Monday, July 16, 2012

Summertime and Reminiscing

Hello all -it has been awhile-Huh?! Hope it's been going good for all of you -it's been going ok here. We survived and enjoyed the "wedding season"- Congrats to all the newlyweds! And of course now it's been summertime- We had my daughter's bday party at Cherry Berry early in the summer, we've seen some movies -(Love Brave!),we've been swimming, and gone on a few trips -but you know me nothing too fancy just visiting family around the state. For the 4th of July we went to see the in-laws across the state and then this past weekend visited my dad and floated down the river. Along the way we've made a few stops to reminisce like where my husband and I got married (13 years ago now):

And I heard through the Facebook grapevine that the place where I and a few of my highschool buddies 1st worked was closing so made a stop there too -glad to make it on their last day after being open for 47 years! :

Overall been pretty good -but, that's not to say there hasn't been some Mom Mayhem along the way ;) - it's kinda tough with an energetic little boy and teenaged daughter-seems we're hardly on the same page as far as it being a lazy day or getting out of the house and soaking up the summer -but, we're trying. And luckily I still get to have a night out when I go to book club about once a week-seems during the summer I especially need those- hope it lasts but, with 2 of our members expecting a baby we shall see what's to come... Anyways got awhile longer for summer but, soon it will be time for back to school -Eeek!  Well, until next time -Ta Ta For Now!