Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Child ID - A review

Did you know that on an average day in the U.S. 2,170 children will go missing?! Over 2,000 kids missing -PER DAY! (U.S. Dept. of Justice.) And one of the greatest tools we have to help find those missing kids is - AMBER Alert. I'm sure we've all heard of Amber Alert-Right?!

Well, from the same people that bring you Amber -there is a new downloadable software called My Child ID. And when I was offered to try it out -of course I was thrilled! My Child ID is a great way to help parents securely store your child(ren)'s information. Of course I was relunctant to think that putting all my kid's information together on this software is really secure -But, I was reassured that it is encrypted with the same technology that the NSA (National Security Agency) uses so I do know that the data is safe! With that in mind I put in my kid's information. It is pretty easy to use and the software is compatible with Windows/PC users and Mac users alike.

I think another great feature for older kids is that you can store their usernames and passwords to different online social networks. All in all I think instead of a system of assorted papers with vital information this is a great way to securely store that information for your family. And if something were to happen you'd have all the info. there and you can send an alert to your network of contacts you put in. I did not get the USB keychain but, if you do get that you'll also have your kid's information in a handy easy to carry way that you can lend to babysitters -etc. also.

Also please remember that if you buy the software for $19.95 or the software+ USB keychain for $39.95 that the sales of the My Child ID will help continue in the efforts to support law enforcement at no cost.

And since I am an affiliate I ask that you use the link through my buttons (below and on the side bar ->) to order it. Also if you would like to become an affiliate let me know -Thanks!
MyChildID - software that can save a child\\\'s life


Anonymous said...

Please check out

Ally said...

Bravo to you for getting the word out to other moms. Missing children stories break my heart and make me physically ill. To be honest, I feel that way when I hear wives and adult children go missing as well :( Why does the world have to be such a scary place.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Anon-I looked at that website-twice now. And everytime I try to look at more info-About/FAQ's it just gets an error message and goes blank-Hmmm...

Ally -Thanks for your comment -It can be a scary place out there!