even censored.

So, there you have it -think I have a type? ;) And I'm sure there are others I could name -what do you think? Agree/disagree -Who would add? Happy Friday and Weekend!