Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a week!

This week has been kinda crazy -it started out as usual... I don't know about you but, May always seems like a pretty busy/crazy month with Mother's Day,End of school/Beginning of summer,My wedding anniversary-etc,etc.
And as expected we were scheduled to attend some end of school activities at my daughter's school. The 1st one being a cute choir program with her music class. The program was called "It's a musical emergency". The "Dr." and "Nurses" were trying to diagnose and cure the patient and then everyone would breakout out into a song somewhat medically related like the patient has "Boogie Fever" or "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" -and so forth and of course in the end the patient was cured by the "Intensive musical treatment" :) that was Wednesday.

Thursday we were scheduled to attend an awards ceremony at her school -But, for those that don't know a tornado blew through early Thursday morning! I was awakened around 5am by a siren we turned on the TV at the time they were just saying high winds and about 10 minutes later it was over so I went back to sleep for awhile. Later I got up and was going about our normal routine until my husband called to tell us to check the news. It was then I learned there was no school Thursday and as the day went on found out just how bad the weather really was. Luckily our neighborhood wasn't hit as bad as some surrounding neighborhoods. So,we stayed home-I was kinda glad I didn't have to go anywhere since I had been feeling kinda sick anyways.

My husband stayed home Friday so I could go to the Dr.-I had a really bad sore throat,cough,&congestion. I got medicine and am feeling better-Still not fully recovered yet-So,I haven't been really active on the blogosphere-etc.

Even though I'm still recovering we did go out to Mayfest-etc. Saturday. And kinda getting things done and relaxing at home today. Oh and guess what else I've been doing?

Yep!-we've also been recording what TV we're watching for Nielson -It's kinda cool but also kinda a pain to remember to write everything down. So,that's our week -How about you?


Baloney said...

You're a Nielsen family, eh? I always wondered if those viewers were honest about what they watched. ha.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Well,for now we're a Nielson family -I was randomly contacted to do this -TV diary. And yep,yep keeping it honest as always :) I'm not sure if I'll get picked again I know some people that have done it a couple times-So,maybe ??

Territory Mom said...

So glad you survived the storm. I also wanting to be a Nielson family, so cool.