Friday, May 28, 2010

The Friday Five

I have not done a Friday Five in awhile and lately I've seen some cool video's -etc. that moms especially could appreciate -So here goes...

1. A spoof of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" - (A more real) Love Story:

2. I know this is technically a commercial -But, it's hilarious! -Swagger Wagon:

3. You know there's got to be a video about babies poo ;)

4. This is kind of an oldie but goodie -The Mom Song:

5. This one is not technically a video per se' -But,it's still a pretty cool set of pictures called Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein -Click HERE to check it out. I bet most of us mom's have felt like "Snowy" ;)

Well,that's it for today's Friday Five!
I'm excited for the long weekend even though not sure what our plans are exaclty -mostly kinda hanging around the house/cleaning -etc. but, might try to take a swim at my mom's pool that's opening this weekend. Well, hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend!

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