Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 posts, 1 yr. Blogoversary, and Earth Day!

Hello everyone! Guess what?!

This is my 100th blog post and my 1 yr blogoversary!! It all started 1 yr. ago today where of course I made a post about Earth day -see HERE.
For the longest time -I had heard about blogging but, I was like yeah right -Put my personal info -Just out there -On the internet?! But, I soon learned it's not just about that. Sure it can be a cathartic journal of sorts albeit on a very open forum. But, also for me I also wanted to share other information -to communicate and connect to other people...
Since becoming more active on the 'net during this new age of social networking -I got more and more into parenting websites and the like. Sure, I contributed to a few here and there trying to climb that ladder if you will. But, eventually I started this- my own -"Mommy Blog". As you can probably tell from that very first post I've always wanted to share information to help families-Whether it'd be a useful tip or just sharing something someone can relate to.
And I am glad that I did eventually get a "job" on -Now that is where I post most of my "professional" information; tips. For example my latest article about events to Celebrate Earth Day. I was also planning an article about recycled toys -similar to my very first blog post. But, alas busy-ness and procrastination has kind of taken over that for now -Oy.

I guess I'm kinda blabbing on- But, this blog is now more a place for my personal stories mostly of The Mom Mayhem variety ;)
And I appreciate all those that read it! And comments are of course great too ;)
I don't always know the direction things will take -Blog wise, or life in general. Today in fact I'll be out making sure my son gets enrolled for school and we'll have to see how that chapter goes... Anyways,
A BIG THANK YOU to all of you- for your support! And have a Happy Earth Day!!!

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