Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting LOST

Who all out there is watching Lost ? -Only a few more episodes left!
Think you got it figured out yet? Got some theories? I'd love to hear what you think!

Although I'm no expert on Lost. I have some theories like how there are common themes:
Destiny vs. Coincidence;Six degrees of Separation;Good vs. Evil; Alternate worlds-etc.

On alternate worlds I know there's a few episodes referencing Alice in Wonderland -Like something about following the white rabbit and Through the looking glass-etc. Further on alternate worlds-Time traveling and not too mention the flashes "sideways" themselves (When they show their world on the island and the alternate world as if the plane landed as normal.)

I also find it fascinating the six degrees of separation -everyone is connected somehow even if they don't know it (I pretty much find 6 degrees of separation a fascinating subject in general)

Then of course Good vs. Evil - I suspect much speculation has been made over Jacob vs. "The man in black". It would seem that Jacob wearing white might possibly be "pure" or "good" and the man in black "evil". Also there was a scene with a scale -one side holding a black rock and one side with a white rock-making it balanced -The man in black came and threw the white rock into the ocean. Again seemingly symbolizing black or evil taking over?-Possibly. There's been talk about one of them possibly being the devil even.

This brings it to the overall theme of destiny as well -What is the island all about? Are they destined to be there and "act like a cork" as Jacob suggested? Are they in hell as Richard mentioned before? Are they even alive? Maybe they are in some kind of Purgatory? And what does the whole Dharma Initiative got to do with any of it anyways?

As you can see -I am still quite confused. And there's probably other things worth mentioning that I don't remember -Not too mention could probably dissect every little detail for days =D So,What do you think ?!

Ready to watch Lost now huh?! I know the episode coming up tonight is going to have Desmond coming back to the island...


Cindy said...

Hi. I love Lost. I decided for the final year I was not going to burn brain cells obsessing on theories and what if's about the show. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride every week! The Desmond episode this week was epic...

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Hey Cindy! Yeah I try to enjoy the ride but, then I can't help but to theorize- Like the Desmond episode - It was epic wasn't it?!