Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day !

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day I wanted to share some tips that not only help save the earth but, also help save you money!

Of course we all know about recycling -Which not only includes paper products,glass,aluminium cans but, also -Clothes! -Yes all those clothes that your kids have grown out of-Not only can you give them to charities;other kids. But, you can make quilt patches-etc.,for those clothes that are too ratty you can always use them for rags. And don't forget about those socks that don't have a match! You can use those for rags,make sock puppets and all sorts of things!

In fact there's plenty of everyday things you can make into toys! You know how kids love the box sometimes more than the toy anyway =D
You can use empty kleenex boxes,cereal boxes,baby wipe boxes into big;fun building blocks or dominoes. It's always good to take a fresh look at the everyday objects around you and see what can be recycled.

If nothing else take a nature walk and see what fun things you can come up with that you find and enjoy -Earth Day!


Anonymous said...

Those were great ideas. I am going to give some of them a try. I will be looking forward to reading more from you.

NYCity Mama said...

Great tips! Can't wait to read more! So glad you started blogging : )