Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School and More

The kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks now -trying to get back into the routine of things. It's been kinda of tough the waking up earlier and everything. Also the week before school started my son had a really bad ear infection and when I say bad I mean like nothing I've seen before bad ... blood and other drainage came from his ear on a Sunday so took him to the minor care. Even though I was kinda freaking out they seemed somewhat nonchalant about it saying that it happens sometimes. They prescribed him ear drops and an antibiotic. He was pretty out of it most of that week -at times he did say some pretty funny things in his delirium though - he rested most of the time-it was really hard when he would wake up crying in pain at night we did give him med. for the pain and even took turns sleeping on an air mattress in his room -we gave him medicine, tried to get him to eat a little and pushed fluids since he didn't eat much. To our relief he finally started to get around more and get better by Thurs. But, then I kept noticing something didn't seem quite right -it wasn't all the time but sometimes when he'd talk he'd kind of talk out of the corner of his mouth I had looked up complications of ear infections which kind of helped but, of course can have you thinking the worst also - there was mention of the infection spreading like to the brain and stuff -I had also came across how when one side of the face doesn't move it could be Bell's Palsy we had him close his eyes and sure enough the left eye would squeeze shut all the way but, the right eye could only close to a little slit. I was sure we would definitely need to get it checked out by his Dr. -of course that Friday in preparation for school starting Monday I was to help get all the PTA stuff situated -my husband already had taken the day off to help -he took my son to the Dr. then I helped out at the school but, I was a bit of an emotional wreck. I found out the news by phone call- my family came up to the school later to meet my son's teacher and we explained the situation to her. By then I was ready to go home with my family -so I did- luckily there were a few other people handling the PTA stuff as I hoped they'd understand why I left early. I wanted to know more detail about what the Dr. had said -basically inside my son's ear was so swollen that it was affecting the nerves on that side of his face -we also setup an appt. with his E.N.T. -he currently already has tubes in as well. So my son missed some of the 1st day of school for that appt. we have seen the E.N.T. 3 times over the last couple of weeks and we have another appt. in a couple more weeks -hopefully by then everything will be back to normal *crossing fingers*.  So there's all that and of course getting all my daughter's school supplies and everything (Ugh -Teenagers a whole other issue). Anyways it seems we are finally starting to get into the swing of everything -my son is improving and now we're looking forward to a leisurely Labor Day weekend. Here's hoping to a good weekend -Happy Labor Day to you too!