Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

So, there's something else that happened over our Christmas break ...
There must be something weird in the air -Because not only was I visited by "ghosts of Christmas past" but, my sister was too - Allow me to explain ... I'm sure we all have people from our past that we don't talk to anymore -some on purpose. This always makes me a little nervous and cautious about things like having this blog ;being on facebook -etc. There are plenty of people from my past I do keep in touch with -That I went to school with or worked with -But, like I said there's others I'd rather not. Of course I also know they're out there and the whole -6 degrees of seperation and all. But, it was really weird that within 24hrs -and a couple days before Christmas I got not 1 but, 2 Facebook friend requests that I was unsure about. Being sick I thought maybe I was hallucinating or -this is it -I'm sick and gonna die and this is some kind of judgement- I was taken aback needless to say. I took a little while to think about it -I already ignored 1. The other I thought would happen eventually - And I haven't gotten into the whole story on here yet -But, I figured sometime I'd be contacted by my daughter's biological dad or his family -It was his mom. I talked to my husband, dad, and sister about it and I finally sent her a message (it's great being able to send a message to a non-friend) -I tried to be somewhat friendly but, also stern -I mean how else are you supposed to act towards someone who hasn't been involved for over 10 years?! As of yet I haven't heard back -the ball is in their court as they say -So, we'll see. And then the day after Christmas my sister was contacted by an ex of hers-Like I say -it's weird! So, yep seems to be the Christmas for ghosts of the past or something!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not quite Wordless Wednesday -Our Christmas 2010

Well, our Christmas break started last week and my son and I both are fighting off sickness -my son started to complain about his ear so got it checked out and yep -ear infection (he's had quite a few lately-hopefully he won't need tubes). And I finally went in to the Dr. Christmas eve - I've got a sinus infection -Ugh. Especially being sick I was glad my Gma decided to host Christmas dinner. But, of course before that Christmas morning was at my house- my mom, dad, and sister came over. I had a few noshables out -a bagel platter and sandwich platter -etc. that I won from Schlotzsky's well actually from 918 moms -glad it held up since I picked it up Christmas eve-it worked out well. Once everyone got settled -we opened up presents -If you can't tell my son really like the Iron man arm thing and Woody from Toy Story ;My daughter like the Disney Sing It and other gifts she got as well. Then of course we all hung out for awhile until we got ready and headed to my Gma's for Christmas dinner and a bit more presents. Everything went pretty well -I was glad to get home and rest though- which been trying to rest and get better since then. Glad I am feeling a bit better and the kids are enjoying their new toys and everything - And that's our Christmas :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Christmas Traditions

For today's MckLinky Monday on the RHOK Mrs. Montgomery wants to know our holiday/ Christmas traditions - Well, each year it seems we're always trying to balance all the families -My mom's side, dad's side, in -law's side -And we kind of alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas between them all So, each year it's a little different. One of the things we always seem to do sometime around the holidays is see some holiday lights though. Used to be that we'd take a trip to see my paternal Gma if not on Christmas itself (while visiting my dad's side ) then sometime around the holiday to see her, friends, and the light display in Muskogee (Garden of Lights and The Christmas Kingdom) -This is the 1st Christmas she hasn't been with us though -so, we didn't see those lights this year. But, we usually see a few light displays like Rhema -etc. This year we drove to see the Chandler Park Christmas lights and also walked around Rhema -Rhema we've done for the past few years -so, that seems to be our new Christmas light tradition -Of course I'm always up to see other displays too :) How about you -What are your holiday traditions? Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Pets under the Christmas tree

As I mentioned before my cat loves to get under the Chirstmas tree as you can tell by these pics -the top left was taken just a few days ago and the long 1 on the right was taken a few years ago when we had our Charlie Brownish tree. I wish I could say the other pics are of our dog but it's actually my MIL's dog. Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Monday, December 20, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Ornaments

For today's MckLinky with the RHOK Mrs. Bundy wants to see our favorite Christmas tree ornaments...Well, I can't show just one -So, here's a few - We pretty much have a mix of about everything -homemade ornaments, store bought ones, fancy ones, to kid -cartoon character ones. And even though they're all different kinds and colors I do have somewhat of a traditional theme of gold, red, and green.

About the ones that are shown -the top left - A gold light up ornament from the light display in my hometown/neighborhood of Muskogee -The Garden of Lights (I even remember when they 1st started that display), the bottom left -a homemade one and a penguin -gotta have a penguin! (per my huband ;), The top right- a red bulb and a character my daughter loves -Hello Kitty (guess I need to work on more boy ornaments for my son), and the edge of a snowflake, the bottom right -a gold angel -I just love the little pose it's in -hangin' out in the tree. So, that's a few of my ornaments -Be sure to join in and share some of yours!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Friday Five

I know I've been talking a lot about Christmas lately -but, it's always good to have a little holiday cheer -Right? Well, here's some more -5 Christmas songs for today's Friday Five...

1. A traditional Frank Sinatra 1 -Have yourself a Merry little Christmas:

2. Another traditional albeit more upbeat 1 -Brenda Lee -Rockin' around the Christmas tree:

3. 1 of my favorite traditional songs with a new twist by Annie Lennox:

4. A newer not so much traditional song -Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses -I also love the light display ;)

5. And last but not least a traditional singer Bing Crosby singing a not so traditional song -I'm not even going to try to spell it -But, maybe 1 of these days I can have a Hawaiian Christmas and sing this:

So, there you have it-an early Merry Christmas to you! Only about a week before Christmas -and I've still got some shopping to do! Well, I better get busy -Happy Friday and weekend!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Christmas tree tour

I love Christmas trees which seems evident going through my pictures and seeing all the pictures I have of Christmas trees ;) So, here's a little tour for you from a Gaga Christmas tree, to fancy schmancy ones, to ones outside - most of them are in Tulsa and all of them are in Oklahoma -Have any guesses where they are from? Happy WW!

Monday, December 13, 2010

MckLinky Monday - Christmas Dish

Today on the RHOK Mrs. Coco is making us drool talking about Christmas food - and asks "What is your favorite Christmas dinner dish?"

Well, 1st I do love just about any kind of food ;) And I love how there's all kinds of great snacks around Christmastime from homemade Chex mix, to christmas chocolates, and candy canes filling up the stockings

But, back to the question - I also love all the Christmas dinner food -similar to Thanksgiving -I love green bean casserole and if I need to make/ bring something that's what I usually make:
I pretty much use the Campbell's recipe using frozen/thawed green beans and the french cut style at that.
This year I thought I was going to have to really get the cooking juices flowing because I thought the cooking/hosting duties would fall to me - seeing as how my paternal gma passed away earlier this year and my maternal gma hasn't been getting around too well -But, after talking with my gma the other day she said she's feeling better and wants to host Christmas dinner at her place - which is kind of a relief for me -but, I know I should be gathering and preparing more recipes for when I will have to host (we've only done it once before) So, looking forward to other people's Christmas favorites - What's yours? Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday fun!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kinda WW - our Christmas trees past and present

We've only had 2 Christmas trees - When we were in an apt. I wanted to get 1 so bad but, we couldn't really afford much -so, when I saw a tree for sale ($20 at Target) we went around to a couple of Targets until we found 1. I was so excited to finally have a Christmas tree even if it was a little Charlie Brownish. Later when we got our cat -He'd play around and knock down the tree -as you can tell he was sitting pretty proud of his accomplishment ;)
Then when we moved into our house I knew we needed a nice big tree -I was glad to find another good deal (less than $100) and we've been using that tree since. It's gotten a little battered over the years- and we might have to get another 1 eventually -I'm not too sure about the new trees that all seem to be pre-lit and all ? Eh- Our tree is working out fine for now -the cat now likes to lay under it and occasionally knock a couple of ornaments down -but, not the tree ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The truth is Tuesday - Christmas Edition

I love Christmastime! -The lights, decorations, the holiday cheer with family and friends - It makes me think- 'Tis the season to be jolly and all falalalalalalala like this:

But, the truth is there's also the stress to get Christmas cards out, presents bought, and spending time with family ;) -Something more like this:

On top of all that -this year looks like we're hosting Christmas which is kinda stressing me out too - So, yeah -How about you -How are you holding up?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not really wordless wednesday - our Thanksgiving

So, I know some of you are waiting to hear how Thanksgiving at my in-law's went -Well, it actually went ok. Sure, when we got there my husband had to be his usual mediator self -His, mom was complaining about how people won't help (which I think is somewhat true -but, I also think like most of us women when people do help we still get frustrated because it's not how we do it ) Anyways I know people helped clean before we got there and then my husband and other people helped with some yardwork. Like I've mentioned before my MIL had 7 kids -grown now -but, 3 still live there -there's also my sister in law's live in boyfriend, and my MIL is also pretty much raising her 1 grandson (which if provoked I would surely point out to his dad-the BIL that is always negative towards people.) I guess there is some tension about that whole situation -almost in a sibling rivalry kind of way for some. Anyways so, we all pitched in -we also put up a Christmas tree-etc. For Thanksgiving we all sat down and had a good dinner (as shown above) -the pic is missing a few people (me who took the picture,my SIL, and her boyfriend- who ate in the living room because the table was getting cramped-12 in all) Finally met the girlfriend of the 1 BIL -she seems pretty nice. Everyone is so grown up now with girlfriends and boyfriends and jobs and everything! Friday morning we had an early Christmas mostly for the kids. Later in the day I was ready to get out for a bit -we headed to a park- suprisingly the 1 BIL went with us and his son- so the cousins could play together. And then Saturday we headed home. So, no big fights this time -I guess there will always be some tension and there was possibly some passive agressiveness - with that many people -bathroom time can get kinda crazy -I was gathering my stuff to go shower when the "negative"BIL snuck in before me -not sure if it was intentional or not-Hmmm... And there was the usual noisy chaos and people shouting expletives here and there -and my 1 BIL did make a few negative remarks here and there -So, yep pretty much typical -But, that was our Thanksgiving!