Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hello World!

So, it's been what 2 years exactly -Right?! Well, I have to say I'm still in the process of taking steps and accepting change. Still strange to me that I was fine where I was - my husband's job was going well, me being a stay at home mom-with a little freelance writing job/work at home mom -taking the kids to school and helping with PTA, and even had a weekly get together with friends -everything was great...or so I thought -A few years ago the friends turned out not to be so friendly towards me after all, last year my husband's job changed owners -still expecting more change (hopefully not too much!) , PTA problems, recently my little job became no more (currently looking for a part-time job), the kids are ok -But, have I mentioned my daughter is a Senior in high school?!! -Talk about change -thinking about your 1st born leaving the nest!! So, yeah that's what's been going on with me! And as my friend has said -seems I need to learn some lesson about change -and Let it go -Yep, start singing that  ;)

So, there's an update for ya  -To be continued...