Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whew !!

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month ?! I don't know about you but, it seems like just about everything seems to stress me out! Actually women can be twice as likey to be vulnerable to stress/anxiety-Go figure!!

Today was no exception to having it's own stressful moments! It was a busy day to say the least! Luckily my husband was able to be home and help me out. It's very helpful that he can do that every now and then. I try to cram as much as I can when I have these opportunities. Today I went to a new Dr. and got a little lost on the way-Eeek! While I was gone my husband was here watching my 3 yr. old son and waited for the plumber. Talk about stress! I kept envisioning the plumber busting thru a wall to figure out our leak situation. And then of course I had a PTA meeting to attend. I'm helping with the 5th grade graduation for my daughter and all her classmates. Which of course the part I'm in charge of I've been kind of putting off -Afterall -Procrastinating is my frenemy! =D

But,at the end of the day I did make it to the Dr.'s ok ,the leak situation was not that bad-Just had to snake a backed up pipe,and I was able to get a few things accomplished with the 5th grade graduation-situation. And the PTA meeting went fairly well. -Whew!!

We even ended our day by going to eat at a nice mom and pop type restaurant with some good homecooked food and also stopped by a nearby park on the way home. Unfortunately we only stayed at the park for about 5 minutes before my daughter accidently knocked my son down while swinging and he was crying and wouldn't calm down. So,we came back home with bitterness in the air -Ugh! -Enter the Mom Mayhem!

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