Monday, May 31, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Why I blog

For today's MckLinky Monday with the RHOK -They ask -"Why do you blog?"
I kind of answered this not too long ago when I hit my 1yr. blogoversary(last mo.) -So, I apologize if it's a bit redundant ...

Well, to start I feel that I should mention a few years ago I transitioned to a Stay at home mom. And probably like a lot of stay at home moms I started to feel isolated...
So, I turned to this new-fangled age of online social networking/parenting sites -etc. I thought it was great not having to worry about changing out of my spit-up clothes to socialize -online ;)
I got so involved in 1 parenting site in particular that I was even offered a "position" to help in some of the behind the scenes stuff -I was super excited even if it was a volunteer thing -and I hoped it would turn into a real work at home job. In the end it didn't work out that way -but, I'm grateful for all I learned. I also met some fabulous people -some who even started their own parenting site/blogs -etc. Reading some of those blogs -my perception about blogging changed -It's not just about people putting their personal life -out there- on the internet. Blogging is also about connecting to people and also has an entrepreneurial essence -which appealed to me. So, I took the plunge and started this blog. I guess I always had an idea about sharing things that moms could relate to -"The Mom Mayhem" and I also like sharing tips -etc. too. So, I am glad that I can do that here and also on my Examiner articles. I know I still have a lot to learn since like most of my Gen-X counterparts I wasn't born with a computer mouse in 1 hand and a cell-phone in the other -like the kids nowadays ;)
But, I enjoy blogging and the connections I have made through it - And that is why I blog! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Friday Five

I have not done a Friday Five in awhile and lately I've seen some cool video's -etc. that moms especially could appreciate -So here goes...

1. A spoof of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" - (A more real) Love Story:

2. I know this is technically a commercial -But, it's hilarious! -Swagger Wagon:

3. You know there's got to be a video about babies poo ;)

4. This is kind of an oldie but goodie -The Mom Song:

5. This one is not technically a video per se' -But,it's still a pretty cool set of pictures called Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein -Click HERE to check it out. I bet most of us mom's have felt like "Snowy" ;)

Well,that's it for today's Friday Five!
I'm excited for the long weekend even though not sure what our plans are exaclty -mostly kinda hanging around the house/cleaning -etc. but, might try to take a swim at my mom's pool that's opening this weekend. Well, hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TV -Season Finales

*Warning -Possible spoiler alerts!

So, TV finales are abound this time of year -Here' s a few I've watched:

Dancing With The Stars had a great lineup this season -And it was no surprise that Nicole Scherzinger won-with Derek Hough's great choreography and Nicole's natural talent

What is a bit of a suprise though is last night's -
Although I hven't actually watched it yet -I do know that Lee DeWyze beat out Crystal Bowersox. And even though of course they are both great singers -I thought for sure Crystal would win.

And how can I not mention -THE last episode of LOST: I'm not really sure what I was expecting -all I knew is that they said it would be big and not be a dream or anything. Of course I had some theories as I mentioned before. In a way I thought it was good how it ended but, then not-It didn't necessarily answer ALL the questions. I know they did leave some up for interpertation- some depending on your religious beliefs-etc. I was glad when I watched The Jimmy Kimmel show -Aloha to Lost. Where Jimmy and Matthew Fox both mentioned it's all kind of about Jack Shephard's journey -the island was real and all and in the end they all met in the afterlife. And as Matthew Fox mentioned that some believe that you must meet and "remember" people who were a significant part of your life and death before you move on. (Jimmy Kimmel also of course had some funny alternate endings-etc-You can see that show here)
I had a feeling that it was about good vs. evil ,purgatory,-etc. In the end it's like I got it but, like a lot of people not necessarily all the way - I did read a really good explanation from 1 of the writers of the show -Here. So, now I get it more-

So, what shows have you watched? What do you think of the finales?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday was my daughter's last day of school- for this school year anyways. They had their awards ceremony and she got 4 awards! Some kids got more,some got less,some didn't get any- Needless to say we're pretty proud of her -Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Summer Vacation

Everyone is gearing up for the summer including the RHOK and today they ask -What's your summer vacation plans?
Well, I wish I could say that we had some nice vacation trip planned -Like our 1st big family road trip/vacation last summer (I have a few posts about that including part 1, part 2, and part 3. )

This summer will be like most of our summers -1st I always get into a cleaning mode -gearing up for my daughter's Bday in June. Even if we don't have her party at home this year we'll probably have some in-laws as house guests. And there will be a time when it will be vise-versa where we go visit the in-laws across the state -that will be our out of town "vacation". Other than that we'll pretty much have a staycation. I'm sure we'll figure out stuff to do close to home -(look for some upcoming Examiner articles- frugal family/summer fun :)
Yep, summer around here means -popsicles,running in the sprinkler,little trips-exploring the city here and there -And hopefully being able to sleep in! ;)

Happy Summer!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just a quick update

As most of you know or probably heard about we had some more bad storms; tornadoes across Oklahoma the other day. Wednesday we spent most of the evening taking precautions -since the sirens and all were going off. Luckily no tornado hit or anything and everything was back to normal -school was even in session the next day (unlike the previous storms that hit.) And speaking of school -it's almost out for summer! I'm feeling a little unprepared-but, I'll be glad to sleep in a little bit hopefully :)
Today I just want to say -TGIF! Saturday is my wedding anniversary! We'll be celebrating 11 yrs! Nothing big planned -just a date night-I'm so ready though!
So, that's about it here other than possible summer plans and such swirling around in my head :)
Well, hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -The eyes have it

Monday all the sudden my eyelid got swollen -It's a little hard to tell in this pic -Maybe if you could compare it to my other eye: A little bit of a weird angle but,there you have it -Can you tell the difference now?
So,yeah I was just sitting here and it got swollen -It didn't really hurt or itch. I tried a few things...1st things 1st I took my contacts out,flushed out my eye,put in some Visine,thinking it was maybe some allergic reaction I even took some Claritin. And then I waited -and waited- it was still like that after a few hours. After my husband and daughter got home I debated if I should get it checked out? It wasn't anything I'd experienced before I've had styes before and knew it wasn't that-Could it be related to my other illness- cough ;congestion? I decided to get it checked out at minor care-I know they have to go through their own diagnosis process -yada,yada. I don't think they really knew what it was either- the conclusion -probably some kind of bug bite or something-Ugh. But they did prescribe some kind of steriod pill to help with the swelling and also my cough;congestion! Tuesday it was gone and I do feel better on all accounts -Still not at 100% -but almost!
Oh and BTW this pic could totally be my blogger without makeup pic -Since I had no makeup on either :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

MckLinky Monday -The Future

For today's MckLinky Monday the RHOK's ask -Look to the future...What do you do now that the kids are grown and it's just you and your spouse?

It is hard to think about such a time since most of my adult life I've been a mom with kids running around the house. If we have extra money to spend it would be nice to do some traveling (of course we'll see how that goes -I've never been the best traveler). But,really it would be great to explore the world with my husband and see places on "my bucket list".
When we're not traveling and at home it would be nice as others have said to have a nice clean house that actually stays clean for longer than 5minutes! ;)
I have also thought about and am torn if we should stay in this same house -or possibly relocate? On 1 hand I like the idea of staying in the same house where the kids grew up and everything. But,then on the other hand-Maybe when I'm not so worried about school districts and such we should get another place?
Still not sure about all that as you can see- And who really knows what the future holds...
I do know that even though I would like to travel some-etc. I would ultimately love a place where the kids would come visit and hopefully grandkids- and just continue to have a life full of family and love!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a week!

This week has been kinda crazy -it started out as usual... I don't know about you but, May always seems like a pretty busy/crazy month with Mother's Day,End of school/Beginning of summer,My wedding anniversary-etc,etc.
And as expected we were scheduled to attend some end of school activities at my daughter's school. The 1st one being a cute choir program with her music class. The program was called "It's a musical emergency". The "Dr." and "Nurses" were trying to diagnose and cure the patient and then everyone would breakout out into a song somewhat medically related like the patient has "Boogie Fever" or "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" -and so forth and of course in the end the patient was cured by the "Intensive musical treatment" :) that was Wednesday.

Thursday we were scheduled to attend an awards ceremony at her school -But, for those that don't know a tornado blew through early Thursday morning! I was awakened around 5am by a siren we turned on the TV at the time they were just saying high winds and about 10 minutes later it was over so I went back to sleep for awhile. Later I got up and was going about our normal routine until my husband called to tell us to check the news. It was then I learned there was no school Thursday and as the day went on found out just how bad the weather really was. Luckily our neighborhood wasn't hit as bad as some surrounding neighborhoods. So,we stayed home-I was kinda glad I didn't have to go anywhere since I had been feeling kinda sick anyways.

My husband stayed home Friday so I could go to the Dr.-I had a really bad sore throat,cough,&congestion. I got medicine and am feeling better-Still not fully recovered yet-So,I haven't been really active on the blogosphere-etc.

Even though I'm still recovering we did go out to Mayfest-etc. Saturday. And kinda getting things done and relaxing at home today. Oh and guess what else I've been doing?

Yep!-we've also been recording what TV we're watching for Nielson -It's kinda cool but also kinda a pain to remember to write everything down. So,that's our week -How about you?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Happy Mother's Day?!

Ah mealtime the bane of my son's existence -Even if we were out to celebrate Mother's Day doesn't mean he won't have at least 1 meltdown (His theme song is Katy Perry's Hot n Cold afterall ;)

Luckily it wasn't too bad of a meltdown and we (Me,hubby,kids,sis,mom,and Gma) had a pretty good Outback meal (My mom loves the Outback) -Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on bench and other things outside

As you might remember last week I mentioned that I have a new bench and I'm not exactly sure what to do with my old bench (that post is here -I know it's maybe a little wordy for wordless wednesday ;)
Well,you all gave me a great idea of where to put the old bench -See:
I wouldn't have really thought to put it against the back of the house with the ivy -So,Thanks!

Also as part of my Mother's day gift we got some plants to put in the front flower bed this past Saturday:

I'm really glad to have something in there besides grass and weeds!
I had seen those plants before and wanted to get some -I didn't even know what they are called but,I do now -Purple hearts!

Also I guess even in the plant world there is the circle of life because I put in some new plants and since we've had all the stormy/windy weather I found this:
Part of the Rose bush has fallen down-But,I guess I should be grateful that is all we lost in weather -I know some people in Oklahoma and other places lost a lot more-Keeping them in my prayers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Know me A-Z

Here's today's MckLinky Monday from the RHOK:

A -Age: The big 3-0

B -Bed Size: Queen although at times it feels like we need a king!

C -Chore you hate: I reallly don't like any chore -But,I'd say cleaning the bathrooms

D -Dog(s') name: Buddy -He's everybody's Buddy ;)

E -Essential start of your day item: Hmm- Either a Shower or my morning "internet check" ;)

F -Favorite Color: Purple!

G -Gold,Silver,or Platinum: Sure I'll take any of those =D

H -Height: Short

I -Instruments you play(ed): There was a brief time in Elementary school when I played the Coronet -I thought since it only had 3 buttons it'd have to be easy-Right?! -It wasn't that easy

J -Job title: Hmm so many jobs rolled into 1 -Being the CEO of my family also a Freelance writer on (there's a button over that -> way somewhere :)

K -Kid(s): Yes -2 -one girl 11, and one boy 4

L -Living arrangements: House -With our family of 4

M-Mom's Name: She has a unique name -I'll just say Edie for short

N -Nicknames: Mom/Mommy /Shorty

O -Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Other than birthing my babies I haven't stayed overnight in a hospital (knock on wood)

P -Pet Peeve: Lack of communication

Q -Quote from a movie/show: "I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet" -Vanilla Sky (1 of my fav. movies- you should see it if you haven't)

R -Right handed or left handed: Left -somewhat ambidextrous though

S -Siblings: One sister

T -Time you wake up: 6-6:30am weekdays,If I'm lucky 7:30-8am on weekends

U -Underwear: Of course I wear underwear ;)

V -Vegetable you dislike: You know I pretty much like most vegetables

W -Why you run late: Seems like a lot of times it's the kids

X -X-rays you've had: Quite a few -Only had 1 broken bone though (knock on wood)

Y -Yummy food you make: Do place and bake cookies count? ;)

Z -Zoo favorite: Probably have to say any big cat -Lions,and Tigers,and Jaguars -Oh my!

Friday, May 7, 2010

CSN Giveaway Winner!

I used to pick the winner:
And that means the winner is -(Drum Roll please)..... edmontonjb - Congratulations!
I'm sending you an email with the details.

And to everyone have a good weekend -Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Child ID - A review

Did you know that on an average day in the U.S. 2,170 children will go missing?! Over 2,000 kids missing -PER DAY! (U.S. Dept. of Justice.) And one of the greatest tools we have to help find those missing kids is - AMBER Alert. I'm sure we've all heard of Amber Alert-Right?!

Well, from the same people that bring you Amber -there is a new downloadable software called My Child ID. And when I was offered to try it out -of course I was thrilled! My Child ID is a great way to help parents securely store your child(ren)'s information. Of course I was relunctant to think that putting all my kid's information together on this software is really secure -But, I was reassured that it is encrypted with the same technology that the NSA (National Security Agency) uses so I do know that the data is safe! With that in mind I put in my kid's information. It is pretty easy to use and the software is compatible with Windows/PC users and Mac users alike.

I think another great feature for older kids is that you can store their usernames and passwords to different online social networks. All in all I think instead of a system of assorted papers with vital information this is a great way to securely store that information for your family. And if something were to happen you'd have all the info. there and you can send an alert to your network of contacts you put in. I did not get the USB keychain but, if you do get that you'll also have your kid's information in a handy easy to carry way that you can lend to babysitters -etc. also.

Also please remember that if you buy the software for $19.95 or the software+ USB keychain for $39.95 that the sales of the My Child ID will help continue in the efforts to support law enforcement at no cost.

And since I am an affiliate I ask that you use the link through my buttons (below and on the side bar ->) to order it. Also if you would like to become an affiliate let me know -Thanks!
MyChildID - software that can save a child\\\'s life

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -And a reminder

Old Bench:New Bench: When we moved into this house I just got a cheap bench -that we've had for a few years now. Even though it's held up pretty well -it's kinda splinter-y and I really wanted a fancier bench anyways. So, I got the bench from my Gma's house(If you remember-I've been helping go through her stuff since she passed away a couple mo's ago.) I cleaned it up and put on some weatherproof stuff so hopefully it won't get all splintery and will last a long time. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the old bench -This is where it is for now:

Also I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow will be the last day to enter my Giveaway - So make sure you do that- And have a nice day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

How did he propose -MckLinky Monday

For today's MckLinky Monday the RHOK's ask -How did he propose?

Well, quite a few years ago I had my family babysit my then baby girl so, I could spend a nice Valentine's date with my then boyfriend...

We had a nice dinner and everything -I'll spare you some details (since it was an overnight date ;) -but, let's just say it was a very romantic Valentine's evening. The next morning we were in the kitchen -when he sayed "turn around and close your eyes -I have a surprise" So, I did and when I turned back around there he was on 1 knee with a ring - Asking me to marry him!

I was really surprised since we were together just a few months and I had a little baby and everything. He always jokes that I told him no because the first thing out of my mouth was -"no way" as in -I can't believe this is happening! Of course I said yes though!

The rest of the morning was spent thinking about when we'd have our wedding and calling to tell everyone the news. A few months later we were married -I was glad I did find my prince charming afterall and of course a nice guy to be a father to my daughter as well! And now of course we have my daughter and son - and we'll be celebrating 11 years of marriage later this month!