Friday, May 21, 2010

Just a quick update

As most of you know or probably heard about we had some more bad storms; tornadoes across Oklahoma the other day. Wednesday we spent most of the evening taking precautions -since the sirens and all were going off. Luckily no tornado hit or anything and everything was back to normal -school was even in session the next day (unlike the previous storms that hit.) And speaking of school -it's almost out for summer! I'm feeling a little unprepared-but, I'll be glad to sleep in a little bit hopefully :)
Today I just want to say -TGIF! Saturday is my wedding anniversary! We'll be celebrating 11 yrs! Nothing big planned -just a date night-I'm so ready though!
So, that's about it here other than possible summer plans and such swirling around in my head :)
Well, hope everyone has a good weekend!

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