Thursday, May 27, 2010

TV -Season Finales

*Warning -Possible spoiler alerts!

So, TV finales are abound this time of year -Here' s a few I've watched:

Dancing With The Stars had a great lineup this season -And it was no surprise that Nicole Scherzinger won-with Derek Hough's great choreography and Nicole's natural talent

What is a bit of a suprise though is last night's -
Although I hven't actually watched it yet -I do know that Lee DeWyze beat out Crystal Bowersox. And even though of course they are both great singers -I thought for sure Crystal would win.

And how can I not mention -THE last episode of LOST: I'm not really sure what I was expecting -all I knew is that they said it would be big and not be a dream or anything. Of course I had some theories as I mentioned before. In a way I thought it was good how it ended but, then not-It didn't necessarily answer ALL the questions. I know they did leave some up for interpertation- some depending on your religious beliefs-etc. I was glad when I watched The Jimmy Kimmel show -Aloha to Lost. Where Jimmy and Matthew Fox both mentioned it's all kind of about Jack Shephard's journey -the island was real and all and in the end they all met in the afterlife. And as Matthew Fox mentioned that some believe that you must meet and "remember" people who were a significant part of your life and death before you move on. (Jimmy Kimmel also of course had some funny alternate endings-etc-You can see that show here)
I had a feeling that it was about good vs. evil ,purgatory,-etc. In the end it's like I got it but, like a lot of people not necessarily all the way - I did read a really good explanation from 1 of the writers of the show -Here. So, now I get it more-

So, what shows have you watched? What do you think of the finales?


Baloney said...

We don't watch the same shows! I love to watch The Office, Chuck, Ghost Whisperer, House - all complete fiction. :)
I was at a loss last night with the trivia questions regarding reality TV.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yeah I'm sucker for reality shows ;)
But, I do watch Chuck and the Office! Just a little behind -I did watch the last 2 offices about the printer fiasco. But,haven't watched Chuck yet-I got a few recordings of Chuck waiting to be watched actually. I try to watch the shows that I know the end will be announced everywhere 1st ;)

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh I couldn't have stayed for the movie. I was up to meet girlfriends after workout or I might have. It was such fun last night.

I'm a reality show person to the max. There aren't many I don't watch from VH-1 to Biggest Loser. Quite honestly I have never watched the Real Housewives shows...I'm bad. (Love Lee and very happy.)

Territory Mom said...

The end of Lost was a little confusing. Were they on the island or not. I think Derek Hough is so handsome a cross between the Ken doll and Tom Selleck.