Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on bench and other things outside

As you might remember last week I mentioned that I have a new bench and I'm not exactly sure what to do with my old bench (that post is here -I know it's maybe a little wordy for wordless wednesday ;)
Well,you all gave me a great idea of where to put the old bench -See:
I wouldn't have really thought to put it against the back of the house with the ivy -So,Thanks!

Also as part of my Mother's day gift we got some plants to put in the front flower bed this past Saturday:

I'm really glad to have something in there besides grass and weeds!
I had seen those plants before and wanted to get some -I didn't even know what they are called but,I do now -Purple hearts!

Also I guess even in the plant world there is the circle of life because I put in some new plants and since we've had all the stormy/windy weather I found this:
Part of the Rose bush has fallen down-But,I guess I should be grateful that is all we lost in weather -I know some people in Oklahoma and other places lost a lot more-Keeping them in my prayers!

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