Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not really wordless wednesday - our Thanksgiving

So, I know some of you are waiting to hear how Thanksgiving at my in-law's went -Well, it actually went ok. Sure, when we got there my husband had to be his usual mediator self -His, mom was complaining about how people won't help (which I think is somewhat true -but, I also think like most of us women when people do help we still get frustrated because it's not how we do it ) Anyways I know people helped clean before we got there and then my husband and other people helped with some yardwork. Like I've mentioned before my MIL had 7 kids -grown now -but, 3 still live there -there's also my sister in law's live in boyfriend, and my MIL is also pretty much raising her 1 grandson (which if provoked I would surely point out to his dad-the BIL that is always negative towards people.) I guess there is some tension about that whole situation -almost in a sibling rivalry kind of way for some. Anyways so, we all pitched in -we also put up a Christmas tree-etc. For Thanksgiving we all sat down and had a good dinner (as shown above) -the pic is missing a few people (me who took the picture,my SIL, and her boyfriend- who ate in the living room because the table was getting cramped-12 in all) Finally met the girlfriend of the 1 BIL -she seems pretty nice. Everyone is so grown up now with girlfriends and boyfriends and jobs and everything! Friday morning we had an early Christmas mostly for the kids. Later in the day I was ready to get out for a bit -we headed to a park- suprisingly the 1 BIL went with us and his son- so the cousins could play together. And then Saturday we headed home. So, no big fights this time -I guess there will always be some tension and there was possibly some passive agressiveness - with that many people -bathroom time can get kinda crazy -I was gathering my stuff to go shower when the "negative"BIL snuck in before me -not sure if it was intentional or not-Hmmm... And there was the usual noisy chaos and people shouting expletives here and there -and my 1 BIL did make a few negative remarks here and there -So, yep pretty much typical -But, that was our Thanksgiving!

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Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Whew. I'm so glad to hear that things went well! You just never know sometimes!